Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yankees lefty Andy Pettitte still not decided whether to continue to wear stripes next season jersey

Yankees lefty Andy Pettitte still not decided whether to continue to wear stripes next season jersey, but even the veteran decided to put the final will be the last.

Pettitte in Houston this week to participate in charity golf tournaments, during which the media will inevitably be asked about the future of personal career planning issues, this old-school, said he has not decided to return to court next season, or hanging spikes, but also there will be no timetable to make decisions, set off again if the final decision will be final year of his career.

"Now I'm just waiting to see how to do their own thinking." Pettitte said: "If I have to resort to a year, that is so, and only have one more year."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wang, professional baseball players living in America this morning return flight

Wang, professional baseball players living in America this morning return flight, the reporter asked him at the airport contracts with the national team any progress, he said "There is no need to wait until December."

Wang morning 6:10, with his wife and children aboard EVA Airways flight from New York to return to Taiwan, he would still maintain its attitude of not more than an interview.

Asked what his rehabilitation progress, Wang said that after a whole year off to October this year when all the feelings, conditions are pretty good.

As for his contract with the progress of the national team, Wang said, "There is no need to wait until December." He also mentioned that the national team who are very good, will not make people rush to play games, it is important he is to do a good job of rehabilitation.

Although the long arm injury is not debut game, when Wang arrived in Taiwan are still welcomed by many fans, many tourists shouted Wang, competing even posed for pictures.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rock Okuma Hisashi battle may soon result

Rock Okuma Hisashi battle may soon result, according to media reports, the sailor is the most promising to obtain the right to talk about the team, just get into the Rakuten Golden Eagle Notes on the amount of fear as expected.

Sapporo bid in this entry, there are several teams out of bid conditions, but is reportedly out of 13 million U.S. dollars (about 300 million 90 million Taiwan dollars) of the sailors to be the last winner. Just grabbed the sailor is able to talk about individual rights also variable, because previous reports that, Rakuten Golden eagle hope this amount can reach into the Sapporo from 1600 to 17,000,000 U.S. dollars, while the sailor's price tag and the Rakuten Golden Eagle's expectations as well Paragraph poor, which is bound to give the home team and then rock Okuma carefully assessed.

If the United States to the development of rock would be more inclined to join the Okuma team in the West Bank, it fits well with the Mariners right-hander's ideas, and if the rock Okuma America West insisted on hard work, I am afraid not many teams to choose, because the angels and Dodgers do not plan to bid, as to have sent scouts pay attention to the Yankees and Diamondbacks rock Okuma whether there will be follow-up action, then wait and see.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Another game, look at that Major League Baseball

Another game, look at that Major League Baseball, World Series third war. Texas Rangers, 4 to 2, beat San Francisco Giants, pulled one back.

Back to the Texas home, the momentum are not the same, the Rangers team in the full house of 52,000 fans a warm welcome, the grand debut, this is Rangers history, organized the first World Series at home, former President Bush Greece has every the Sheng Kung. Second Board, the Rangers have to point Cenci as the ninth meeting of the rookie rod Molander first baseman smacked two-thirds cannons.

Live together and follow the fireworks to celebrate the Rangers 3 points revenue, guns also opened Hu Hamilton contributed a solo shot in mind, coupled with a successful starting pitcher Luis giant fire suppression, pitched 7 and 2 / 3 innings only was knocked five hits, gave up two home runs lost 2 points, while sending 6 strikeouts, superb cast to play to help win the important games of Texas Army.