Monday, September 27, 2010

Yankees grab full sprint in the partition must be the key moment was the leading run into a wall after another

When faced with nearly 10 combat evil empire lose Game 6 to the small low ball expert commentary to explore the Yankees not only whether there is weak, and even the coach Gilady (Joe Girardi) the ability of troops strategies and tactics are together under the guidance questioned. Like "New York Post" columnist Xue Germain (Joel Sherman) to say so, because Girardi does not correctly pass the message to the players before the Yankees the division title away from the more distant, even the wild card can pull alarm.

Yankees grab full sprint in the partition must be the key moment was the leading run into a wall after another, since September 13 has been on the road 3 war swept the Texas Rangers after the war only in the next series of the Baltimore Orioles in the battle to prevail when the record is the rest is down at Xiachu not draw, so that "New York Post," issued on Girardi leadership feelings of doubt, but also with "schizophrenia" to describe the operation led Girardi.

"New York Post," said Girardi's management style similar to schizophrenia, although he has pushed hard, but in the past few weeks, the performance of his team but it is an indisputable fact and that the main reason comes from "not able to Indeed transfer tactics, the team could not make good use of advantage ", otherwise the strength of the Yankees seems, should have to throw champion ribbon in the district.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hu Jinlong Today is the 2nd season starts

Dodgers 25, Taipei time Hu Jinlong war against rattlesnakes, starting the 2nd season, but unfortunately still did not crack down on performance, not the number of hits and 3 hit, 1 touch also suffered a body ball, g Xiao (Clayton Kershaw) starting Bureau of lost 1 point 8, 9 strikeouts soared out, the Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks 3 to 1, won the 13 grams of Xiao Sheng.

Hu Jinlong Today is the 2nd season starts, keep the guerrilla, beat the eighth bar, he first made last September 12 is the battle of the astronauts, 4 did not play a few hits, also struck out three times, and today against Hu Jinlong or did not show, the first 3 innings the ball was then knocked to kill Fang Xiangfei second base, hit a barrier of 5 Bureau of the direction of foul fly ball is then killed, 8 Board is the body touch the ball walk and hit 9 out of center field fly Bureau the ball was then killed, 3 did not play a few hits, batting average dropped to 2 percent 22.

This war, Xiao Ke Dodgers starting pitcher before the 8 Board brilliant performance, only to be shot two rattlesnakes hits, until the next Board was only 9 Yonge (Chris Young), Abreu (Tony Abreu) with two hits and struck exit 1 point loss by Jenson (Kenley Jansen) replaced netball, protect the back of a win results.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 Warriors with seven straight wins in Philadelphia today

3 Warriors with seven straight wins in Philadelphia today (21) for the National League East title skirmish, resulting in Cole Hamels difficult to play a strong cast, with the future Lord Jason Heyward outfield errors, losing the final 1 to 3.

Warriors in the opener of this series on the two sides met every September slay of Hamels, the first 3 starts, 20, another 1 / 3 innings and have only lost 1 minute 25K for Hamels, career September ERA 2.53, K / 9 value of 9.56 is the middle are the best.

Hamels pitched eight Board The campaign gave up six hits and only lost 1 point, and another 6 strikeouts; Warriors rookie Brandon Beachy's major league debut before panel hits 4 Board 3 lost 1 point is not bad, helpless 5 Council on Heyward's outfield errors to match changed.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki today (19) win their first month

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki today (19) win their first month, 13,14 H, Melvin Mora also blasted slam shot to help Los Angeles to 12 to 2 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. On behalf of the Clansmen and Villager running play in the 9 inning win their season 2 security.

Like yesterday, Tulowitzki Bureau blasted the first shot 2 minutes to help the Los Angeles lead. And the last difference is that the Rockies did not then lead to hand over the 3 inning two outs, Tulowitzki and win their doubles, and then escorted gain another victory in the Mora hits.

5 inning, Tulowitzki and then under the H-2 points, it was his 26th homer this season, but his 17 September games for the first 14 bombers. Then Todd Helton was walked four after bad, Mora, and Ryan Spilborghs hit consecutive Adds 1 point. 8 Board, the Los Angeles to four hits and scored the first 2 hours, the last Mora blasted slam gun, let Rocky get 12 to 0 lead.

The Dodgers game hits Rocky in fact only less than two, but although the first 8 Council on from Los Angeles starting pitcher Jhoulys Chacin hands and win nine security, but can not create scoring until the 9 Bureau, the only rely on Russ Mitchell's two break points duck gun, and closing Los Angeles on a 12 to 2 victory.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Westbrook 8 inning win their first six hits

MLB MLB St. Louis Cardinals (Cardinals) today pitcher Westbrook (Jake Westbrook), led to 4 to 0 shutout San Diego Padres (San Diego Padres).

Westbrook 8 inning win their first six hits, striking out 3, and the formation of 16 ground balls. This is the season for the Cardinals Westbrook won the first two victories, but also his own 8 games wins.

Cardinals 9th inning McKellen (Kyle McClellan) did not lose points.

Cardinals 6, Bureau of winning in 3 minutes, Pu Hesi (Albert Pujols) hit the doubles point, Molina (Yadier Molina) has fired a 2 point hit.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Santana in early September with the Atlanta Braves in the tournament

Strong deep sexual assault earlier investments Supremacy Santana (Johan Santana), early capsule rupture caused sudden left shoulder earlier this season for reimbursement, last weekend (Taiwan time) through the famous doctor Andrews (Dr. James Andrews) in the diagnosis, the New York City will be formally announced today, Santana will be repaired left shoulder injury to the operating room tomorrow. And Shanda Wang rehabilitation after spending time, almost certainly the opening of the direct impact of next year.

Santana in early September with the Atlanta Braves in the tournament, suddenly felt chest discomfort around, and then immediately change city coaches end, doctors initially diagnosed as chest muscle strain, but after the hospital's MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test is the left shoulder joint capsule after tear, and Monday (U.S. time) in the famous doctor diagnosed Andrews, to determine future knife. While lying on the operating table when Santana, may take a few months after the time of rehabilitation, or even directly affect the opening quarter of next year, is expected to be from May to June at least was able to return to the mound.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yesterday, the national team "officially" declared Wang quarter reimbursement

Yesterday, the national team "officially" declared Wang quarter reimbursement, and hope that next year and his contract.

Shoulders are not strong enough to give up late comeback

Nationals general manager Rui Zuo said that as Wang insufficient to restore shoulder strength had abandoned him in the big leagues late comeback, but he is prepared to guide the Union in the fall by the end of September a race, Rui Zuo said: "We're trying to Wang a few people vote in guiding the Union Council, to help his shoulders spread out. "

Jian Tsai knows will actively guide the Union to prepare

Jian Chai yesterday ending a holiday has returned to court to continue training overseas brokers yesterday quoted Zhang Jia Yuan Jian Tsai's response: "The idea has been to understand baseball, is now actively preparing for the end of the game."

Chia-yuan said the construction of Aberdeen's right shoulder surgery more complicated, although the process of rehabilitation experienced a small setback, but ball has returned to speak out 80 miles (130 km), that really improved a lot, people also believe that rehabilitation should be placed first One does not need to go to major league games with high intensity.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Washington Nationals rookie shortstop Danny Espinosa today

Washington Nationals rookie shortstop Danny Espinosa today (7) single-field belted two home runs, including his first career slam artillery support, to help people 13 to 3 victory over the visiting New York Mets, won three straight.

September expansion of the board of the Alliance before Espinosa, today the number 5 hit hit 4 hits, in addition to doubles but also belted two home runs, including six under the Bureau of the hands from too much light Igarashi knocked in his first Support slam gun, single-field scoring six runs.

Espinosa currently only 23 years old a race five games in 16 at bats in the hit nine hits, including six long-play, including three home runs. He said: "There is the beginning of this incredible."

Slam in the blasted bombs, Espinosa-Star catcher Ivan Rodriguez was launched rest area, to accept the audience's applause 20,224 spectators, including his parents and two sisters. Afterwards he said: "This is wonderful through. I can see my family in the stands, there are all the fans."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kuo Phillies fan yesterday lost 0.2 Board 1 minute

Kuo Phillies fan yesterday lost 0.2 Board 1 minute, this is the first time this year, Kuo was in the home capture fraction, the Dodgers also lose 1:5.

Phillies 9, Council on 1 out of captured second base, though it was in 1:3 behind, the Dodgers still only use Kuo fan, I hope this year's home was against less than 1 percent of Kuo to freeze more than a few, but Kuo a play on by Rollins hit a base hit with a RBI, while Rollins pass on second base, the first term that a sub-note pitcher body.

Originally played on the left is less than 1 percent of combat Kuo, followed by left-field hit of the Atlee rule-base hit play, Rawlins easily back to home plate, Kuo relay to open season at home for 21 games, 23.2 Board scoreless record interrupt, but fortunately the next bar fly ball Pulan Ke Ping Kuo received a positive forward and pass result back to base second base is less than the Atlee out.

Dodgers starting pitcher g Hsiao Biao Board voted 6 out of 11 strikeouts, 191 strikeouts this season than Philadelphia Halladay (190), became the National League 1, gave up five hits and lost 2 points of content not bad, but the Dodgers until the 7th Bureau, only from the Phillies starting pitcher Oswald shot the hands of No. 1 hits, Oswald exit, the Dodgers scored in the Bureau of only 8 points currently lagging behind in the NL West Padres 9 games behind National League wild card battle Phillies 7.5 games.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little League in Williamsport won third place in the world the Chinese baseball team

Little League in Williamsport won third place in the world the Chinese baseball team, today, accompanied by ROC representative office secretary Yong-Jian Liu, visiting Major League Baseball Washington Nationals stadium, by the national team showing the ROC national flag to greet the courtesy.

McCarthy, vice president of the National Team (Gregory McCarthy) come forward to host the Chinese team. To welcome the visit of Chinese teenager, national team in particular billboard on the big screen in the stadium, showing significant side showing the ROC flag, national flag and marked below the "Welcome and congratulations from friends in Taiwan" title.

McCarthy told the Chinese teenager who warmly welcomed the Chinese Taipei national team to visit for two reasons, first to congratulate the Chinese team's outstanding performance in Williamsport; second is to strengthen the friendship with Taiwan, Wang hopes to join the future with more people team.

Wang joined the national team as currently in Florida training and rehabilitation, can not personally host the Chinese team. But the national team to play on the big screen, especially in regards to the Chinese team Wang video.

Chinese National Team, giving each member a signed baseball with Wang as a souvenir. Chinese team returned with a rebate of the entire Chinese team signed baseball cap and jersey.