Sunday, January 31, 2010

Toyota recalls brand damage due to hard out of the shadows

Subject to the recall problem vehicles and announced the suspension of North America, the Camry was recalled models such as 8 work in news production and marketing of the impact of Toyota in the global automobile manufacturers had been damage to the credibility of the present, Toyota will take a very long time to get out shadow caused by the incident.

Analysts said the Toyota brand reputation damage

In June 2009 in the United States research institutions in a survey on the quality of new cars, Toyota reelection top. In January, "Consumer Reports" magazine published in automobile brand awareness survey, Toyota also occupy the first place. However, last August, a California Highway Patrol family of four killed in high-speed collision, the Toyota Motor Corporation's "gas pedal" Failures caused widespread concern.

Recall and sale of part of the Toyota vehicle incident on the adverse effects may not be an end in the short term, with the Toyota recall vehicles twice within three months, the outside world for its decline in the quality of the fear caused by expansion of more and more aggravated. American auto industry analyst Maya En - Kohler (Maryann Keller), said: "Toyota to rely on cars to maintain a long-term good reputation of high quality cast era is over.

At this stage, people will not buy a Toyota car, Toyota lost this customer to pay the price. "Toyota will be a decline in brand reputation for decades to improve its reliability and security efforts to adversely affect, after all, it is high-quality images to help Toyota cars account for U.S. auto sales second. Nikko Cordial Securities general manager Hiroichi Nishi said: "We're not sure Toyota will be how long the moratorium on the sale of these vehicles. "

Is headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts, HIS Global Insight analyst John - Wokenuowei Kiz (John Wolkonowicz) said: "This incident will have serious impact on Toyota, Toyota is difficult in the short term solve the problem. As for the auto industry, Toyota, GM and Chrysler, the incident was entered bankruptcy protection proceedings the largest since the crisis. "U.S. consumer body Consumer Reports automotive engineers Fisher (Jake Fisher) has said:" The recurrence of such failures very rare, Toyota has adopted many measures to deal with trying to save the company's good image. However, the audience will be focused on Toyota's short period of time for defects that appear. "

In addition, consumer research Web site, a senior editor Weisinike (Bill Visnic) said: "Toyota will be the loss of customer, Toyota dealers and brands are the true test." Performance Auto Group President Anderson claimed that Toyota to suspend part of the automobile production and sales approach may not be appropriate. Stop production and sale may be the right approach, can protect the interests of customers, but Toyota and its dealers will bring great pressure. "

Stock market value has shrunk losses fall

Toyota recently announced the recall question from the United States more than one million cars from the expanded to 5.35 million. In addition, since the accelerator pedal hidden safety problems, Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. announced the suspension of 26 Camry in the U.S. sales of 8 models of cars, the temporary closure of some production lines, these models of Toyota cars sold in the United States more than half, including the sales an excellent Toyota Camry, Corolla. High-quality Toyota, known for a time suffered a crisis of confidence. News release, Toyota's shares traded in Japan, prices have been down for 5 days, the highest since May 2009 the longest losing streak record.

Toyota's market capitalization has grown from the current September 15, 2009 of 12.9 trillion yen when the 136 billion U.S. dollars fell. Toyota announced in December 2009 sales data show that its car sales increased by 32%. February 4, 2010, Toyota will be published as of December 31, 2009, the third fiscal quarter earnings.

Global Insight forecasts that if the suspension of the Toyota Camry and Clolar 8 models such as the production and sales a week about a decrease of 2 million cars in sales. In 2009, Toyota recalled eight of the models sold in the United States reached 99.8744 million units, accounting for the Toyota brand vehicles sold in the United States 70%, and if Lexus include the figure of 56%.

Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. spokesman Yves - Miller (Irv Miller) to reveal its stop in North America is not clear whether some models sold by Toyota, Toyota CEO, Akio (Akio Toyoda) to make, but the Mile Tan Chen Toyota Akio really understand the gravity of the matter.

Ford, GM has been critical to the U.S. market headhunt

Ford spokesman Robert - Parker (Robert Parker) said that in the United States, General Motors, Toyota said it would recall 2.3 million vehicles by car owners to provide incentives, Ford is planning to Toyota and Honda customers in 1000 U.S. dollars discounts, urging them to switch customers to buy their cars. By 2007, the United States has been the largest sales market for Toyota, the world's half or more of sales revenue comes from the United States. Currently, Toyota's vehicle sales in the United States ranked second only to GM, and its 2008 global vehicle sales of more than the success of GM moved up to No. 1.

In June 2009 served as CEO since Toyota Motor, Toyota Akio Toyota endure the further improvement of the quality of the pressure, taking into account the modern competitors such as Toyota are increasingly closer to the gap, this event or to make Toyota the pressure for further increases Great.

However, there have been reports last week that Toyota is investigating the accelerator pedal defects, Toyota in the latest in a statement also said: "CTS Corporation is currently producing transformed the accelerator pedal in order to meet the needs of Toyota. Is currently working with the CTS with Toyota with a view to finding solutions as quickly as possible defects in the existing method of the accelerator pedal. "United States, 1460 Toyota and Lexus dealers, as well as hundreds of North American suppliers are looking forward to Toyota's engineers to find a solution to throttle defect approach. General Motors named a general manager Billy do not think that Toyota will recall the incident because of losing a high-quality image, he said: "Toyota has always been the pursuit of perfection, will try to solve the problem."