Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wang declared in 2010 the National Competition for reimbursement of the first quarter

Washington Nationals will be held Dec. 3 to make or not to leave before the "glory of Taiwan," Wang's decision to team player attitude and performance and behavior, the two sides a good chance of again later, the Yankees fans and media see this King seems to have different views on the U.S. site "WasWatching" Wang the ball from the analysis, the National if the contract renewal, it might be a waste of their money.

Wang declared in 2010 the National Competition for reimbursement of the first quarter of the expression of renewal of the idea of time, and that former Yankee pitcher's second war in guiding the performance league wonders, only 6 of 17 on the ball let the Atlanta Braves 6, the most fast ball speed to 89 miles. With the efforts of rehabilitation Wang, ball speed from 70 miles to the current rate of progress, more importantly, the shoulder pain does not appear, showing that his condition was satisfactory.

"WasWatching" of ITAR Juliano (Corey Italiano) Admittedly, when the Yankees decided to cut Wang, he felt very sad, because he also built one of Aberdeen's fans; However, after seeing his ball, ITAR Juliano felt completely wrong, the Yankees did with Kay Ashman quite the right decision, though, or can demonstrate Wang himself, but at this stage, the ball drop is an indisputable fact.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rangers pitcher Oliver (Darren Oliver) walked two to load the bases for the Yankees

Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees (Yankees) batters Gannon (Robinson Cano) and today's solo shot tied the game in the first base hit, helping the team all the way to strike back from 5 points behind, and finally to beat the Texas Rangers 6-5 (Rangers), won the first battle in the American League Championship victory.

Gannon 1 7 Board-run homer, in addition to the Yankees broken egg, they opened the Yankees 8 5 City Council under the offensive even.

Kit (Derek Jeter) 8 Board doubles to help on the basepaths Gude Na (Brett Gardner) ran back to home plate, the Yankees rolled to 2-5 a little weakness.

Rangers pitcher Oliver (Darren Oliver) walked two to load the bases for the Yankees, the change from the Europe Day (Darren O'Day) registration plate. Europe Day 1 of the ball to be A-Rod Luo Geli Rodriguez (Alex Rodriguez) H to left field, sending Kit and Shi Weise (Nick Swisher) back to home plate, the score to 4-5. Gannon hit the next play and Ti Musi (Marcus Thames) were fired with 1 RBI singles, helping the Yankees win 6-5 reversal.

Game 7 American League Championship 4 wins 2 of the system of war, 17 in open play here. Winners October 27, the National League champion team will compete for the World Series Cup.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Romantic Swordsman (Cliff Lee) really is the idiom

Romantic Swordsman (Cliff Lee) really is the idiom, the fifth light the face of war, to pay the 9 Board no Sisi Qiu, surged out of 11K, was knocked out six hits and only lost 1 point, successfully led the Rangers 5-1 victory over the light , the series of wars 3:2 light out, the Army Rangers for 50 years, finally won the first playoff series victory in war is the first time broke into the American League Championship.

Lee really is life-saving Ranger Dan, the first battle surged 7 Board 10K, does not cast any walks, but will their performance today up overweight, out in complete soared 9 Board 11K, or no walks, two games were a total of 16 Board knock out 11 hits, lost 2 points, soared out of 21K, powerful performance, the playoffs are still unbeaten.

The first postseason start, the Price (David Price), two games down, 12.2 was knocked 17 hits Bureau, lost 8 points, surged out of 14K, the performance of a worse than Lee, ace pitcher could not win, the light and therefore qualify for the American League Championship Broken Dreams.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Qualify for this year's first team after the league championship team

Qualify for this year's first team after the league championship team, the New York Yankees will get plenty of rest, to meet the next challenge, whether rival Texas Rangers, or the Tampa Bay Rays.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi has promised to let the team rest for 2 days. 13 will then start to practice, will be the American League Championship Series on June 16 start. Star third baseman Alex Rodriguez said: "I think we will always be better off after the performance. This is an important factor. Last year, for us to do so very effectively."

Today (11) beat Rangers again light, with each tie game to get 2 wins, must wait until the last 5 games after the Yankees to know which team will be the opponents, but the Yankees have said that both the on who will go all out.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Rangers in the first 3 innings on the first scored 1 point

End in the last (7) days of grams of light out of the playoffs the Rangers 9-game losing streak dilemma The campaign to take advantage of its success, not only the team swept the 9 security, more Gensler (Ian Kinsler) solo shot and Yang Yan (Michael Young) 3 points to take 6 hours Howard cheer bomb, also made light of the earlier wire Wilson (CJ Wilson) and rescue veteran Oliver (Darren Oliver) suppression, the audience only hit 2 hits, did not score miserable bleak Rangers 6 to 0 clinch.

Rangers in the first 3 innings on the first scored 1 point, 4 Board then hit a solo homer Tim Gensler 2 points, but the gap between these two points are not the biggest clouds obscured the light, but then This crucial first 5 games. Light starting Xue Fields (James Shields) 5 Board, 1 out left after the exit of 1,3 barrier ERA, but take over the Quinns (Chad Qualls) were only playing with 3 points Yonge gun demonstrations, Hopkins Le followed strike hits rush hours, the Rangers came to the widening gap between the 6 to 0 lead.