Sunday, February 28, 2010

Microsoft says Google will lead to anti-monopoly act

Microsoft Google implemented the most strong and open attacks, saying that Google's behavior may be anti-competitive and urged victims to lodge complaints to management.

This is Microsoft's business units and two other smaller online companies complained to the EU regulators Google's activities in the European Union again after a few days to launch attacks.

Microsoft, Google is also opposed to the millions of digital books project. The current program is the U.S. Department of Justice review.

Microsoft on Friday, Deputy Legal Counsel Dave Heiner Microsoft's Web site published a blog that we are worried that Google's approach. Google's approach would lock business partners and content (such as Google Books), exclusion of competitors, and thus more widely competitive distortions. The final competition of legal institutions will have to determine whether the behavior of Google should be regarded as illegal.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Google to respond to EU investigation: denial of human intervention results

In the European Commission announced an investigation after Google, Google for its search engine ranking method is explained.

In Thursday's blog posting, Google engineer Amit Singhal talked about the recent one called for the regulator to the search results sorted control of the commentaries. He stressed that the development of search method is very difficult to sort, implying that any government can very well search for control.

Singhal said the Google deal with every day hundreds of millions of search requests, of which 20% are new. In response to the volume, variety of search requests, Google use many different algorithms to filter the data.

He said: "Our algorithm uses hundreds of kinds of signals, for each selection of the best search results. These signals is 'relevance' of the indicators, it may be the words on the page, it may be a number of complex calculations, such as the link to a page of other authoritative sites. "

He also said that Google is usually a day for 1-2 times the signal and the algorithm changes to improve the search results, but the company does not artificially choose any search results. He wrote in a blog: "We believe that strongly depends on the personal preferences of the method can not provide high-quality search results, and our algorithms are able."

In order to show that Google is also room for improvement, or to demonstrate that Google does not favor its own Web site, he said: In Google type "search engine", Google itself does not appear in the front position.

Blog, and did not disclose the new information, but Google said that the European Commission to investigate Google's sorting method "raised many questions."

Wednesday, the European Commission confirmed its is investigating three complaints against Google, but this is only the beginning of anti-monopoly investigation. Google says Microsoft is the promoter of the survey, because the three companies, one is a Microsoft-owned company, the other is associated with Microsoft, another company is a British parity Services Web site Foundem. Foundem co-founder is Hingerty to the commentary's author. The article accused Google to use its dominant position to their own services on the front of search results, Google denies.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Microsoft, Yahoo deal three quarters of the implementation difficulties or need to integrate

According to foreign media reports, FBR Capital Markets analysts believe that although the co-operation agreement with Yahoo's search for Microsoft to compete with Google to bring much-needed size, but certainly will face integration challenges.

Collins Stewart analyst Sandeep Aggarwal said that the integration process can take up to three quarters, because Microsoft will have to digest Yahoo's search-related operating expenses, while Yahoo's to achieve savings of more than 90% of search engine and search advertising platform, operating costs, this part of the cost is estimated at 6.5 billion U.S. dollars.

FBR Capital Markets analysts on February 18 research report that will be Microsoft's and Yahoo's search engine in merger to rationalize a lot of things, they believe this partnership will face challenges in the implementation of Microsoft and Yahoo need to ensure a smooth integration process in order to prevent interruption of business customers and partners, any failure could lead to customers and partners defected to Google.

Microsoft and Yahoo is expected to be completed before the end of 2010 the United States search business, transit, and in 2010, before the holiday season will be Yahoo's advertisers and publishers to AdCenter platform. Microsoft is expected to Yahoo in 2012 before all of our customers and partners will be transferred to, this will be a huge challenge.

Sandeep Aggarwal said that even if all goes well, this process takes at least three quarters. In addition, although Microsoft has promised in the agreement in the first five years, pay 88% of Yahoo's traffic acquisition costs, but Yahoo's search revenue to achieve at least the first half of 2011.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yahoo, Microsoft join or be able to have equal shares with Google

Microsoft and Yahoo join forces in the Internet search business after several twists and turns, and finally by the U.S. Department of Justice and the European Committee for approval. Silicon Valley analyst at Enderle Enderle Group, said sharply: "This agreement will be her second child and the youngest combined into one, creating a 'large second child'."

This time, Microsoft and Yahoo deal in Internet search and online advertising reached a partnership to form a united front challenge to Google, foreign called "micro-Tiger search", referring to Microsoft, and Yahoo's search business and merging (or integration). Prior to this, Internet traffic monitoring bodies to data released by comScore show that in January 2010 Microsoft Bing in the U.S. search market share of 11.3%, since the release will be years, Microsoft in the U.S. search market share has risen by 2.8 percentage points. Google in January in the U.S. search market share declined 0.3 percentage points to 65.4%, but 63% higher than the same period last year.

Although Microsoft's market share will rise to be obvious, is gradually eating into the Yahoo search market share, but simply the power of Microsoft, no one will be able to harm search-engine leader Google's fur. When the merger is completed, Yahoo's search engine is currently by Microsoft to provide its search capabilities will be greatly strengthened, and even more powerful; Yahoo will also transfer 400 Microsoft search technology, business, the backbone of Microsoft's market share will be bound to usher in a new leaps and bounds. This news, for Google is undoubtedly increased the pressure of competition. Now, the cooperation has led the industry believe that Yahoo and Microsoft Bing, once successful cooperation in the near future, micro-Tiger can not even take the top spot can not do, it will become the most powerful rival Google, or even may be related to split the search engine world.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Facebook and PayPal co-development of the virtual goods market

U.S. e-commerce giant eBay's PayPal online payment platform will work with the U.S. giant social-networking site Facebook, and through the latter's social networking Web site for virtual goods transactions online payment system in order to jointly develop this huge potential market.

The two sides reached in accordance with the non-exclusive agreement, the advertising firm is also able to use the PayPal payment platform to buy advertising on Facebook, which is exactly the main source of profit for Facebook.

Currently, Facebook allows its users to the system through a virtual currency to buy cup cakes, teddy bear and other aircraft or a virtual gift, and presented to their friends, their essence is the use of a fake currency. Facebook users are currently using a credit card to buy these items, but as Facebook reached an agreement with PayPal, customers can also through the latter's payment platform to buy these items.

As Facebook has not yet public offerings, so the company does not publish its transactions from the virtual goods received by a specific income level. At present, the virtual item trading has become a fast-growing high-value area, and still have great potential.

BGC Partners analyst Colin Gillis said the deal will effectively promote the PayPal business. According to his estimates, Facebook's virtual goods trading market could reach 1 billion U.S. dollars. Gilles said: "This is a big market, and its profit margins may be very high."

Osama Bedier, vice president of PayPal, said the present case, the global online market, the total size of items in the three billion to six billion U.S. dollars between, and the market's annual growth rate of at least 50%. At present, Bei Dier in charge of PayPal's platform and the new technology and so on.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Google will pay close attention to Microsoft, Yahoo deal

According to foreign media reports, by the end of July 2009, Yahoo, Microsoft reached a 10-year search and advertising deal, Google aims to launch market challenges. After a long 8 months of anxious waiting, Microsoft and Yahoo deal final approval. Under the previous agreement, Microsoft will be Yahoo's search technology provider, while Yahoo will be exclusively responsible for the two companies worldwide search advertising sales services, but the specific will use the Microsoft adCenter online advertising platform. Cnet columnist Tom Krazit (Tom Krazit) this answers a few questions about this transaction.

Q: How do the two sides reached the deal?

A: The two sides deal of progress is very slow. Beginning in 2008, Yahoo and Microsoft, once on a series of acquisitions, partnerships and the formation of the League of issues discussed. Since then, Microsoft's acquisition of Yahoo's offer was when he was Yahoo's CEO Jerry Yang rejected. The failure of the deal, as well as the continuous decline in Yahoo's performance, but also led to the downfall of Yang, and Carol Bartz's successor. As the market among the three competitors, two will be merged, it will inevitably lead to regulatory review of this transaction to verify whether the transaction would hinder market competition.

Q: After completion of the transaction will be what happens to Yahoo's Web site?

A: This change is difficult to detect. Microsoft currently provides search results and keyword ads produce the back-end technology, but Yahoo will continue to control the results appear on the page. This means that Yahoo can still search the content in accordance with a variety of content to users.

Q: Yahoo BOSS and Search Monkey and other technical prospects?

A: Microsoft will be entitled to use these search techniques. Microsoft and Yahoo reached a 10-year search and advertising deal, which means that Microsoft, like Yahoo the right to choose to use technology, and to give up do not like Yahoo's technology.

Q: Microsoft will be what happens?

Answer: in exchange for increased market share, Microsoft will have to give up control of the major search advertising. Microsoft used Yahoo's future, also to select what will be the back-end search technology, as well as specific Yahoo employees to work for Microsoft. Microsoft had previously said that Yahoo's user data obtained, the company's ranking technology will be improved. However, Google have been skeptical.

Q: Does Google care about this deal?

A: This is undoubtedly a nonsense, of course, extremely concerned about Google's co-operation between Microsoft and Yahoo. The future, Google Microsoft and Yahoo after the transaction will be how they affect the search experience and advertisers interested in watching. Advertisers may be better than Yahoo or Microsoft is looking forward to the completion of the transaction. In January of this year, Google accounted for 65.4% of the U.S. search market share; Yahoo and Microsoft's share of 28.3%. Advertisers certainly do not want to Google a rule in the search advertising market.

Q: When will the changes brought about the discovery of this deal?

Answer: it is likely to continue for some time. Honestly speaking, the deal is more concerned about the cost structure of Yahoo, Microsoft's search ambitions, as well as advertising budgets, rather than the user experience.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Each release is a revolution

Some scholars have said, listing the Apple company's development, each new version Apple has changed people's e-spending habits, build a new industrial chain. Although the market is flooded with various brands of MP3 players and smart phones, but the iPod, iPhone could become the industry's introduction of an overall wonderful work to form a world-class craze. In addition to always attract a large number of consumers of unique design, attractive appearance, is more important is Apple's right to re-build the industrial chain. Concomitant with the iPod launched the iTunes Music Store, digital content for sale to iPhone as a platform designed for a number of intelligent software and full-screen touch used.

iPod in 10 years, sales of 128,000 from 2000 to 2009 the total sales volume has reached 250 million, while the number of U.S. households have television sets from two million units in 1949 to 42 million units in 1959. By 2003, when iTunes has evolved into a music mall, two years later, it began selling video content. By 2008, Apple beyond Wal-Mart, the world's largest music retailer. Consumers around the world from the iTunes purchase of 80 million songs.

iPod changed the music industry, iPhone launch, but also affected the telecommunications industry. Although initially only to be able to play downloaded from the iTunes music and video phones, but now with iPhone platform has a number of applications to 14 million, has become the iPhone's biggest selling point, also become a pilot smart phones. At present, iPhone and iPod Touch users to download applications, the total had reached 2.5 million passengers.

iPad conference, Jobs announced the latest data, "a few weeks ago we sold 2.5 million the first iPod, Apple's network of outlets there are 50 million visitors last quarter. Apple's software store, we have 140 thousand kinds of software . " His pursuit of perfection and even harsh words reprove the Internet to this, saying slowly, and showed poor results, but also difficult to use PC-based software.

Cloud involute, iPad, such as the emergence of whether the iPod and iPhone, become swept the global electronics market, beach-goers to read, has become the industry focus of attention.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Apple's former executives: iPad is not a Tablet PC

A decade ago, witnessed the development of Apple's Newton defeat in the process of tablet PCs that Apple's former executives, iPad too bulky, lack of communication and therefore not be regarded as a true tablet PC.

Venture Enterprises Axiotron's CEO Andreas Haas, said: "iPad is not a tablet PC, it's just an extension of iPhone and iPod Touch is a reproduction of Newton."

Haas departure from Apple in 2001, he was well aware of tablet PCs. Axiotron company to sell the conversion kit can touch MacBook into a pen-based tablet PCs. Converted product, called Modbook, if the user provide their own Macbook, priced at 700 U.S. dollars, if not available, priced at 1650 U.S. dollars.

Not only that, Haas Apple Newton that year projects very well. He has served as head of Apple's Newton Systems Group and is responsible for sales operations in Europe, Newton. But he was not optimistic after Newton, but that Mac-based tablet PCs have some room for development.

This is exactly the reason for Haas developed Modbook, but because the market less space, so the plans are often suffered shareholders questioned. Shareholders are worried that Apple's development of tablet PCs, Haas would bankrupt the company. Today, Apple introduced the iPad, but Haas that his company is not threatened. He said: "It's more like a smart phone rather than personal computers."

He also said: "I once imagined over the past five years, Apple Tablet PC looks like, iPad fully in line with my vision. This is a media consumption device, rather than the Tablet PC, nor is it media creation device. Its size is a bit too big. "

Haas would like to see a smaller Apple Tablet PC, the size of Newton with the last generation of products similar to the MessagePad 2100. He said: "I hope iPad size of 7 inches." Mainly because the 10-inch LCD screen, power consumption is too large and can not put clothes pocket.

However, Haas also believes that the current iPad is the first generation of Apple products, Apple is also expected to introduce more products in the future. However, size perspective, iPad was really disappointing.

Haas added: "iPad can not replace my iPhone, which is also disappoint me. I have a iPhone, MacBook Pro and the Modbook, but the iPad the same can not replace Modbook or MacBook Pro." He believes that if iPad can replace existing products , rather than increase the burden for consumers, providing a new product, the effect will be better.

However, Haas also acknowledged that some consumers will find iPad well suited to replace the existing notebook computers. He had his own wife, for example, said: "She has a job with a computer, but still use the MacBook Air at home and send and receive mail, read the contents, browse the network."

Haas said that Apple iPad committed another error is the lack of communication. He said: "The most important drawback of the field of communication that I was also surprised." IPad though he never thought would become a mobile phone, but the lack of camera means that video chat can not be achieved. And is now uncertain iPad can support Skype and other VoIP services.

Haas said: "I think the iPad should not just be a media platform, but also should serve as a communication platform. Of course, prior to listing the product in March, Apple will also add some elements, it may give us a surprise." Previously have Sources said, according to Apple's iPad aluminum frame of view, the product has been reserved in the front camera position.

Haas believes that despite some flaws, but Apple's iPad is still a great product. He said: "This is Apple's first step to the area, allowing users to start thinking about how to consume media. This is a good idea. Use the Internet the same types of operating systems to serve as performance, more powerful notebooks, but the the hardware is not satisfactory. but Apple is using the right system with the correct hardware, the implementation of the right mission. "

However, Haas still stressed, iPad is not a Tablet PC, and will never be.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

gPad challenge Apple iPad Google faces an uncertain future Tablet PC

More recently, Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the headquarters staff at the ferociously inside that Google so-called "do not be evil" principle, which is nonsense. Google Zeyi given a lesson of Action - According to foreign media reports, Google Chrome browser, and Chrome OS operating system behind the Chromium open source project demonstrated the use of Chrome official website of the Tablet PC operating system gPad picture.

According to the display of images provided Chromium, Google Chrome OS Tablet PC will also work with Apple iPad, like, using the virtual keyboard and touch screen technology, and the body weight is also very light, and also supports Internet access, send and receive e-mail, on-line editing the document and other functions.

This indicates that the official release of Apple iPad everything handed to them when the media exposure infinite, Google is also preparing to enter the flat-panel Chrome OS computing, and Apple in this area emerge as a contender.

In fact, Google and Apple in various fields have been engaged in a fierce competition, including browsers, operating systems, smart cell phones, and now the two sides turn flat computing competition. The leading U.S. IT magazine "eWeek" online edition Wednesday, said the author, Google Chrome OS operating system, after the release of this year will undoubtedly be a serious threat to iPad's market position. In this way, the agitated Jobs it is not hard to understand.

"EWeek" that, compared with the Apple iPad, Google Chrome OS Tablet PC market with at least two advantages: First, Google will work with industry-leading partners to launch the different models of Chrome OS Tablet PC, rather than just from Apple iPad ; Second, Google Chrome OS for the first true sense of the network operating system, meaning much greater than its market innovative iPad.

Apple iPad after the release, Google saw more hope.

January 27th, Apple formally announced the promotion of the Tablet PC has been a long time, but the industry found that, iPad has not released anything very revolutionary features, the operating system are the iPhone OS, which so many "fruit powder" greatly disappointed, "I feel Apple iPad is a larger version of the iPodtouch". Media have said, iPad "very much like an oversized iPhone", Meizu from known as "tuba of the MP4". Acer, Lenovo and other PC giants have expressed no intention of trying to tablet PCs.

This is Google, is good news. However, there are still firm "fruit powder," said, "the future will get better." It is reported that Apple's next-generation Tablet PCs were under development.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

China Mobile do not intend to buy Tencent

Tencent Holdings for China Mobile's purchase of rumors, China Mobile spokesman yesterday clarified a listed company, either in whole or in part of the acquisition, China Mobile have not acquired the intention of Tencent Holdings.

Early last month, led by China Mobile Wang Jianzhou head Tencent executive to visit the headquarters, and then have speculated that China Mobile's trip was intended to discuss the acquisition. In this regard, a few days ago to participate in the Davos Economic Forum, Mr. Wang made it clear that, visit Tencent is just to get Internet companies, Internet companies to learn and nothing more. Mr. Wang pointed out that the Internet company's cooperation helps to promote mobile Internet development, China Mobile will choose a cooperative manner to strengthen its position in the area on the Internet, of course, does not rule out the opportunity at the right number of mergers and acquisitions carried out under.

However, yesterday, the Hong Kong media quoted Mr. Wang as saying once again, does not rule out the establishment of holding relationship with Tencent Holdings possible.

Last month, Tencent relevant responsible person said, China Mobile acquired the message is purely imaginary, Tencent market rumors. It is understood that Mr. Wang in addition to visiting Tencent end of last year, also visited several other companies.

Although China Mobile yesterday made clarification, Tencent rose 5.990 percent yesterday to close at 150.4 Hong Kong dollars; China Mobile was up 1.392 percent to close at 76.5 Hong Kong dollars.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Apple said the second paragraph of blog is purely nonsense Tablet PC rumors

According to foreign media report today, the United States by leading technology blog, Apple fans, senior author John Gruber yesterday said the second paragraph of the Apple Tablet PC rumors "pure nonsense."

Apple to launch second paragraph of the Tablet PC rumors first reported by the U.S. science and technology blog TechCrunch writer MG Siegler reports. He said that a reliable second-hand sources, Apple is working to develop a bigger screen, tablet PCs, the product will be more close to the Mac rather than the iPhone. And Gruber in the blog, then replied: "I take the liberty to respond here and tell you that this is purely nonsense."

U.S. tech blog Silicon Alley Insider believes that the rumor is theoretically possible, because some people have said that last Wednesday released iPad both functional and performance terms are not strong enough, the user can not be the product and its application to install for a very good control.

Apple finally it's possible that some touch features and multi-touch gestures into more products, MacBook, and iMac are possible candidates, for example, Apple's latest MagicMouse mouse with multi-touch feature . Apple indeed possible in-house test such a product, but Apple has been testing a lot of projects, but most of them were not disclosed to the public only.

But the Silicon Alley Insider believes that Apple is unlikely to be available in the short second paragraph of Tablet PC. Because it is running Mac OS X Tablet PC is likely to bring about a bad user experience, which is Apple's utmost to avoid. This product like many years ago had the Windows Tablet PC market as difficult to win.

Touch technology requires specially designed for touch input mode the user interface, while the Mac OS X is for the mouse and keyboard input methods optimized. iPad OS is designed for touch input methods, Apple should be very satisfied with this product.

Specific terms, Mac OS X way to control the use of touch when it is very poor, against the so-called modified Mac tablet PC applications also will not be smooth. But also in the second paragraph of the short term introduction of tablet PCs to consumers and developers will be confused. This will allow the speculation that Apple is not ready to focus on the development iPad.

Silicon Alley Insider believes that compared to introducing a new touch platform, Apple is more likely to take the program are: the ultimate platform for the iPad to add more complex features, such as allowing third-party applications run in the background, and introduce a for complex application development tools, to adapt to different screen sizes, and is compatible with more file formats.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Is Apple iPad worthwhile to buy?

In fact, tablet PCs on the market in IT has been quite some years have passed. As early as 1989, a company called GRiD on the launch of the first with a touch-screen portable computers; in 1992, Microsoft has also launched special "WindowsforPen" software, you can hope to match the operation of a pen tablet computers Two years later, the software died. Similarly, in 1994, Apple also introduced a category called Newton's Tablet PC product, but also because the concept was too far ahead of the market fiasco. Since then, Bill Gates insisted on flat-panel computer software systems into research and development, and finally in the 2002 Consolidated seven PC makers to support the formal launch to the market for Windows systems handwritten pen-tablet computers, tablet PCs has become a stand-alone PC products market segment. However, the Tablet PC has never been really hot too, only in a small crowd in the possession of certain well-known groups.

One of the most important reason of course, technical limitations, due to the portability of Tablet PCs are higher, and therefore must be thin and light body, but in the past, chip manufacturing process relatively backward situation, to achieve ultra-slim body design of the high cost of , which leads to Tablet PC prices have been high. Just three years ago, the Tablet PC is also generally in the million or above average, the public attention, will naturally be low. Software, although Microsoft has specialized in the development of Tablet PC operating system, but the major breakthrough, or input methods, and failed to touch the screen to the market to achieve a full-featured touch. Therefore, the operation of tablet PCs in the past continue to be the keyboard, mouse, the main difference with the traditional products of a small notebook.

Of course, the most important constraining factor in the development of tablet PCs, or needs. Tablet PC in the past has been positioned in the high-end mobile office needs of business people, but the development of mobile Internet market is not mature and need anytime, anywhere Internet access, portable digital entertainment, the crowd small, less related applications, the market space is very limited.

The birth of Apple iPad can be said to chose a suitable time, touch-screen technology is mature, the demand for mobile Internet is on the rise, iPad able, like the Apple iPhone has brought the same to do a prime time?