Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Human health and the Texas Star team midline contract 6 years

Star middle Wei De Maike - Ryans will remain in Houston. Tuesday night, a team official told The Associated Press, Ryans and Texas who have agreed a 6-year contract. Official to anonymously disclose the above information, because this team has not released an official statement.

Ryans was named Associated Press Defensive Rookie of 2006 and is the leader of the young Houston team last season, leading the team to 9 wins and 7 negative record, the team first-ever winning percentage over 50% season. He is a restricted free agent. Ryans last season named to Pro Bowl last season he completed 123 times to intercept and a Qinsha. In his four seasons into the NFL every season at least 110 times to intercept, but also in the rookie season was a career-high 155 Qinsha.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The new Cardinals signed linebacker trouble was arrested in California

Associated Press news, the authorities said, NFL linebacker Joey - Porter on suspicion of drunken driving and was accused of assaulting a police officer and arrested in the central and southern California city of Bakersfield was arrested.

California Highway Patrol said that the 33-year-old player in Saturday's earlier in a fast-food parking lot and police confrontation. Porter refused to provide his driver's license and being asked to leave the car shaking from the time of his window. Police said when the police prepared to open his door, when Porter hit the police's hand. Porter eventually comply with the orders out of the car, hands behind his back, he and the car was arrested along with a passenger.

The 11-year veteran playing experience and the Arizona Cardinals recently signed. He has also played the ball in Pittsburgh and Miami.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eagle chip required for initiating the transaction Macnab

Associated Press PHILADELPHIA, those who get Donovan - Macnab interested teams will have to put a high pick in draft picks as part of the deal. A person familiar with the McNabb trade negotiations told The Associated Press, the Philadelphia Eagles only consider a deal this six-time All-Star quarterback of the possibility that if the other party a bargaining chip in the NFL, including one next month's election show the first 42 draft picks. This person is the way Thursday anonymous sources disclosed to The Associated Press, because the team did not comment on potential transactions.

In the past few months people have been saying that McNabb would return to the team playing the year after. Eagles coach Andy - Reid admitted Wednesday that he was listening to some for McNabb, Kevin - Kolb and Michael - Veatch offer. Oakland, Buffalo and St. Louis is considered to be most interested in McNabb's team, they have two teams in each pre-42 draft picks. However, some of them only team willing to give up a first-round draft pick McNabb seems to be unlikely.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Redskins team and Punt hand-signed Peter Weir

Josh - Peter Weir is a Washington Redskins team Punt hand rotation of the latest possible solution. Tuesday Redskins team signed the 34-year-old free agent. He became the only one on the list team Punt hand, over the past two years, the Redskins team in the regular season, a share of the six different Punt hand.

Peter Weir in the past six years are in Tampa Bay Buccaneers to play, but the 2009 season because of right hip surgery and missed the entire season. He was named 2005 All-Star Game, his career Punt distance is 42.8 meters each. 1999-2003 season, Peter Weir has also played in the Green Bay Packers, although because of testicular cancer, he missed his entire rookie season.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Multi-branch lowly looting the former cowboy star cornerback

Volunteers in the NFL training camp, Adam - "eating, Mr. Bean" - Jones has aroused the attention of many scouts, according to NFL's official website reported that a few days ago that he secretly met with the San Francisco 49ers officials, the official Web site also reported that the Friday Jones and Detroit Lions will meet with officials.

NFL official website that the 49 teams, Lions, Jaguars and the Saints hope that the former all-star cornerback to join, but another senior members of the League that the Saints will not be such a strong team feeling Jones interest, ESPN reporter Adam - Schefte get news is that Jones, as early as February 11 went to the Bengals workout since this was his one year before being fired after the Cowboys the first workout.

November 2008 Jones in the Cowboys when the effect of bringing more trouble in big trouble, he and his bodyguards in the hotel that conflict, it attracted a large number of police and media personnel, although the police had not arrested anyone, but the NFL has given Jones 4 Field sets for punishment, because his behavior violates the federal anti-violence provisions, after which he was never the opportunity to represent Cowboys played until February 2009 was fired, ending his two-year Cowboys career embarrassing.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hawks and Daryl - tap 3-year contract

Daryl - tap was looking forward to a new start. Being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles two days later, tap 4 and the team this week signed a 3-year contract. For the effectiveness of four seasons in Seattle after the 25-year-old tap will compete for a starting left defensive end position. "I think changes in the environment would be a good thing," said tap. "I think last year I have a 2.5 sack, but frankly speaking in my eyes, I feel that was my best performance year. I have a 2.5 sack and 18 quarterback hits. Last year, we in the Seattle objective environment is a difficult situation. Therefore, the data often do not reflect the actual situation. It was only the symptoms you see. "

The team of other initiatives, and defensive end Darren - John Howard and Kevin took over the outside - Curtis termination.

Hawks in order to get tap will be defensive end Chris - Clemons, and next month, the fourth-round draft picks sent to Seattle, tap in the 2006 second-round draft pick has been selected Seahawks , in the 64 games he participated in a 18 sack, 2 steals, 8, and forcing the ball out the ball away four times to restore. He and Victor - Abiyami Lane, Juqua Parker competition and the All-Star right side front Trent - Cole partner playing time.

"Frankly speaking, when I first discovered I would be trading when I was shocked, because the people there, from Seattle to listen to all the news is I will be in the coming year remain in the team." Tower S & P said. "I'm looking forward to going there again picked up the rolling ball, and when I discovered that it was bittersweet moment. Which is a bit difficult to accept, because only the end has given me the opportunity to play in the league do not have my team is go to other places. But it is also a sweet thing, because I will be playing a great team, and closer to home. "

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Seattle Seahawks with Chris - Baker signed

Seattle Seahawks finally entered the free agent market, agreed to and end-feng Chris - Baker's contract terms.

A team spokesman confirmed the deal Saturday, even though the team did not disclose contract details.

Baker last season at the New England Patriots as substitutes, but before the New York Jets players when starting. In the Patriots last season, Baker has 14 times to catch two touchdowns. His best season was 2007 in the New York Jets last season, that season he had 41 catches for a total of 409 yards and scoring 3 times. His former seven seasons in the Jets effect.

30-year-old Baker will be in Seattle, John - Carlson's replacement.

Friday, March 12, 2010

One of the greatest linebacker in NFL history dies

Hall of Fame member Merlin - Olsen, NFL history of one of the greatest linebacker in this week, four died of cancer at the age of 69 years.

Olsen in the nineteenth century, 60's and Deacon Jones, Lamar Lundy, Rosey Grier together make up the Los Angeles Rams of the "terrorist four groups." Later, he embarked on NFL radio and advertising business, the same success, he is still TV series "Prairie House" played a Jonathan - Garvey.

"He's on the pitch brave and fearless, other, perhaps more important aspect of his character that he was a true gentleman," Hall of Fame member Jack - Youngblood said that he was Olson in Los Angeles, Rams When teammates. "We all know that he is a how well what a great player, but he was far less than better."

Utah State University, Olson's alma mater, said he died in Los Angeles than last year, he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, an often caused by exposure to asbestos lung cancer. Olsen last year to prosecute, saying he was suffering from this disease is because of his childhood and young stages of the construction site area often exposed asbestos.

"He's deep concern about other people, especially those who share the football with his people the sport," NFL director Roger - Goodale said. "Merlin is a larger than life, people, worthy of the name, and left to posterity a huge positive spiritual heritage."

Olsen, Utah State University won the Cup in 1961 Autran, was recognized as the nation's best inside the National Guardian. Rams in 1962 first-round draft pick he was selected third overall, followed by 15 years he was in effect Rams, and now he is still 915 times in team history to intercept the data Statistics standings first. Since his rookie season, he 14 straight All-Star team, he and Deacon Jones, Lamar Lundy, Rosey Grier together make up the legendary Los Angeles Rams "terrorist Gang of Four." Rams created in 1968 in the season's 14 games to promote the code to rival the lowest number of NFL records.

Youngblood as a rookie in 1971, joined the Rams, when the Olsen continued to serve as defensive person on the other side, when he, as Jones's replacement. Youngblood recalled that Olson had told him that as a young player you want to become a great player does not lie in every game, but rather "every heartbeat." "When you stop to think of Merlin in the field, he has completed other people can no longer be the completion of German things," Youngblood said.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Patriots cornerback Boden contract with 4 years

New England Patriots and cornerback Lee - boden signed a four-year contract extension.

Borden's agent, Alvin Keels in his Twitter this week, two published the above-mentioned contract.

Patriot side did not immediately respond to this published, but Giles said in your post Borden's contract may allow him to Patriots team until the 2013 season.

Boden last season with five steals, three of them in last year November 22 game against New York Jets made, including a 53-yard touchdown return to attack.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Manning acknowledged mistakes pass an apology to the fans

Although they have been in this before the game many experts and fans optimistic, although Miami is that they do not choose not withhold the blessed, but in the 44th Super Bowl, the Indianapolis Colts still could not win the third Super Bowl in franchise history trophy, for the 34-year-old Peyton Manning for the future, such opportunities may be limited, and after the game Manning, the game results are very disappointing.

Many media have said Terlay at the last moment steal a complete end to the match, but the colt coach Caldwell said: "I think that the node is not a race." But at the same time, he also said the team did in the match some mistakes, such as opening the second half of that gamble when the Saints play: "That Gambling kick to give them the opportunity."

Peyton Manning said of his game-the only time it was steals, said: "It is indeed a mistake, Porter made a great defense, that is what I want to say." Although he finished with a 31 sub-pass success, but still can not win for the team: "(the final result) This is really disappointing," Manning said again and again, "This is very disappointing. I am very sorry that our fans, we did not win. "talking about the Saints win, Manning said:" We have a very good performance in the first playoff two weeks ago we played quite good, but today our performance is also not enough to beat the Saints. Now they can celebrate, and they are now the overall champion. "

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Giants fourth-quarter earnings analysis: the general decline in revenue Profit

Giant Network Group Ltd. (NYSE ticker symbol: GA) announced the closing on December 31, 2009 unaudited fourth quarter and full year earnings.

According to the published four-quarter earnings, a giant four-quarter revenues of 276 million, ring than to reduce 4.9%, down 21.8%; operating profit of 176 million, ring than to reduce by 8.3%, down 17.7%; net profit of 1.98 billion yuan, ring than the basic flat, down 31.9%.

After the earnings announcement, shares the same day a giant network in New York Stock Exchange edged down 0.95 percent, to close at 7.31 U.S. dollars, the recent subject to the same section of the grand, the perfect negative earnings impact of China-related stocks generally poor performance of the network giant's share price also will be slightly lower, is expected to report earnings after the publication of the impact of negative emotions on the stock price will continue, but in view of the current performance of the market response is relatively stable.

Shi Yuzhu reasons for the decline in income has made an explanation: Since the start in July last year, closed the "open chest" and charging functions, resulting in a decline in revenues and profits, but as last year the implementation of market segmentation strategy, a number of important data showed signs of gradual recovery has already begun.

From the second quarter of 2009, a giant network of revenues and profits have been declining, in part because of course, is due to government supervision to increase online games, leading to some of the fees is turned off; the other hand, since 2009 China's online game market has become more due to fierce competition.

Giant network's main online games, "journey", with its unique yuan games are played in the 2006-2008 year has brought a giant network of huge income, but the imitation "journey" model of online game more and more, although the most of the competitors on the "journey" do not constitute a threat, but the hundreds of similar games, in the aggregate is still on the "journey" and not a small number of players resulted in the impact of a giant network of the past few quarters the number of concurrent players proof of this reduction; and as China's over-crowded online games, making the characteristics of a buyer's market is increasingly clear, major game operators are subject to considerable pressure, and many MMORPG at the same time-line in 2009 has reduced the number of signs of .

Moreover, with the relevant departments for the online game industry, has published a number of provisions so that the "journey" part of the fees received affected, directly led to the overall revenue and average revenue decline in paid subscribers, with the online game market-related laws and regulations has improved steadily and could have a similar "journey" mode of the game lasting impact.

However, the network giant's results also highlight the existence of the performance, although the revenues and profits have declined, but the Internet giant's net profit in the fourth quarter rate is still as high as 72%, significantly higher than the current published earnings of the other domestic online game operator providers, while the high profit margins, should be able to restore some market confidence; the same time, the decline in the fourth quarter of operating costs for the shareholders can also have some positive impact.