Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yankees lefty Andy Pettitte still not decided whether to continue to wear stripes next season jersey

Yankees lefty Andy Pettitte still not decided whether to continue to wear stripes next season jersey, but even the veteran decided to put the final will be the last.

Pettitte in Houston this week to participate in charity golf tournaments, during which the media will inevitably be asked about the future of personal career planning issues, this old-school, said he has not decided to return to court next season, or hanging spikes, but also there will be no timetable to make decisions, set off again if the final decision will be final year of his career.

"Now I'm just waiting to see how to do their own thinking." Pettitte said: "If I have to resort to a year, that is so, and only have one more year."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wang, professional baseball players living in America this morning return flight

Wang, professional baseball players living in America this morning return flight, the reporter asked him at the airport contracts with the national team any progress, he said "There is no need to wait until December."

Wang morning 6:10, with his wife and children aboard EVA Airways flight from New York to return to Taiwan, he would still maintain its attitude of not more than an interview.

Asked what his rehabilitation progress, Wang said that after a whole year off to October this year when all the feelings, conditions are pretty good.

As for his contract with the progress of the national team, Wang said, "There is no need to wait until December." He also mentioned that the national team who are very good, will not make people rush to play games, it is important he is to do a good job of rehabilitation.

Although the long arm injury is not debut game, when Wang arrived in Taiwan are still welcomed by many fans, many tourists shouted Wang, competing even posed for pictures.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rock Okuma Hisashi battle may soon result

Rock Okuma Hisashi battle may soon result, according to media reports, the sailor is the most promising to obtain the right to talk about the team, just get into the Rakuten Golden Eagle Notes on the amount of fear as expected.

Sapporo bid in this entry, there are several teams out of bid conditions, but is reportedly out of 13 million U.S. dollars (about 300 million 90 million Taiwan dollars) of the sailors to be the last winner. Just grabbed the sailor is able to talk about individual rights also variable, because previous reports that, Rakuten Golden eagle hope this amount can reach into the Sapporo from 1600 to 17,000,000 U.S. dollars, while the sailor's price tag and the Rakuten Golden Eagle's expectations as well Paragraph poor, which is bound to give the home team and then rock Okuma carefully assessed.

If the United States to the development of rock would be more inclined to join the Okuma team in the West Bank, it fits well with the Mariners right-hander's ideas, and if the rock Okuma America West insisted on hard work, I am afraid not many teams to choose, because the angels and Dodgers do not plan to bid, as to have sent scouts pay attention to the Yankees and Diamondbacks rock Okuma whether there will be follow-up action, then wait and see.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Another game, look at that Major League Baseball

Another game, look at that Major League Baseball, World Series third war. Texas Rangers, 4 to 2, beat San Francisco Giants, pulled one back.

Back to the Texas home, the momentum are not the same, the Rangers team in the full house of 52,000 fans a warm welcome, the grand debut, this is Rangers history, organized the first World Series at home, former President Bush Greece has every the Sheng Kung. Second Board, the Rangers have to point Cenci as the ninth meeting of the rookie rod Molander first baseman smacked two-thirds cannons.

Live together and follow the fireworks to celebrate the Rangers 3 points revenue, guns also opened Hu Hamilton contributed a solo shot in mind, coupled with a successful starting pitcher Luis giant fire suppression, pitched 7 and 2 / 3 innings only was knocked five hits, gave up two home runs lost 2 points, while sending 6 strikeouts, superb cast to play to help win the important games of Texas Army.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wang declared in 2010 the National Competition for reimbursement of the first quarter

Washington Nationals will be held Dec. 3 to make or not to leave before the "glory of Taiwan," Wang's decision to team player attitude and performance and behavior, the two sides a good chance of again later, the Yankees fans and media see this King seems to have different views on the U.S. site "WasWatching" Wang the ball from the analysis, the National if the contract renewal, it might be a waste of their money.

Wang declared in 2010 the National Competition for reimbursement of the first quarter of the expression of renewal of the idea of time, and that former Yankee pitcher's second war in guiding the performance league wonders, only 6 of 17 on the ball let the Atlanta Braves 6, the most fast ball speed to 89 miles. With the efforts of rehabilitation Wang, ball speed from 70 miles to the current rate of progress, more importantly, the shoulder pain does not appear, showing that his condition was satisfactory.

"WasWatching" of ITAR Juliano (Corey Italiano) Admittedly, when the Yankees decided to cut Wang, he felt very sad, because he also built one of Aberdeen's fans; However, after seeing his ball, ITAR Juliano felt completely wrong, the Yankees did with Kay Ashman quite the right decision, though, or can demonstrate Wang himself, but at this stage, the ball drop is an indisputable fact.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rangers pitcher Oliver (Darren Oliver) walked two to load the bases for the Yankees

Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees (Yankees) batters Gannon (Robinson Cano) and today's solo shot tied the game in the first base hit, helping the team all the way to strike back from 5 points behind, and finally to beat the Texas Rangers 6-5 (Rangers), won the first battle in the American League Championship victory.

Gannon 1 7 Board-run homer, in addition to the Yankees broken egg, they opened the Yankees 8 5 City Council under the offensive even.

Kit (Derek Jeter) 8 Board doubles to help on the basepaths Gude Na (Brett Gardner) ran back to home plate, the Yankees rolled to 2-5 a little weakness.

Rangers pitcher Oliver (Darren Oliver) walked two to load the bases for the Yankees, the change from the Europe Day (Darren O'Day) registration plate. Europe Day 1 of the ball to be A-Rod Luo Geli Rodriguez (Alex Rodriguez) H to left field, sending Kit and Shi Weise (Nick Swisher) back to home plate, the score to 4-5. Gannon hit the next play and Ti Musi (Marcus Thames) were fired with 1 RBI singles, helping the Yankees win 6-5 reversal.

Game 7 American League Championship 4 wins 2 of the system of war, 17 in open play here. Winners October 27, the National League champion team will compete for the World Series Cup.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Romantic Swordsman (Cliff Lee) really is the idiom

Romantic Swordsman (Cliff Lee) really is the idiom, the fifth light the face of war, to pay the 9 Board no Sisi Qiu, surged out of 11K, was knocked out six hits and only lost 1 point, successfully led the Rangers 5-1 victory over the light , the series of wars 3:2 light out, the Army Rangers for 50 years, finally won the first playoff series victory in war is the first time broke into the American League Championship.

Lee really is life-saving Ranger Dan, the first battle surged 7 Board 10K, does not cast any walks, but will their performance today up overweight, out in complete soared 9 Board 11K, or no walks, two games were a total of 16 Board knock out 11 hits, lost 2 points, soared out of 21K, powerful performance, the playoffs are still unbeaten.

The first postseason start, the Price (David Price), two games down, 12.2 was knocked 17 hits Bureau, lost 8 points, surged out of 14K, the performance of a worse than Lee, ace pitcher could not win, the light and therefore qualify for the American League Championship Broken Dreams.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Qualify for this year's first team after the league championship team

Qualify for this year's first team after the league championship team, the New York Yankees will get plenty of rest, to meet the next challenge, whether rival Texas Rangers, or the Tampa Bay Rays.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi has promised to let the team rest for 2 days. 13 will then start to practice, will be the American League Championship Series on June 16 start. Star third baseman Alex Rodriguez said: "I think we will always be better off after the performance. This is an important factor. Last year, for us to do so very effectively."

Today (11) beat Rangers again light, with each tie game to get 2 wins, must wait until the last 5 games after the Yankees to know which team will be the opponents, but the Yankees have said that both the on who will go all out.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Rangers in the first 3 innings on the first scored 1 point

End in the last (7) days of grams of light out of the playoffs the Rangers 9-game losing streak dilemma The campaign to take advantage of its success, not only the team swept the 9 security, more Gensler (Ian Kinsler) solo shot and Yang Yan (Michael Young) 3 points to take 6 hours Howard cheer bomb, also made light of the earlier wire Wilson (CJ Wilson) and rescue veteran Oliver (Darren Oliver) suppression, the audience only hit 2 hits, did not score miserable bleak Rangers 6 to 0 clinch.

Rangers in the first 3 innings on the first scored 1 point, 4 Board then hit a solo homer Tim Gensler 2 points, but the gap between these two points are not the biggest clouds obscured the light, but then This crucial first 5 games. Light starting Xue Fields (James Shields) 5 Board, 1 out left after the exit of 1,3 barrier ERA, but take over the Quinns (Chad Qualls) were only playing with 3 points Yonge gun demonstrations, Hopkins Le followed strike hits rush hours, the Rangers came to the widening gap between the 6 to 0 lead.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yankees grab full sprint in the partition must be the key moment was the leading run into a wall after another

When faced with nearly 10 combat evil empire lose Game 6 to the small low ball expert commentary to explore the Yankees not only whether there is weak, and even the coach Gilady (Joe Girardi) the ability of troops strategies and tactics are together under the guidance questioned. Like "New York Post" columnist Xue Germain (Joel Sherman) to say so, because Girardi does not correctly pass the message to the players before the Yankees the division title away from the more distant, even the wild card can pull alarm.

Yankees grab full sprint in the partition must be the key moment was the leading run into a wall after another, since September 13 has been on the road 3 war swept the Texas Rangers after the war only in the next series of the Baltimore Orioles in the battle to prevail when the record is the rest is down at Xiachu not draw, so that "New York Post," issued on Girardi leadership feelings of doubt, but also with "schizophrenia" to describe the operation led Girardi.

"New York Post," said Girardi's management style similar to schizophrenia, although he has pushed hard, but in the past few weeks, the performance of his team but it is an indisputable fact and that the main reason comes from "not able to Indeed transfer tactics, the team could not make good use of advantage ", otherwise the strength of the Yankees seems, should have to throw champion ribbon in the district.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hu Jinlong Today is the 2nd season starts

Dodgers 25, Taipei time Hu Jinlong war against rattlesnakes, starting the 2nd season, but unfortunately still did not crack down on performance, not the number of hits and 3 hit, 1 touch also suffered a body ball, g Xiao (Clayton Kershaw) starting Bureau of lost 1 point 8, 9 strikeouts soared out, the Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks 3 to 1, won the 13 grams of Xiao Sheng.

Hu Jinlong Today is the 2nd season starts, keep the guerrilla, beat the eighth bar, he first made last September 12 is the battle of the astronauts, 4 did not play a few hits, also struck out three times, and today against Hu Jinlong or did not show, the first 3 innings the ball was then knocked to kill Fang Xiangfei second base, hit a barrier of 5 Bureau of the direction of foul fly ball is then killed, 8 Board is the body touch the ball walk and hit 9 out of center field fly Bureau the ball was then killed, 3 did not play a few hits, batting average dropped to 2 percent 22.

This war, Xiao Ke Dodgers starting pitcher before the 8 Board brilliant performance, only to be shot two rattlesnakes hits, until the next Board was only 9 Yonge (Chris Young), Abreu (Tony Abreu) with two hits and struck exit 1 point loss by Jenson (Kenley Jansen) replaced netball, protect the back of a win results.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 Warriors with seven straight wins in Philadelphia today

3 Warriors with seven straight wins in Philadelphia today (21) for the National League East title skirmish, resulting in Cole Hamels difficult to play a strong cast, with the future Lord Jason Heyward outfield errors, losing the final 1 to 3.

Warriors in the opener of this series on the two sides met every September slay of Hamels, the first 3 starts, 20, another 1 / 3 innings and have only lost 1 minute 25K for Hamels, career September ERA 2.53, K / 9 value of 9.56 is the middle are the best.

Hamels pitched eight Board The campaign gave up six hits and only lost 1 point, and another 6 strikeouts; Warriors rookie Brandon Beachy's major league debut before panel hits 4 Board 3 lost 1 point is not bad, helpless 5 Council on Heyward's outfield errors to match changed.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki today (19) win their first month

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki today (19) win their first month, 13,14 H, Melvin Mora also blasted slam shot to help Los Angeles to 12 to 2 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. On behalf of the Clansmen and Villager running play in the 9 inning win their season 2 security.

Like yesterday, Tulowitzki Bureau blasted the first shot 2 minutes to help the Los Angeles lead. And the last difference is that the Rockies did not then lead to hand over the 3 inning two outs, Tulowitzki and win their doubles, and then escorted gain another victory in the Mora hits.

5 inning, Tulowitzki and then under the H-2 points, it was his 26th homer this season, but his 17 September games for the first 14 bombers. Then Todd Helton was walked four after bad, Mora, and Ryan Spilborghs hit consecutive Adds 1 point. 8 Board, the Los Angeles to four hits and scored the first 2 hours, the last Mora blasted slam gun, let Rocky get 12 to 0 lead.

The Dodgers game hits Rocky in fact only less than two, but although the first 8 Council on from Los Angeles starting pitcher Jhoulys Chacin hands and win nine security, but can not create scoring until the 9 Bureau, the only rely on Russ Mitchell's two break points duck gun, and closing Los Angeles on a 12 to 2 victory.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Westbrook 8 inning win their first six hits

MLB MLB St. Louis Cardinals (Cardinals) today pitcher Westbrook (Jake Westbrook), led to 4 to 0 shutout San Diego Padres (San Diego Padres).

Westbrook 8 inning win their first six hits, striking out 3, and the formation of 16 ground balls. This is the season for the Cardinals Westbrook won the first two victories, but also his own 8 games wins.

Cardinals 9th inning McKellen (Kyle McClellan) did not lose points.

Cardinals 6, Bureau of winning in 3 minutes, Pu Hesi (Albert Pujols) hit the doubles point, Molina (Yadier Molina) has fired a 2 point hit.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Santana in early September with the Atlanta Braves in the tournament

Strong deep sexual assault earlier investments Supremacy Santana (Johan Santana), early capsule rupture caused sudden left shoulder earlier this season for reimbursement, last weekend (Taiwan time) through the famous doctor Andrews (Dr. James Andrews) in the diagnosis, the New York City will be formally announced today, Santana will be repaired left shoulder injury to the operating room tomorrow. And Shanda Wang rehabilitation after spending time, almost certainly the opening of the direct impact of next year.

Santana in early September with the Atlanta Braves in the tournament, suddenly felt chest discomfort around, and then immediately change city coaches end, doctors initially diagnosed as chest muscle strain, but after the hospital's MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test is the left shoulder joint capsule after tear, and Monday (U.S. time) in the famous doctor diagnosed Andrews, to determine future knife. While lying on the operating table when Santana, may take a few months after the time of rehabilitation, or even directly affect the opening quarter of next year, is expected to be from May to June at least was able to return to the mound.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yesterday, the national team "officially" declared Wang quarter reimbursement

Yesterday, the national team "officially" declared Wang quarter reimbursement, and hope that next year and his contract.

Shoulders are not strong enough to give up late comeback

Nationals general manager Rui Zuo said that as Wang insufficient to restore shoulder strength had abandoned him in the big leagues late comeback, but he is prepared to guide the Union in the fall by the end of September a race, Rui Zuo said: "We're trying to Wang a few people vote in guiding the Union Council, to help his shoulders spread out. "

Jian Tsai knows will actively guide the Union to prepare

Jian Chai yesterday ending a holiday has returned to court to continue training overseas brokers yesterday quoted Zhang Jia Yuan Jian Tsai's response: "The idea has been to understand baseball, is now actively preparing for the end of the game."

Chia-yuan said the construction of Aberdeen's right shoulder surgery more complicated, although the process of rehabilitation experienced a small setback, but ball has returned to speak out 80 miles (130 km), that really improved a lot, people also believe that rehabilitation should be placed first One does not need to go to major league games with high intensity.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Washington Nationals rookie shortstop Danny Espinosa today

Washington Nationals rookie shortstop Danny Espinosa today (7) single-field belted two home runs, including his first career slam artillery support, to help people 13 to 3 victory over the visiting New York Mets, won three straight.

September expansion of the board of the Alliance before Espinosa, today the number 5 hit hit 4 hits, in addition to doubles but also belted two home runs, including six under the Bureau of the hands from too much light Igarashi knocked in his first Support slam gun, single-field scoring six runs.

Espinosa currently only 23 years old a race five games in 16 at bats in the hit nine hits, including six long-play, including three home runs. He said: "There is the beginning of this incredible."

Slam in the blasted bombs, Espinosa-Star catcher Ivan Rodriguez was launched rest area, to accept the audience's applause 20,224 spectators, including his parents and two sisters. Afterwards he said: "This is wonderful through. I can see my family in the stands, there are all the fans."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kuo Phillies fan yesterday lost 0.2 Board 1 minute

Kuo Phillies fan yesterday lost 0.2 Board 1 minute, this is the first time this year, Kuo was in the home capture fraction, the Dodgers also lose 1:5.

Phillies 9, Council on 1 out of captured second base, though it was in 1:3 behind, the Dodgers still only use Kuo fan, I hope this year's home was against less than 1 percent of Kuo to freeze more than a few, but Kuo a play on by Rollins hit a base hit with a RBI, while Rollins pass on second base, the first term that a sub-note pitcher body.

Originally played on the left is less than 1 percent of combat Kuo, followed by left-field hit of the Atlee rule-base hit play, Rawlins easily back to home plate, Kuo relay to open season at home for 21 games, 23.2 Board scoreless record interrupt, but fortunately the next bar fly ball Pulan Ke Ping Kuo received a positive forward and pass result back to base second base is less than the Atlee out.

Dodgers starting pitcher g Hsiao Biao Board voted 6 out of 11 strikeouts, 191 strikeouts this season than Philadelphia Halladay (190), became the National League 1, gave up five hits and lost 2 points of content not bad, but the Dodgers until the 7th Bureau, only from the Phillies starting pitcher Oswald shot the hands of No. 1 hits, Oswald exit, the Dodgers scored in the Bureau of only 8 points currently lagging behind in the NL West Padres 9 games behind National League wild card battle Phillies 7.5 games.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little League in Williamsport won third place in the world the Chinese baseball team

Little League in Williamsport won third place in the world the Chinese baseball team, today, accompanied by ROC representative office secretary Yong-Jian Liu, visiting Major League Baseball Washington Nationals stadium, by the national team showing the ROC national flag to greet the courtesy.

McCarthy, vice president of the National Team (Gregory McCarthy) come forward to host the Chinese team. To welcome the visit of Chinese teenager, national team in particular billboard on the big screen in the stadium, showing significant side showing the ROC flag, national flag and marked below the "Welcome and congratulations from friends in Taiwan" title.

McCarthy told the Chinese teenager who warmly welcomed the Chinese Taipei national team to visit for two reasons, first to congratulate the Chinese team's outstanding performance in Williamsport; second is to strengthen the friendship with Taiwan, Wang hopes to join the future with more people team.

Wang joined the national team as currently in Florida training and rehabilitation, can not personally host the Chinese team. But the national team to play on the big screen, especially in regards to the Chinese team Wang video.

Chinese National Team, giving each member a signed baseball with Wang as a souvenir. Chinese team returned with a rebate of the entire Chinese team signed baseball cap and jersey.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Youyi Chen Junxiu the Kingston Indians defeated Feideruike nine to five key

Minor league baseball, the Indians Chen Junxiu hit the 10th season a home run, while the activist Union of Pan Zhifang couple also had three hits and the Yankees with the Cubs Guo Fu Lin, Chen Jie each product two hits performance, while contribution to the Twin Cities of Lin Wang Wei with the RBI base hit.

Youyi Chen Junxiu the Kingston Indians defeated Feideruike nine to five key, Chen Junxiu of five two-out hit the left field under the third homer, a single field in four at bats a hit, the 1A in the high season batting average dropped to .304,24 RBI, five home runs, but on the base rate of more than 4 percent the second, long-play rates are close to five percent during the five-1A into 18.

Jiang Zhixian three at bats eat two strikeouts, snapping a six-game hits, .252 batting average retreated, not a right fielder with a long pass third base to help kill the record, Portland lost to seal a three to six New Hampshire Fish cat.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Albert Pujols 4 Bureau of the first appearance

13 Board, the rookie Ian Desmond to overcome the pressure, the first ball on the swing phase, and then sentenced four people waiting for half an hour of victory, 11 to 10 win over the Cardinals.

Albert Pujols 4 Bureau of the first appearance, did not hesitate know their spring gun, career 400-H was released 222 days of 30-year-old has become the youngest major league history 3 Jubang achieve this milestone, behind Alex Rodriguez (29 years of age another 316 days), Ken Griffey Jr. (30-year-old has 141 days), but the home party Desmond has been destroyed.

Several positions in the Cardinals bullpen, 13 7 The launch of any pitcher Blake Hawksworth fight, a registration plate touches the ball body mistakenly hit Nyjer Morgan, declared war situation gradually backward landlord, Alberto Gonzalez hit third base escort ran fast legs.

And the Kansas City Royals end 4-Lien Chan

And the Kansas City Royals end 4-Lien Chan, the New York Yankees today (27) to Cleveland to start another one 4 Lien Chan. Overall, it's only the Yankees beat lines knocked four hits, but four batters eventually came back scoring, with Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) first sent 7 game only lost two points, the performance of exciting and closing 3 to 2 win over Indy Native-Americans, won the first series win and the recent two game winning streak, top of the AL East leading position.

2 under the Indian Council Haffner (Travis Hafner) hit the solo shot, helping the team get points Cenci, 4 Bureau of Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu (Nick Swisher) would like to tell a hair spring shells, the two sides tied. 6 Board 2 outs, Choo hit the key two-base hits, leading the Indians to return again.

8 Council on the war situation to change, first name hitter Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) hit the base, the Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) wave a big stick, the little white ball carry out the right field home run wall, so that Wa Zikui hereby vote defeat into a victory from the pitching candidates. Finally, under 9 "patron saint" Rivera (Mariano Rivera) was knocked out a security while still successfully defend the team to help the victory.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Zhou Daoqi with the giants for the close show in between the pitcher

Zhou Daoqi with the giants for the close show in between the pitcher, Clayton Kershaw body suspected retaliatory touch the ball, five-match ban imposed Alliance, Dodge has also decided not to appeal, so Kershaw's start was delayed to the next week.

Coincidentally, the match Kershaw to face the giant.

21 games, Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum Cy Young on Matt Kemp's touch the ball on that Dodge itself very unhappy, after the two pitchers have to wait on close Ball batter until the Bureau of Kershaw 7 after hitting Aaron Rowand, the trial two words Kershaw said he would not ejected.

The results have to face the Kershaw Dodgers lose the punishment, but the Dodgers apparently has no intention to argue, decide to accept the suspension order.

Zhou Daoqi with the giants for the close show in between the pitcher

Zhou Daoqi with the giants for the close show in between the pitcher, Clayton Kershaw body suspected retaliatory touch the ball, five-match ban imposed Alliance, Dodge has also decided not to appeal, so Kershaw's start was delayed to the next week.

Coincidentally, the match Kershaw to face the giant.

21 games, Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum Cy Young on Matt Kemp's touch the ball on that Dodge itself very unhappy, after the two pitchers have to wait on close Ball batter until the Bureau of Kershaw 7 after hitting Aaron Rowand, the trial two words Kershaw said he would not ejected.

The results have to face the Kershaw Dodgers lose the punishment, but the Dodgers apparently has no intention to argue, decide to accept the suspension order.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cannone annual salary of the previous quarter to only 49 million

Cannone (Robinson Cano) superb offensive and defensive talent, the Yankees have pulled out more than twice the price tag of arbitration to retain the 25-year-old Rising Star!

Intent on working hard to stay in the Yankees second baseman Cannone, in the previous quarter, "star" of the offensive and defensive performance in exchange for their long finally some recognition, according to the Associated Press reported on the 25th, the Yankees signed a four-year plan and Cannone 3000 million U.S. dollars contract, worth nearly 10 billion NT dollars, the contract details to be released immediately after confirmation.

And Wang, "with the ladder" and Cannone, 2005, promoted to the big leagues rookie season on the play "potential shares" character, the rate of 2 percent against 97, 14 home runs and 62 RBI, won the American League rookie Wang, next year the rate had risen to 3 percent against 42, last season 19 home runs, 97 RBI double record a career high, in particular, to combat Hurricane Star break, the Yankees will move into the playoffs, Cannone deserve credit.

Cannone annual salary of the previous quarter to only 49 million, made after the end of the season of arbitration eligibility requirements had Cannone 4.55 million annual salary, but the Yankees only willing to give 3.2 million, 135 million sides of cognitive gap, running in the active agent Ballard under the deep pockets of the Yankees decided to drop a lot of money to keep people, Cannone expansion of 15 times the annual salary overnight, entry "million man."

Yankees decided to stay heavily Cannone, also brought the arbitration phase of Wang is still infinite, "hope" A quarter of the people on salary and not far from Cannone, brokers offer 4.6 million U.S. dollars, the Yankees cap is 400 million, with two quarter report card of 19 wins, there Cannone precedent "endorsement", are about to build a new class a lot more imagination.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wang U.S. work visa has been obtained in a recent number

Wang brokerage firm CSMG has called Wang, informed the decision requested salary arbitration, Wang heard the news, sentiment is very calm, like the issue to the brokerage firm hand in dealing with.

According to CSMG baseball in Taiwan and Asian marketing director Rie quoted rock element, said Wang heard the news and did not say anything, the mood was calm, with the brokerage firm's decision. February 14 is the day the Yankees Toubu report, but Chien-Ming Wang is scheduled for next week's first training in the United States to expand autonomy.

Wang new contract by the broker to negotiate with the Yankees, but the price tag is not resolved, the brokerage firm has conveyed to Wang that the results and decide tomorrow on the proposed salary arbitration. However, Rie rock element that in fact the two sides do not drop big idea, the current salary arbitration hearing date has not been determined.

Wang U.S. work visa has been obtained in a recent number, next week will fly to Arizona, training center to start self-training, it is understood, Wang returned to Taiwan, the training is not interrupted, he found one through the relationship secluded place, 4,5 hours every day practicing, Wang with 19 wins two years, seems a bit not luck.

Wang once again challenge this year a record 20 wins the year, if at that time to have good "paid love" use the service, this will be the year for him to display his glory.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Tigers have a list of 40 active and 15 from Central and South America

Ouduonizi (Magglio Ordonez) hope all brilliant baseball career last left the Tigers, today he announced the establishment of "Ouduonizi Family Scholarship" in the hope to help more people to stay in Detroit, far-reaching impact.

Venezuelan players Ouduonizi, shine his last year of three single-season batting average with 139 homers into 63,28 RBIs, won the American League batting title, he has 11 years of Major League qualification , the first 7 years of dedication to the Chicago White Sox, Tigers, after four years of stay in each of the performance is very stable against, especially in the last year climbed to the peak of life.

Ouduonizi today announced the establishment of a church, "Ouduonizi family scholarship," he offers two thousand five hundred U.S. dollars per year (about 81,171 NT dollars) for the southwest Detroit area high school students to apply, the provisions can apply for up to 4 years. Ouduonizi for this region, mainly due to the region, many Latin Americans, and covering nearby villages in Mexico.

The Tigers have a list of 40 active and 15 from Central and South America, star players, including Ouduonizi, catcher Rodríguez (Ivan Rodriguez), first baseman Gene (Carlos Guillen), second baseman Poland can be ( Placido Polanco) and others.

Ouduonizi that message, the scene attracted fans to a number of small, Ouduonizi amiable attitude, inviting children to his office asking questions, topics include Ouduonizi usual favorite food, this year's Tigers reinforcement situations, Europe and more Martinez Insider, that any refuse anyone.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Angels in the first round of the playoffs last year

According to the Los Angeles Daily News reported that the Anaheim Angels plan to take second baseman Patrick Hom (Howie Kendrick) and the pitcher Santana (Ervin Santana) to exchange the Chicago White Sox first baseman Koerner available (Paul Konerko), to snow the first round of the playoffs last year, the Boston Red Sox "tick skinhead" shame.

Angels in the first round of the playoffs last year, the Red Sox were swept in three straight sets, and 3 received a total of 4 games only, the weak against fire, so that this angel ready to make a determined effort to offset weak to fight lines to create a devil Angel Fire terror.

Angels Minnesota Twins this season has been dug up outfielder Hunter, according to the Los Angeles Daily News reported that the Angels eyeing the White Sox home runs in the last 4 quarters of strong support level of between 31-41 bar Ke Na can, can last Koerner rate of 2 percent against 59,31 homers, 90 RBI, so successful that he was actually the worst since the 4 quarter performance, the performance drop, but the opportunity for Angels and find the gems .

If the Angels can be a smooth transaction to Kona this year, again with Ge Leinuo (Vladimir Guerrero, last year's rate of 3 percent against 24,27 homers, 125 RBI), Hunter (Torii Hunter, last year's rate of 2 percent against 82,28 homers, 107 RBI), Anderson (Garret Anderson, last year's rate of 2 percent against 97,16 homers, 80 RBI) and Matthews (Torii Hunter, last year's rate of 2 percent against 52, 18 home runs, 72 RBI), the building of the line of fire will be very terrible, look at the American League team, enough to threaten the Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers and other strong teams.

According to the report that the White Sox are still considering the deal, the White Sox to the Angels rumors footed third baseman Figgins (Chone Figgins, batting 3 percent last year 30) will only be interested. If Koerner can join in the future will inevitably start the original Angels first baseman Keqi Man (Casey Kotchman, rate of 2 percent against 96,11 last year, home runs, 68 RBI) and substitute first baseman Moraris (Kendry Morales, 94,4 percent last year, batting two home runs, 15 RBI) caused crowd.

In particular, Keqi Man Angels first baseman and third baseman Figgins knocked last year, together, only 14 homers, 126 RBIs, compared to major league teams start a third baseman's average of 46 homers, 183 RBIs, a lot of firepower is much weaker, so do not rule out the Angels might have Keqi Man and Moraris deal with another team relief pitcher or infielder.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Royals consecutive seasons in the AL Central bottom of the rankings this year to escape the fate of long-worst team

Kansas City Royals official website officially announced that Taiwan-American pitcher Tsao Chin-hui signed a minor league contract and invited him to participate in major league spring training this year, the Royals do not look forward to this year's hui will no longer interfere with a shoulder injury, could become a major fighting force the Royal bullpen.

Royals consecutive seasons in the AL Central bottom of the rankings this year to escape the fate of long-worst team, only 3 years, 36 million U.S. dollars to get stronger to play the Seattle Mariners Gene (Jose Guillen), in order to get 8 million U.S. dollars for 2 years 36-year-old lefthander relay Tsushima (Ron Mahay), and Japanese Road sign 34 relay teams veteran pitcher Yabuda

Abiko, and hired former Nippon Ham team supervision Hillman (Trey Hillman) to exercise the easily intimidated, plus much-anticipated Tsao, see to rectify the combat capability for the Royal team's ambitions.

Royal official website describes in great detail on the Tsao, except that the record in the major leagues hui, also stressed that he had on April 18 last year to the Major League Dodgers, continuous backup of 10.2 innings without loss of points, only to be knocked 1 hits, 7 months after injury Unfortunately, decentralization of the minor leagues, they are not to return to the big leagues so Tsao's injury history has also been documented in great detail, that his shoulder injury, if no longer subject to the impact of the full cast completed in 2008 season, will be essential for the Royal bullpen key players.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees star catcher today and array agreement Posada

Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees star catcher today and array agreement Posada, Jorge Posada will be four years and 52.4 million U.S. dollars of the conditions to the effectiveness of the Yankees, the average annual salary of the catcher to create a new record high.

According to the report, catcher Jorge Posada of the most refreshing of the contract, an average of 13.1 million U.S. dollars in salary beyond the Reasons Piazza New York Mets and Detroit Tigers Rodriguez common to keep a record of 13 million U.S. dollars.

Posada, now 30-year-old, a race this year, 144 games, batting third as 38 and 171 hits were a career high, and another 20 home runs and nine RBI is contribution. He is the Yankees 1996, 98, 2099 and the year two thousand won one World Series championship hero.

Major League 10 year career, stayed in the Yankees Jorge Posada, a total of five All-Star Game selection, career regular season for playing 1432 games, has accumulated 218 home runs, catcher in team history behind the legendary Bang Bella's 306 players. Posada and another 861 RBI.

Jorge Posada Major League official website on, said: "I am a member of the Yankees, I am pleased to sign a good contract, and get the chance to stay in the Yankees."

Friday, August 6, 2010

U.S. Justice Department officials said today that Major League Baseball home run king Barry Bonds used steroids as alleged in the case of the investig

U.S. Justice Department officials said today that Major League Baseball home run king Barry Bonds used steroids as alleged in the case of the investigation, lying to investigators, U.S. federal grand jury on suspicion of two counts of perjury and obstruction of justice prosecution.

San Francisco, California Department of Justice said in a statement, Bonds before the grand jury for infamous Bay Area Laboratory (BALCO) investigation hearing the case, because the investigator was indicted for lying.

Aged 40-year-old San Francisco Giants star Barry Bonds hit strong, blasted on August 7 this year, the 756th career home runs, breaking the former record holder Hank Aaron's 700 years of hanging 30 55 old record to become the new Division Major League home run king; but because he was doping scandal, with its arrogant attitude, the public criticism, the historical record also undermined and ridiculed.

Now Bonds is because the Bay Area Laboratory to investigate the case of officers lying, will face four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice charges. This wide-ranging scandal involving several involved in the case of baseball, and track and field's top athletes, including sprinter Marion Jones United States and Canada, including track and field star Ban Johnson.

California Department of Justice said: "Bonds in his involving the use of anabolic steroids and other enhanced physical doping case investigation, the court did not tell the truth under oath. Bonds intentionally misleading, not strong evidence for the word."

The statement said that perjury may be sentenced to five years maximum, while the crime of obstruction of justice could be sentenced to ten years maximum.

2 "San Francisco Chronicle" reporter co-author of "Game ofShadows" a book alleging that Bonds back in 1998 began taking the drugs enhance the physical.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recent media reports the United States will replace Torre as the new head coach Dodge news

Voltage range Dodge Open, Lee asked (Grady Little), 31, tendered his resignation active, more certain Torre (Joe Torre) to the White Dodge news, not a "Blank."

Recent media reports the United States will replace Torre as the new head coach Dodge news, Lee asked more than a little pressure, but the deterioration is the fact the team record, the team and also cracks, forcing Lee had asked to " personal choice "as an excuse to arms removed, as how to take the next step? Lee asked I answered: "and grandson sharing their grandchildren now!"

According to anonymous sources, Torre and the Yankees have announced not to return to serve Mattingly (Don Mattingly), will be fought with Dodge, but the message is still not confirmed Kelei Ti Dodgers general manager, said: "At present still in negotiation stage, not sure the new head coach candidate. "

Although the Dodgers do not want to advance, "showdown", but the New York Post, has taken the lead with the Dodgers broke the news Torre has reached 14.5 million U.S. dollars for three years the contract agreement, for the news, Torre broker low-key comment .

67-year-old Torre, 26 years teaching experience, total number of 2067 wins games, ranks eighth in major league history, second only active coach to Cardinals coach La Lusha (Tony La Russa), Warriors coach Cox (Bobby Cox), ranks third.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kicked off the World Series opener on the 25th

Continuation of the ALCS fiery touch, the length of cannons made the Red Sox, Rockies playoffs seven straight abruptly shouted "card"!

Kicked off the World Series opener on the 25th, the Indians host the Red Sox, buttressed by the strong momentum reversed out in the "Euler connection" strong leadership, taking the audience 17 hits high 13 points, ace pitcher Becket (Josh Beckett) start Qiju only lost 1 minute, reported the regular season in the off season by Rocky 9 game winning streak of hatred and closing 13:1 victory over rival Red Sox, World Series Nance.

The playoffs as long as Becket a race, it means a victory for the Red Sox bought "insurance", this war has soared Beckham struck out nine times, playoff game so far out of 4 games, won four straight never missed, total investment of 30 Board only hit in the 19 hits, defense was only 1.20, Becket attributed to teammates to help: "When you have a very hungry to fight for victory even behind the lines, the vote was not all worried."

Recalling the historical record, in the past 10 years World Series game, grabbed victory in the first battle champion team up to 9 percent probability, only the 2002 Angels had "escaped" No wonder Rocky veteran Kheitan (Todd Helton) will say: "We are really lost the first battle of the injury, but Rocky will not easily be knocked down, the second war wait and see!"

Friday, July 30, 2010

Four World Series championship ring

Face of the wave of a punitive expedition, Torre (Joe Torre) decision not to accept pay cuts to stay conditions, unrestrained Yankees say goodbye to coach 12 years.

After many days of speculation, discussion, the Yankees and Torre's contract issue 19 was finally finalized, and the club owner (George Steinbrenner) deep about an hour later, the Yankees made Joe Torre decided not to accept the annual salary of 500 million dollars to stay condition, the team officially ended 12 years of relationships that also allow the Yankees to arms succession battle more intense.

Four World Series championship ring, 12 consecutive playoff appearance of the brilliant exploits, still face of the Yankees first round of the playoffs for three consecutive years beyond the fact that, to measure the pressure of public opinion and the team harmony, the Yankees decided to pay 2.5 million high-rise dollars for Torre to stay, but the potential Hall of Fame coach insisted, "persons can be killed, not be humiliated," the Yankees choose to Say Goodbye.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The campaign teams have to start rookie pitcher

Major League Baseball MLB Colorado Rockies in the National League Championship Series today, the fourth war, relying on four Board to take the next round of six lay onslaught Hao Sheng-based, end to six to beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, and swept a four-game winning streak , broke into the World Series for the first time in team history.

The campaign teams have to start rookie pitcher, Diamondbacks released Owens, Los Angeles to Molaruisi checks. 3 Bureau of the Diamondbacks took the lead, Owen, Sian marked the first batter pitcher base, two outs, Baines be sent, then knocked an RBI hit Jackson, Diamondbacks to a leading zero.

Three Council of Los Angeles without a point in the next four under attack fire lit, an out Houhuopusi, soil Luweisiji be sent, Tuoruiouba infield ground ball out, but the runners advancing two third base, then knocked Smith pinch hit two RBI doubles, Taforuisi by mistakes on the base, Kazuo Matsui added something RBI hits, followed by heavy artillery blasted Halladay three runs in the direction of center field home run , Los Angeles Council House to take a single win in six lay the foundation.

Although eight innings on rattlesnakes rely on Schneider's one-third of guns recovered fraction, but still unable to advance more than a few, watched Rocky joy to celebrate in their own stadium.

Monday, July 26, 2010

American League Championship Series two teams are similar

ALCS Red Sox, Indians 13, Taipei time the first battle will be held in Boston, both sides are array of ace fight, off the military discharged 19 wins in Shabaxiya Indians (CC Sabathia), against the American League Cy Young Award for the highest voice Becket Red Sox (Josh Beckett), "The Prestige" wonderful story which can be expected.

Indians, Red Sox two "source" deep, Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) and outfielder Kelisipu (Coco Crisp) is the starting point of his career Indians, Indians veteran Nixon (Trot Nixon) in the past 10 years when the Red Sox who, until this season before transferring to force the two sides coach Falankena (Terry Francona), Wadge (Eric Wedge) times the players are also effective in the rival camp However, many "coincidences" have let the American League Championship caused much sensation before.

American League Championship Series two teams are similar, according to leading sports site ESPN for 10 baseball experts forecast survey conducted, of which 6 were optimistic about 4:2 or 4:3 Red Sox can cut the remaining four people were optimistic about Indian people can move into the World Series.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Select and Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) duel

Select and Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) duel, really better? The hands of the bat with him today to tell you, it is best not to clash with him. Under the Los Angeles Angels 9 Select Board recently flashed against the fiery Ortiz (David Ortiz), did not expect the patron saint of Rodríguez (Francisco Rodriguez) was Manny Ramirez 9 Board under the gun attack goodbye 3, Boston Red Sox beat Angels 6-3, 2-0 in the series to obtain the advantage.

Today (6) are both starting pitcher out of position early on, Red Sox 1 Bureau to rely on hit and the Angels starting pitcher Yisikeba (Kelvim Escobar) 2 walks in extruded full base, this year played into poverty Zulu (JD Drew) fired a 2 RBI a timely base hits, the head start lead.

But turn to the next Red Sox pitcher loose half Board? Daisuke beaten. Test area first batter Man (Casey Kotchman) was recommended for admission, designated hitter Moroes (Kendry Morales) immediately added something base hits, catcher Maixi Si (Jeff Mathis) first hit the balls back to 1 minute, and then by Figgins (Chone Figgins) and Cabrera (Orlando Cabrera) in the two doubles a 3-2 lead.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cubs start to send Lee Lee to pitch

Major League Baseball MLB Team Arizona Diamondbacks, the third of today rely on Yonge Drew home run and two RBIs in the National League playoffs with eight to four first-round victory over the Chicago Cubs, won two straight edge card to listen to just scored again be able to win a National League Championship Series.

Cubs start to send Lee Lee to pitch, but he played only three and one-third of Councils will be crazy lost in six bear lost investment. He reached the contrary, the European contribution to the Diamondbacks two key hits, plus pitcher Davis lost only five and two-thirds Council vote in the performance of a quarter of the victory, the Cubs out of the edge of the horns.

Season to 32 H, Yang En-leading Diamondbacks team, the second game aimed at Li Li's high fastball, get the ball to left field home run wall, helping the team to three to two in advance, Li Li angry and threw the glove to the ground.

Cubs manager Lee Lee decided to continue to stay in the field, but it seems Li Li lost the confidence of all, let Diamondbacks Drew hit a base hit, and then letting Bo Enzi win their third base hits, and then lost a point.

Li Li lost the fourth game and then two points, Bear decided to change my vote, it was too late.

The third fight on the 6th key will move to the Cubs at home.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Later in the National League West champion Arizona Diamondbacks

Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs this war, which first staged the Colorado Rockies National League voted strongly Francis and Philadelphia Phillies lefthander Hammels duel play yard, great luck lately Rocky extension, relying on the second game win consecutive hits and scored one-third of laid-based, four more than second grab first playoff win.

Later in the National League West champion Arizona Diamondbacks, will be at home against Central champion Chicago Cubs, the two five three victories to kick off the first round of the playoffs.

Over the past 16 games, lost only one game the Rockies today in the second game with three hits, three walks and a sacrifice revenue Chi was the first third point; Philadelphia, though in the fifth by Lao Ende and Bo Ruier two consecutive home runs to recover as three to two, but the Rockies Heli De eighth inning and a solo home run longer than a few opened, Los Angeles on the second of four straight lead than to whistle.

Two on the 4th will continue to be the second match.

Monday, July 19, 2010

American League playoff competition pairing released

Champion Red Sox and Yankees battle in Taipei time winning 29 races out of ash, the last high score to 5-2 win over Twins Red Sox, re-board after nearly 12 years of the AL East Throne, record 95 wins and 65 lost, and the Indians tied the American League lead.

American League playoff competition pairing released, other than the card Yankees eligible for promotion, the first round will be played the Cleveland Indians, Red Sox will be played in the Los Angeles Angels.

Japanese pitcher loose "soil anti-" Daisuke, pre-cast 8 Board, 8 strikeouts, 2 walks, gave up six hits, lost 2 minutes of high-quality performance, winning pitcher, and this is his August 4 since 2 wins, season record of 15 wins and 12 losses, during his eight starts, 1 win 4 losses, up 7.09 ERA pitcher to win this victory, he knows the significance of the first season he won the 200 strikeouts, but also became the first since 1954, more than 200 pitches Red Sox rookie pitcher Board.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Yankees of the other characters

24, Taipei time, the rescue rookie Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain), 22-year-old birthday, breaking the so-called "Chamberlain Rules", 54,983 spectators in the audience, "We want to Joba (Chamberlain)!" A round of applause, the play Rescue 1.1 Board Submit three strikeouts, encouraging the audience mood, also helped hold the team victory.

The Yankees of the other characters, it is Mike Mussina Mussina (Mike Mussina), he pitched seven Bureau of only 3 minutes away, send five strikeouts, smooth scored 250 career wins, helping the Yankees to 7-5 win Blue Jays and won 2 straight.

Yankees manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) said that this will not allow Chamberlain play, according to the so-called "Chamberlain Rules", which is a closed one day cast, cast off 2 Council two days, not a race for two consecutive days . But the Blue Jays scored in the 8th Council 2 minutes, another 2 times of crisis in the barrier, all the audience shouted: "We want Joba (Chamberlain)!" Break the internal rules.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

History of the mound only to board the first one that was first beaten with clubs by Council Torres

"A Short History of Genius," Strasbourg (Stephen Strasburg) to regain the victory, relying on Dunn (Adam Dunn) played Pom, scored the first victory in nearly a month, the Washington Nationals (Nationals) to 8-1 win over the San Francisco Giants (Giants).

History of 9-4 victory over the Cleveland Indians from the (Indians), the swallow and 2 losses, 3 times unrelated to the outcome, record 3 wins and 2 losses, won since June 13 1st win since.

History of the mound only to board the first one that was first beaten with clubs by Council Torres (Andres Torres) open runs, a loss of 1 minute, then let opponents hit only two hits, walked one who pitched six Board Submit 8 strikeouts.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Curtis Granderson homered in 10 inning solo shot

Curtis Granderson homered in 10 inning solo shot, with Mariano Rivera 2 Board Shuaidui power grab wins vote, and closing the Yankees to 6 to 5 on gas to go rattlesnake, in the series with 2 wins and 1 defeat to win.

Series before the two battle each took a win Yankees and Diamondbacks, do not want to lose the last 3 of the war, and both sides have to battle was to be extended until the 10th Council winner. Arizona Council on the introduction of the 10 registration plate Carlos Rosa, did not expect the right-hander to face the first beaten with clubs by the Board Granderson, was knocked solo shot to right field, making the Yankees were 1 point ahead.

Rivera 9 Board had registered under the board, since the Board on the team scored 10 points ahead, the masters of course continue to play Terminator win results hold, but Rivera on the 10 Council following an unprecedented crisis, Stephen Drew and Justin Upton each win their first base and second base hits, with Miguel Montero was intentionally walked four balls, so that no one out rattlesnakes in the case of the captured bases loaded.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Major League Baseball MLB Colorado Rockies (Rockies) played the Boston Red Sox

Today, Major League Baseball MLB Colorado Rockies (Rockies) played the Boston Red Sox (Red Sox). Rocky 2 to 1 fight off Red Sox, so the Red Sox missed the 7 game winning streak.

Rocky Venezuelan rookie starting pitcher Chashchin (Jhoulys Chacin), today pitched 6 2 / 3 scoreless Board. Relief pitcher Bi Mier (JoeBeimel) 7 Board then play, facing two out bases-loaded test, but fortunately successful bid farewell to Red Sox slugger Ao Dizi (David Ortiz).

Red Sox batter Cameron (Mike Cameron) hit a 9 Board with an RBI base hit one, but the Los Angeles pitcher Bel Air (MattBelisle) stabilize the situation, for a successful Red Sox batters out after two, Boston lost the first week to swallow.

Lester Red Sox starting pitcher (Jon Lester) 6 bureau sent six strikeouts and only lost one point, they swallow the April 18 first defeat since.

Lester was Rocky 5 Board of Haner Dun (Todd Helton) and win one with an RBI base hit. Rival Shipierbo (Ryan Spilborghs) 8 Board also hit for the Los Angeles one RBI in the first base hit.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Has participated in the All-Star Game this year

Shang Banji Insight into good performance, that performance can be sure that selected for July 13 at the 2A Southern League All-Star Game. Have participated in this year's Guosheng An and Chen Junxiu-Star Game today (30) also had good results.

5 months later, Herman 8 starts, 51.2 bureaux, cast 11, 38 strikeouts four bad, 1.97 earned run average performance, which also has won 5 consecutive games start winning. Not only to help the team win the Shang Banji North champion, because of their excellent performance All-Star.

Has participated in the All-Star Game this year, including a Guosheng An and Chen Junxiu, Guosheng An-Star Game despite the poor performance for some time, but the Star break, have won a race 2 rescue success, including back-up a Council today voted out a strikeout , was playing a hit scoreless performance, won the season 8th save.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Effect on the Red Sox 2A, Jiang Zhixian war had 5 consecutive hits

Effect on the Red Sox 2A, Jiang Zhixian war had 5 consecutive hits, today (28) also hit 5 home runs this season; Winnie the new Union, Chen Ping Jie, two consecutive days have knocked two hits. Pitcher is the best performing sub-Kai Chiu, relay 2 has 2 / 3 innings scoreless first win off the season.

Jiang Zhixian the Portland Sea Dogs (Red Sox 2A) of the New Britain Rock Cats (Twins 2A) of the game as the starting right fielder seven bars, first in the 4 inning home run blasted spring, again in eight inning with two runner in the overall participation of the 6 points to help the team to win 9 to 5. War there for 5 consecutive hits, and the recent four hits were a long fight, Jiang Zhixian hit rate rose to 2 percent 20.

Jiang Zhixian teammate Lin Zhexuan, The campaign served as a pioneer in bar, 4 hit number 1 hits, 1 point, to combat the current rate of 61 to 2 percent.

Although the new Grand Union AZL Cubs only six hits, but the offensive focus in the 8 Board, under the hands of breath from the AZL Athletics scored four points, breaking the tie between the two sides 1 to 1 deadlock, the final victory of 5 to 1 .

Thursday, July 1, 2010

According to reports the New York Yankees official website

According to reports the New York Yankees official website, due to personal factors to the team from early June to take leave of pitching coach Dave Eiland, upcoming Wednesday (30) home game the team back on the pitching staff is a good morale boost news, especially in a serious downturn in AJ Burnett.

Head coach Joe Girardi today (28), said he expected Eiland would Wednesday against the Seattle Mariners home opener 3 Lien Chan returned to lounge in, that will he left the team on June 5 after the first game. "During this time, some things must be done," Girardi said, "Dave went through some personal business, he was ready to come back."

Girardi did not mention the reasons for leave of absence Eiland, but that Eiland left the team again this year will not, despite the absence of a period of time Eiland, but Girardi that he can keep up with the status of the team.

Eiland return to the Yankees after a pressing task, which is buttoned in June off the hook for Burnett. Although the responsibility Burnett impressive comeback, but he also acknowledged the help of less Eiland is a reason. Burnett threw in the June Major League career, the worst single-month results, 0 wins 5 lost, earned run average of 11.35 is scary.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today, the Washington Nationals (26) to Baltimore both sides to send their young starting pitcher

Today, the Washington Nationals (26) to Baltimore both sides to send their young starting pitcher, the National by the two graders Martin (JD Martin) start, the Orioles were offered more food for Eruiyeta (Jake Arrieta ), but both voted under 5 Bureau exit, passing the final Orioles rely on each other's mistakes, a 7 to 6 victory over, grabbed the 3 in 1 Lien Sheng.

1 of the National Council on the first point of Chi was, more so after 4 Board opened the score to 6 to 0, appears to have a chance to win the race was a change in the second half. Orioles 5 Board relied on a sacrifice fly and the other error recovery 3, 8 Board Kelipade (Tyler Clippard) was first Moore (Scott Moore) H-2 sub-guns, then Patterson (Corey Patterson) and then up on the hits to help the team series at 6 to 6 tie.

9 on the national do not score, giving the home team hope the end game. After the Orioles an out on first base by walks, then Moore hit the hits, share of 1,2 base runners, when people put on Terminator Qaboos (Matt Capps), while the batter Luge (Julio Lugo) hit the infield grounder, people have the opportunity to create a double play to end this half, but was two baseman Guzman (Cristian Guzman) Passing place, so the Orioles back to winning points, 1 point gas to go national.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Although the Dodgers have emerged today, base running

Although the Dodgers have emerged today, base running, but still rely on the fourth game storm 5 to 10:6 Lectra Angels, from the fate of this season is 6-game sweep. Kuo is the "advance work" in Qiju exit after solving two batters, threw a total of 1 1 strikeouts and four walks bad. mlb jerseys

Dodgers game at 1 minute behind, the fourth game by 1 touch body balls, 1 four-balls and four hits, one breath scored 5 points, will reverse the situation. Yesterday, base running error by Dodgers lose, this Board Kelo (Jamey Carroll) has also been contacting the third base before, but fortunately did not cause much impact.

Four teams, each of five scoring revenue, Qiju Dodgers scored two points, the ratio of the number opened as 8:4. Dodge order to turn around, Qi Ju Kuo took the next pushed out the front, Kuo struck out before Abreu (Bobby Abreu), then to the Hunter (Torii Hunter) to cast four bad, Hideki Matsui hit 2 next roll in the direction of a strong base, the Dodgers shut runner Hunter, the successful conclusion of Angels Qiju offensive.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Seattle Mariners starting pitcher with Hernandez (Felix Hernandez) reached a one-year contract

Seattle Mariners starting pitcher with Hernandez (Felix Hernandez) reached a one-year contract and the contract was not disclosed the content, but the Mariners hope to be able to talk about long-term contract with Hernandez.

Hernandez, now 21, starting 30 games last season, record 13 wins 7 defeat, ERA 3.92.

Hernandez broker said: "We focus on the 2008 contract, but the Mariners want to talk about long-term contracts, we are willing to listen to how they say, may reach an agreement."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Played for the Seattle Mariners professional baseball players in China

Played for the Seattle Mariners professional baseball players in China Chen Yong-based living in America today, the Mariners played in the Colorado Rockies spring training exhibition game as second baseman playing again, against aspects, Chen Yong-based first at bats, no hits and no RBI did not run back to home plate score, get a second four-balls and walks order to combat the current rate of 2 percent in spring. Defensively, Chen Yong-based cooperation with teammates to complete a double play garrison.

Mariners hit the whole game four hits, but rely on first baseman Saxony (Richie Sexson) spring home runs and scored the only 1 minute. Rockies hit a total of seven hits, including third baseman Stewart (Ian Stewart) 2-run homer, and closing the Rockies 4 to 1 win over the Mariners.

Mariners star outfielder Ichiro Suzuki spring training exhibition game played 21 times since the number of hits has not been hit.

Monday, June 21, 2010

China baseball game yesterday afternoon in Beijing Wukesong Baseball Field flames of war

China baseball game yesterday afternoon in Beijing Wukesong Baseball Field flames of war, the first Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres and tied 3:3 tie, the same afternoon, the time and place to conduct the second war. mlb jerseys

Dodge array Kuo and Clansmen and Villager has two players from Taiwan in China, there is no language barrier, the pellets are also special arrangements for them to attend the press conference, and in the first game, Clansmen and Villager as the starting shortstop , Kuo as a reliever, Clansmen and Villager for the first time playing against, you also get the special high-site fans cheering.

After the football match, fans from Taiwan, the bus next to the screaming in the Dodge Kuo and the Clansmen and Villager's name, Kuo 2 Board voted no mistake, while the Clansmen and Villager is four at bats 0 hits, but missed several goals, General manager Joe Torre let (Joe Torre) looking scared.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Chicago Cubs pitcher Wood (Kerry Wood) is the most likely candidates

Chicago Cubs pitcher Wood (Kerry Wood) is the most likely candidates to take over the Terminator, played the original game today, but because of lower back discomfort suspended until the end of the week that he probably could not play.

Wood is currently and Holcim (Bob Howry) and Ma Moer (Carlos Marmol) competitive position of Terminator, the original plan to vote today and tomorrow are the 1 Board, but now have changed, and Cubs have not announced who will temporarily replace the location of Wood .

Coach Pinilla (Lou Piniella) said that the situation is a little injury was sustained, but not serious, this is just the little things, his annual spring training will be encountered.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chicago Cubs coach Pinilla (Lou Piniella) said Wood (Kerry Wood) will serve as the Cubs 2008 season Terminator

Chicago Cubs coach Pinilla (Lou Piniella) said Wood (Kerry Wood) will serve as the Cubs 2008 season Terminator, another Danpusite (Ryan Dempster) and Macedonia, Slovenia (Jason Marquis) will serve as the starting pitcher, Li Bo (Jon Leiber) will serve as relay rescue. cheap mlb jerseys

Originally as a starting pitcher and in 1999 and 2005 respectively, elbow and shoulder surgery undergone Wood said: "I am grateful once again given the opportunity to attend a baseball game I love, I'll take the chance, I did not think the task will become as the Terminator True, I am excited to get this job I am very excited, and I look forward to a good season. " Wood, now 10, in the spring warm-up match Rescue Board, did not send any batter, the ball is always in the 98 miles up and down.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Participants have hit 755 home runs before the home run king Aaron

Yesterday, in Memphis, Tennessee, "National Human Rights Museum" (National Civil Rights Museum), has a wonderful "dog and human rights" of the forum.

Participants have hit 755 home runs before the home run king Aaron (Henry Aaron, but he was playing baseball when the name is Hank Aaron), Williams, White Sox general manager (Ken Williams), Metropolitan General Manager Mina Asia (Omar Minaya), Martin Luther 3 World (Martin Luther King III), civil rights champion couple Maier Kan X (Malcolm X) and (Betty Shabazz) daughter of Shabazz (Ambassador Shabazz), and the first Major League black baseball player Jackie Robinson (Jackie Robinson) daughter (Sharon Robinson).

Friday, June 11, 2010

Washington Nationals home opener yesterday

National League East last season, the penultimate of the Washington Nationals home opener yesterday, opening the new stadium beat the Atlanta Braves, played today came to Philadelphia Phillies to start game three with the first war.

Two in the eighth inning tied 6 to 6, nine innings, the Nationals displayed strong against fire, first baseman Johnson (Nick Johnson), catcher Lo Duca (Paul Lo Duca), second baseman Beria Germany (Ronnie Belliard), and pinch Young (Dmitri Young) were hit base hit, the National Team, winning in 5 minutes, and closing with 11 to beat the Philadelphia Phillies 6, so that Phillies opening game defeat to swallow the war, which is also the national team since 2003, also known as the Montreal Expos was the first time since the start of the season were two game winning streak.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wang demonstrated this once again the momentum ace pitcher

Wang demonstrated this once again the momentum ace pitcher, at home against the Tampa Bay Rays, he voted four Board no-hitter, and soared out of 6 strikeouts, complete blockade of living light of the attacks, together with Hideki Matsui's home run and closing the Yankees to 2-0 win on the suspend the two-game losing streak.

Wang ball game although the higher the number, starting with 96 6 Board on the ball, but a little light on the way he is not, in his five-Ju Shangban hit in the Aiba (Willy Aybar) first hits before the construction of light can only rely on balls, Aberdeen, 2 walks, on base, he resolved once 11 consecutive light batter, beginning seven Jushang Ban was floating Lloyd (Cliff Floyd) and JI (Eric Hinske) and win two points for a safety and scoring, third base, the Yankees immediately put Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) rescue, he was very fast heat, can push out 101 miles of the fireball, with only three balls to strike out the Aiba, then a double play to play quickly in resolving the crisis, Wang did not lose points safe dismount.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Seattle Mariners today at home against the Los Angeles Angels

Seattle Mariners today at home against the Los Angeles Angels, which is two competitors in the same district for the first time this season three, Lien Chan, the first sailor to send Hernandez (Felix Hernandez) on the angel of the Victoria River (Jered Weaver ).

Top 5 Board the performance of two evenly matched, cheap mlb jerseys sailor outfielder Yibananzi (Raul Ibanez) a Bureau of the first half of the Buddha from the hands of Victoria knocked spring home run, Hernandez was immediately in three Jushang Ban Mai Sesi (Jeff Mathis) retaliate situation got tied spring shells, but Yibananzi next four second half hit the single-field solo shot made, leading to the sailor again.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park three Lien Chan of the second field

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park three Lien Chan of the second field, Red Sox slugger rely Luomanruizi (Manny Ramirez) 3 RBI single market, and Terminator Papelbon (Jonathan Papelbon) strong relief, he just after a heavy rain dampen the Yankees offensive arrogance, and closing with a 4:3 win over the Red Sox on Retrieving a MLB jerseys

Yankees starting pitcher in this game muszyna (Mike Mussina) in the second half of the first four Board was Luomanruizi inning solo homer, his career against the Yankees 53 home runs, as No. 3 in the Yankees history of headache opponents. Then half of the sixth inning and then knocked a Luomanruizi with 2 RBI's base hit, not only ahead of more than a few, but also to Mike Mussina to beat off the stage, took over the buni (Brian Bruney) then hit in the 1 RBI hits, which share in the Mugina the head, he pitched 5.2 inning today, playing eight hits and lost 4 points.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Detroit Tigers recent fortunes really hit bottom today in Chicago not only against the blockade

Detroit Tigers recent fortunes really hit bottom today in Chicago not only against the blockade, the pitcher also blasted two rounds of slam home run, and closing slot to 0:11 on two consecutive shutout was the White Sox .

Tiger is a veteran starting pitcher Rogers (Kenny Rogers), today's headache was the most for his White Sox first baseman Kangnuoerke (Paul Konerko), starting with Rogers in the hands of a Ju Shangban he knocked a RBI Chi was a base hit the first point, three bureau also blasted a fat, half slam home run, to get the White Sox leading 5-0, which is being knocked logistic career grand slam made the first 10, and Ryan (Nolan Ryan) and Jackson (Mike Jackson) tied for first in major league history.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wang season's first four starts

Wang season's first four starts, and Taipei on Thursday 7:05, the New York Yankees Boston Red Sox home game against old enemies, last Saturday at Fenway Park Wang threw a career best on the Red Sox of a game, complete cast nine innings only beaten two hits lost 1 point, the Yankees won 4-1 and closing on the first three wins, Lien Chan.

Wang now record 3 wins 0 lose, ERA 1.23, on a pair of Red Sox with his good sinker, slider and four sutures with straight balls to beat the Red Sox's line of eating turtle, the first four Board perform no-hitter until the five Jushang Ban Cai Bei Drew (JD Drew) and win their first hits, is the spring home run, losing only 1 point, Red Sox second hits in nine innings on After two and a half out from Crisp (Coco Crisp) the formation of the infield bunt bunt hits, building to vote Aberdeen complete nine innings with only 93 balls, very efficient.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Phillies game play violent attacks on fire

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Houston Astros, the third war in three series, the first two both 1 to 1.

Phillies game play violent attacks on fire, MLB jerseys hit a total of 16 hits including four home runs, second baseman Wu Teli (Chase Utley) 5 2 hits including a few dozen made two-run homer, a base star Hand Howard (Ryan Howard) 4 play a few home runs 2 hits 1 2 RBI hair spring, left fielder Brill (Pat Burrell) 4 2 hits and 1 hit a few home runs 2 RBI, catcher Ke Sidi (Chris Coste) 5 Number 4 hits and 1 hit 2-run homer made 3 points.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Padres 3 at home and Lien Chan's final battle

Extraordinary coincidence, Arizona, Padres 3 at home and Lien Chan's final battle, both sides have called the start of the name "Randy" and are left pitcher, Padres is Randy. Whorf (Randy Wolf), rattlesnake while it was the strange giant Randy. Johnson (Randy Johnson). Coincidentally, the two are called Randy's pitching, in fact, the name of the passport is not called Randy, and are called Randall, but two people want other people to call him Randy.

Randy on the Randy, the result is cast 5.2 Bureau, was hit six hits, fell 6 points, 4 of which are Randy ERA. Johnson, lost to cast a 6.1 Bureau, was hit six hits, lost 4 Randy ERA. Whorf. Diamondbacks rescue team worse, so lost in these last 3 Lien Series A, however, Diamondbacks 2 wins and 1 loss team to win.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Toronto Blue Jays star outfielder Liou Si array (Alex Rios) and the star third baseman

Toronto Blue Jays star outfielder Liou Si array (Alex Rios) and the star third baseman Roland (Scott Rolen) today provided the necessary fight against fire, combined with starting pitcher Lisi Qi (Jesse Listch) the effective suppression and closing Take the 5-2 away win over Kansas City Royals in the suspension of a 6 game losing streak, but also to avoid being swept out.

View Road, Blue Jays 1 Jushang Ban cheap MLB jerseys Pioneer Liou Si starting pitcher from Royal Jimmy Xu (Gil Meche) knocked the hands of third base hits, and then rely on wild pitch back to home plate before the next city, and in one out later, Roland immediately blasted the third rod spring home run additional 1 minute, this is the first 1 H Roland season.

Friday, May 21, 2010

So after the first 8 Council, will host Cardinals 3-1 Cubs win

So after the first 8 Council, will host Cardinals 3-1 Cubs win, the 9, the Cubs left fielder Shaliyanuo (Alfonso Soriano) king facing Cardinals Terminator Iselin Hauser ( Jason Isringhausen) play situation got two-run homer to chase into a 3:3 ratio of the number of tie. 9, the Cardinals did not score a playoff game.

11, the Cardinals pinch of Miles (Aaron Miles) hit a base hit first, and then took advantage of Cubs pitcher Fox (Chad Fox) in the wild pitch on a 2-base, sacrifice bunt to the next bar to Miles sent 3 base. Then Cardinals left fielder Schumacher (Skip Schumaker) beat No. 1 ball, the ball landed right field home run wall, is a 2 RBI home run of the bye, the Cardinals team 5:3 gas go Cubs.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Milwaukee Brewers played the Florida Marlins to three with the first game

Milwaukee Brewers played the Florida Marlins to three with the first game.

Marlins starting pitcher Olson (Scott Olson) pitched 8.2 inning hit two hits and striking out 8, walked four bad 4 pitcher to win, 4 wins and 1 loss record MLB jerseys , relief pitcher Gregg (Kevin Gregg) s successfully resolve a hitter nine innings, won 6 games this season successful rescue, and they work shutout Brewers.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pirates team with the Warriors in their own stadium Lien Series 1 of 4 battle

Pirates team with the Warriors in their own stadium Lien Series 1 of 4 battle, the Warriors to veteran left-hander Tom Glavine (Tom Glavine, 0 wins and 1 loss) for the start, Pirates team returned to Shinai Er (Ian Snell, 2 wins and 2 losses) for the start. The two pitchers have a "good start" and it is cast by 7.0 Bureau, but the outcome of all and nothing to do with piracy team two baseman Sang Chevalier (Freddy Sanchez) 9 bye next shot hits and 3 pirates team was able to : 2 win over the Warriors. MLB jerseys

Sang Chevalier addition to the 1 in 9 under the RBI base hit is a success, the next time he was 7, also has a two-base hit, this two-base hit scored two points for the pirates, a total of mulberry Chevalier time in the Warriors , shot 2 hits, 3 RBI, Pirates 3 is derived from the contribution of mulberry Chevalier, the Warriors lost to San Chevalier complete one.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Astros are busy momentum worldwide as before 3 straight win and the Giants came

Astros are busy momentum worldwide as before 3 straight win and the Giants came to San Francisco for 4 Lien Chan's No. 1 war, has just elected "the best player every week," the one baseman Berkman (Lance Berkman ), 2 I have to play the inaugural performance of a base hit, but not enough shows that he really is the best player in the game he had 3 hits, 2 RBI, 2 points, is the Astros to 7 : 3 win over the Giants against the landlord hero.

Astros get this victory, the cumulative winning streak to four games.

Tragic, Giants pitcher Chito (Barry Zito), today's good to not work the first 5 Board, so all the odd astronaut team to retreat, before the Giants team in the 5 Council scored 3 points, Chito is likely to be the season 1 win. But then to 6, the astronauts on the Chito stormed like crazy, Berkman heavier blow, hit the two sub-shells, so after 6, the astronauts to chase into a 3:3 ratio of the number of tie.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Warriors starting pitcher Chu true (Jair Jurrjens) in the second half of encounter turbulence Council

Atlanta Braves vs. Oakland Athletics today at home, relying on center fielder Coser (Mark Kotsay) in eight innings in the second half of an RBI base hit scored winning points, and closing the gas to go 3-2 one minute activist , Lien Chan won the first three wins.

Warriors starting pitcher Chu true (Jair Jurrjens) in the second half of encounter turbulence Council, MLB jerseys although the first stop at home plate to score a sportsman, but then their first base transmission errors, lost No. 1 minute, 2 outs it was Crosby (Bobby Crosby) hit an RBI base hit one, so the Warriors 0:2 into a bitter struggle, but of Chu really pitched eight Board today was to play five hits, only the two points of non-ERA.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Padres lefthander Ladizima (Wil Ledezma) threw only 78 balls with three Board

San Diego Padres vs. Cincinnati Reds, four series, the third war, the first two sides each win one.

Padres lefthander Ladizima (Wil Ledezma) threw only 78 balls with three Board, was hit five hits and lost 5 hours to swallow the failure to vote, record 0 wins and 2 losses.

Reds starting pitcher Aiello excellent (Bronson Arroyo) pitched 6.1 Bureau, was hit seven hits and lost 2 points, struck out nine batters, pitcher to win, lose record 3 wins 4.

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Seattle Mariners poor recent record at home

Seattle Mariners poor recent record at home, against the Boston Red Sox the first three series.

Fourth inning, Red Sox designated hitter Ortiz (David Ortiz) belted spring home run, the first 12 rounds this season.

The sixth inning, the Mariners one out of two, with runners on third base, left fielder Yibananzi (Raul Ibanez) roll to hit with an RBI sacrifice, more than a few sailors team tied.

Eight innings, the Red Sox two outs with runners on second base, second baseman sent Asian Capital (Dustin Pedroia) hitting with an RBI regulations of the venue doubles, Ortiz was intentionally walked four bad, left fielder Luomanruizi (Manny Ramirez) for a base hit with an RBI, third baseman lol (Mike Lowell) also hit a base hit with an RBI, right fielder Drew (JDDrew) after a base hit Red socks team formed bases loaded, catcher Weiruitike (Jason Varitek) was walked four bad, Red Sox 1 minute and then squeeze back, this semi-Council scored 4 points.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2008 MLB 79th-Star Game will be July 15 at home in the New York Yankees

2008 MLB 79th-Star Game will be July 15 at home in the New York Yankees, which is more than 80 years with a long history of Yankee Stadium's final year, because next year the Yankees will play moved to the present a new stadium near the Yankee Stadium game.

MLB All-Star Game began in 1933, due to playing time is always selected in July, it is time now so the summer and half of the season, so Star Game also known as summer in the classic.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

In the July 5 game play against Tiger

In the July 5 game play against Tiger, the success of Ichiro Suzuki stolen bases, his 34th this season stolen bases, making him the sailor is expected to break the single-season stolen bases record. But, he only tried once stolen bases. Thus, in 1987 Harold Reynolds hit a record 60 stolen bases, it seems difficult to be broken. Ichiro's stolen bases this season is not over for him, his successful stolen bases in 2001, there are 56 times. Now, he is not trying to steal. "This is because the other pitchers on his guard against more closely." Mariners interim manager Rui Geman said. Rui Geman has been with the stopwatch, measure the other pitcher to contain a base of the movement time. "In the past, they contain is 1.27-1.32 seconds with a time. mlb jerseys

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rudy Xiennizi in Thursday night's game against the Washington Nationals were injured

Rudy Xiennizi in Thursday night's game against the Washington Nationals were injured, into the 15 injured list. Trying to tag out a national Lasitingsi ‧-meter Kyrgyzstan, the injury to his right shoulder. Right shoulder when he fell down before the ground.

Rudy Xiennizi, 39-year-old played eight times in July, the ERA up to 7.71. He also suffering from back trouble inflammation. After the injury, he walked Ryan. Langerhans. Phillies manager Charlie. Manniu Ai Yue took the mound. He noted Xiennizi shortness of breath. "On the mound with the situation," Man Niuai Le said, "He was very strong. He would not tell you he was hurt." Xiennizi be mine. Wahlander replaced list. Ray. Levelland, 31-year-old lefthander, 5 wins and 7 losses, 2.61 ERA rate rose up from the 3A team. In the July 6 game, he struck out 17 individuals, no loss of points. mlb jerseys

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dodgers pitcher plagued with injuries

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher said he hoped to leave the injured list Friday. Relief pitcher Scott Poquet are suffering from the torment of an elbow injury. Jason. Schmidt can catch up with this season is hard to say. Saturday night in the recovery team in the 3A competition, Penny said the shoulder six weeks since the tendon recovered. "As to be expected," Penny said, "all right." But Poquet not so lucky. 1A in his Saturday night game there. His condition worse, not now playing the. As far as the elbow injury, or Tang Mi Qiaoen the operation was cause for concern. 14 months ago, he accepted the surgery could affect his career. He withdrew because of injury the past two weeks. He said that he did in Los Angeles this week to relief pitcher. Minor league game will end in four weeks, it seems not keep up with Schmidt is to restore power in the minor league game.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Las leave the injured list for the first time since starting

Saturday, Las leave the injured list for the first time since starting, but in the second Jushang Ban left game due to tendon injury. The injury ended his 08 early season, or even related to his career. Nick Ray hit a ground ball to catch the ball to Schweppes.did not receive the ball, it fell to the ground. "This kind of injury, you do not know to what extent recovery can come back," the Chicago White Sox in the 2:6 loss to the Boston Red Sox, the White Sox manager eauze Gui Lan said, "Since all happened, I just hope that he underwent surgery in six days, we can only hope that he can pitch. "

Monday, May 3, 2010

Beijing Olympic Games baseball and softball will be placed on the injured list

International Olympic Committee decided, after the Beijing Olympic Games baseball and softball will be placed on the injured list. However, the U.S., where the Alliance does not want to stay too long. Chief Operating Officer Bao Bodu Alliance faction, said the Alliance will actively cooperate with the Organizing Committee for the 2016 Summer Games to resume baseball and softball programs. mlb jerseys

"During the Olympics, we have sent people to meet with members of the organizing committee." Faction, said Du. "In the autumn of 2009, there will be a vote. That vote will decide whether to return to baseball in 2016. Our efforts will be successful." Du faction also said that baseball reason to become more active. The new International Baseball Federation has been working to change the main music and Olympic Baseball tensions. Baseball also hope that the Beijing Olympic Games to provide quality baseball, baseball there next World Cup, are able to promote the Olympic Committee on the issue of the return of baseball.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Burrell homered with a ruined Maidakesi of the reunion

They met in 1984, along with Cubs selected, along with signed contracts, with spring training, with time through the Education Alliance in 1986 to play together in the piece Lichfield in 1986 to-1988 bear season with the tide. Both of them played for a total of 1366 games, starting the 1309 games, but Friday's game is the second time in school Turks as a rival court. mlb jerseys

"Gray Maidakesi, Jamie Maya, their cool." Pat Burrell said. Burrell homered with a ruined Maidakesi of the reunion. "Two people know each other a long time. Likely then 2 team and several players not born. This is very interesting." Priests and the Phillies have three players - Kaili. Kenderuike, Xi Enka Zi Mai, Chase. Hai Deli - they are born in 1984, that is, two were from the high school and college graduation.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lyne Brown relapse

Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Brown play against the Houston Astros in Monday's game early exit because of rib injury recurrence. This injury has made him miss a week of competition. Doug Brown in the sixth will ‧ Brouckere struck out, but the seventh was Gabriel Kepler replaced.

The rookie in 2007 due in August 9th rib muscle injury near the exit of the race, not a race again until Saturday as a pinch-hit appearance, and later made the first two games.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Casey. KOU chiman into bereavement list

Atlanta will be Casey. KOU chiman into bereavement list, and 3A League outfielder Buran into the squad. In Tuesday night after losing to the New York metropolitan, Kou chiman learned that his mother is receiving confidential treatment. The 25-year-old first baseman quickly rushed to a hospital in St. Petersburg region and with other family members to accompany her mother. mlb jerseys

"We only told him she was very ill," manager Bob Dynasty Warriors Cisco said. In Tuesday's game, the middle of the night, he received a telephone Kou Chiman.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Drew's back injury so he has been unable to return to the Boston Red Sox in the play line

Drew's back injury so he has been unable to return to the Boston Red Sox in the play line. He entered the injured list with a growing possibility. Sunday, Drew missed the Red Sox series against the Toronto Blue Jays final battle. As the back inflammation, he has missed six games.

Before Sunday's game, Red Sox manager was asked Drew Tery accept the possibility of the disabled list, he said, "I think there may be. He has been sick for a week. We are closed on Mondays. We will give him an opportunity to not get injured list, but I guess it's possible. "Fulangkena said when he saw Drew in Saturday's performance, obviously you can see he felt uncomfortable. "He saw there back injury, walking is bent."

Badia While the first three struck out eight batters Council

"Guti three playing tonight I have a very good job," coach Eric said, "He did a good job. I have such a hit - so much so that pitcher ball - ultimately command became a hit, the pitcher can make a lot of embarrassment. "I hit the ball 13 end of the pitch Houbadiya complete chaos, and the Board that he once walked on balls, body touch the ball two, the Indians crowded back to a point . Badia While the first three struck out eight batters Council, but in the fifth or lower in the 1:3 situation in backward was taken off.

"We have several very good play I played a role," Draskovic said, "This is a different place." mlb jerseys

And the different Rangers, Indians make bullpen was well rested. Indians bullpen in the previous five games pitching 16 1 / 3 Board. Therefore, Antonio ‧ Rui Yasi when first due to fatigue can not continue to pitch, Rafael Perez and the Terminator can not play Jane Senluyishi rescue. Fortunately Ruiya Si adhere to the eighth. He pitched Qi Ju, it was his longest this season, a record, pitching 107. "I just stand on the mound, pitching, know that they will change my fate," Rui Yasi said, "I do not see pitches." Qi Ju, and that he was four hits, walked four, won four strikeouts , lost a point. His ERA dropped to 2.22 from 2.60. Draskovic said that he was drawing to a close look at the time of the strength has returned, and Rui Yasi agree with this statement. "I think so," Rui Yasi said, "At first I felt some tough pitching. I tried to pitch, and later entered the state of feeling."

Friday, April 23, 2010

Raymond Castro because of the pain out of the race quadriceps

Tuesday, New York Mets catcher Ramon Castro pain in his right quadriceps in the fifth out of the race, he will go to New York on Wednesday to accept treatment magnetic resonance imaging. Although he is likely to enter the injured list, but at least not yet. "Look at how a doctor speak." He said.

Castro hit two-out ground ball direction after the guerrilla injured, but he said that will go to first base until only feel a muscle strain Coaches and trainers in the city a brief discussion, the Castro was replaced Brian Schneider. When Castro left this season by Schneider to replace him. wholesale mlb jerseys

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sean Hill 's season is over

Washington Nationals right-hander Sean ‧ Hill once again experienced setbacks. He will miss the remainder of the season because of right elbow swelling. This will be his third consecutive season with injuries ended last time. mlb jerseys

Hill, 27 years old, has had elbow problems. In 2004 he received major surgery to his elbow and missed the entire 05 season. People had hoped he could return in mid-September in the big leagues as a relief pitcher to play. James Andrew that he will accept a medical examination.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Han Make Monday joined the Diamondbacks

Monday, when the list of major league expanded to 40, the Arizona Diamondbacks will be summoned in the last two days, seven players.wholesale mlb jerseys

On this day, Robbie. Han Make also played for the team as a third catcher, he will participate in the remaining season. Han Make in 2008, played 16 times, hit 41 seats seven hits, batting average .717, four points back to home plate, a base hit and two RBI. Tuesday, after the end of the season in the 3A League, Diamondbacks will be transferred onto more familiar faces, pitcher Billy Buckner, Leo Luosaouzi, lefthander Doug. Shilei Deng, infielder Jamie Dandong That, and outfielder Alex. Romy Luo.

3A first baseman Josh Watts. Whitesell will enter the list, but he was not eligible to enter the preseason list, which is in September because he had never appeared in any games. He was in spring training trade from the Washington Nationals over, he had in the minor leagues with outstanding performance, batting .329, 26 homers and 109 RBI.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Like I told him (Wang), and pay out a good start is important

"Like I told him (Wang), and pay out a good start is important. He really needs to show us their full back, a certain extent, there is a practical contribution is very important , and we told him it would be very critical of the start. "Girardi said so," this is not the development of alliances, they are able to jump out is very important, I have fully admitted the players, we expect him to recover his past. "

For the next start and so was their final exam, Tsai said that the construction can understand why Girardi said so, and he would like to thank once again the opportunity to prove himself. As for what kind of mlb jerseys attitude will use pitched built earners that "I try not to think too much is registration plate pitch, only a very simple matter, on the mound and to pitch well."

Friday, April 16, 2010

Have stable teams ace to play today

Have stable teams ace to play today, but it has nothing to do with victory or defeat. Cardinals 6, Council voted off Chris Carpenter 3, beaten six hits, the original rate of 0.79 this season defense to rise to 1.23, Josh Johnson was off 3 points 7 Board and also failed to win the win.

Marlins reliever Matt Lindstrom in the ninth inning, although the Council voted a hit two hits, but did not swap points, got the game pitcher (2 wins and 1 loss).

Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols last 15 at bats are not hits, tying his career high 3 hits in consecutive at bats without a record, respectively, in 2001 he had even played a few 17 and 16 at bats with no hits record.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ramirez refused to 1 year about 25 million new Dodgers: no mention about

Dodge made for 1 year 25 million U.S. dollars of the new contract, Manny flatly refused.

Raised against the Los Angeles Dodgers 1 year 25 million U.S. dollars of new contracts, Manny (Manny Ramirez) in less than a day categorically said "no." Dodgers owner McCourt (Frank McCourt), said, "We very much hope that Manny will come back, so to discuss a new contract, hoping that he can accept, though rejected, but we still will not give up."

Sunday, April 11, 2010

U.S. media: the Yankees the most eager to maintain a healthy Chien-Ming Wang

From Shabaxiya, Barnett, Wang, Pettitte and Chamberlain, Yankees 2009 starting lineup lined up, enough for all the teams fear. In five of the starting pitcher in baseball is still most concerned about the recovery of the construction class, the United States even mention the name of Aberdeen is at this stage the Yankees built the most anxious to maintain a healthy pitcher.

2006 and 2007 seasons, built for the Yankees for two years, Aberdeen's 19 wins, 08 other pitchers have not yet entered the season in the state, the construction of earners to shoulder under the guarantee of victory, even if the June 15 (U.S. time) because of base-running injuries of the foot, but most baseball experts in the United States is still full of praise on the construction of class, major league official website and even build upon Aberdeen, from injury this year to pay one of the most anticipated of the players.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Diamond has a luxurious line of the Yankees beat the Red Sox face the Yankees to break the siege it

A-Rod against the current rate of 2 to 48, with eight home runs, 23 RBIs, but give the Yankees the AL East to board the first non-number-one man none other than Mark Teixeira, after returning in the A-Rod, "Teixeira "doldrums, sleeping blow to wake up to the diamond five games to play are sure to be the Red Sox" sweep "of embarrassing to be recovered.

Diamond has a luxurious line of the Yankees beat the Red Sox face the Yankees to break the siege it? Yankees manager Joe Girardi said, "Red Sox have been playing the line of strong hitters, just as in previous years, so I am not surprised."

Does it feel the pressure of the Red Sox? Confidence in the Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia said, "very interesting, everyone wants to win, the more experienced strong opponents, can make you play better." In addition, the "New Yankee killer" Jason Bay season five gaming, pay out as much as 5 percent against the rate of 56, 3 homers, 10 RBI also said, "Red Sox and Yankees play line really is parity confrontation. "

World War II based first battle Barnett socks on the Becket, the second war by a Chien-Ming Wang on the Tim Wakefield, CC Sabathia is the third war against Brad Penny.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Roethlisberger handed the District Attorney's Office investigation report

Police said on this week, Georgia authorities have completed their 20-year-old university, a female student claimed to quarterback the Pittsburgh Steelers - Roethlisberger in a night club for sexual abuse investigations.

Milledgeville Police Chief Woodrow - Blue, said in a statement that his department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation report has been submitted, and also Tuesday night, a witness to the local prosecutor Fred - Brett for the statement. Blue said his department will not make further statements on the case.

Blatter admitted the office Wednesday and said the report had been received in the prior audit report that he would not comment.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hargrove to return to New Orleans Saints

Anthony - Hargrove has agreed to return to the defending champion New Orleans Saints, in 2009, for a whole year doping ban after the Saints cut to the front of this name defense the opportunity to return to his career. Saints general manager Mickey - Loomis said that this name restricted free agent on Monday provided the team signed the contract form.

Hargrove Saints team to provide a contract of about 1.2 million U.S. dollars. This means that if he left the team and other teams to sign a bigger contract, New Orleans will be a third-round draft pick as compensation.

Although most of last season he was cut as a backup defensive front, but Hargrove's five Qinsha still ranked third in the club. He also intercepted 40 times, once forced off the ball and regain the ball away three times, he got back to attack using one of the touchdowns.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Human health and the Texas Star team midline contract 6 years

Star middle Wei De Maike - Ryans will remain in Houston. Tuesday night, a team official told The Associated Press, Ryans and Texas who have agreed a 6-year contract. Official to anonymously disclose the above information, because this team has not released an official statement.

Ryans was named Associated Press Defensive Rookie of 2006 and is the leader of the young Houston team last season, leading the team to 9 wins and 7 negative record, the team first-ever winning percentage over 50% season. He is a restricted free agent. Ryans last season named to Pro Bowl last season he completed 123 times to intercept and a Qinsha. In his four seasons into the NFL every season at least 110 times to intercept, but also in the rookie season was a career-high 155 Qinsha.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The new Cardinals signed linebacker trouble was arrested in California

Associated Press news, the authorities said, NFL linebacker Joey - Porter on suspicion of drunken driving and was accused of assaulting a police officer and arrested in the central and southern California city of Bakersfield was arrested.

California Highway Patrol said that the 33-year-old player in Saturday's earlier in a fast-food parking lot and police confrontation. Porter refused to provide his driver's license and being asked to leave the car shaking from the time of his window. Police said when the police prepared to open his door, when Porter hit the police's hand. Porter eventually comply with the orders out of the car, hands behind his back, he and the car was arrested along with a passenger.

The 11-year veteran playing experience and the Arizona Cardinals recently signed. He has also played the ball in Pittsburgh and Miami.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eagle chip required for initiating the transaction Macnab

Associated Press PHILADELPHIA, those who get Donovan - Macnab interested teams will have to put a high pick in draft picks as part of the deal. A person familiar with the McNabb trade negotiations told The Associated Press, the Philadelphia Eagles only consider a deal this six-time All-Star quarterback of the possibility that if the other party a bargaining chip in the NFL, including one next month's election show the first 42 draft picks. This person is the way Thursday anonymous sources disclosed to The Associated Press, because the team did not comment on potential transactions.

In the past few months people have been saying that McNabb would return to the team playing the year after. Eagles coach Andy - Reid admitted Wednesday that he was listening to some for McNabb, Kevin - Kolb and Michael - Veatch offer. Oakland, Buffalo and St. Louis is considered to be most interested in McNabb's team, they have two teams in each pre-42 draft picks. However, some of them only team willing to give up a first-round draft pick McNabb seems to be unlikely.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Redskins team and Punt hand-signed Peter Weir

Josh - Peter Weir is a Washington Redskins team Punt hand rotation of the latest possible solution. Tuesday Redskins team signed the 34-year-old free agent. He became the only one on the list team Punt hand, over the past two years, the Redskins team in the regular season, a share of the six different Punt hand.

Peter Weir in the past six years are in Tampa Bay Buccaneers to play, but the 2009 season because of right hip surgery and missed the entire season. He was named 2005 All-Star Game, his career Punt distance is 42.8 meters each. 1999-2003 season, Peter Weir has also played in the Green Bay Packers, although because of testicular cancer, he missed his entire rookie season.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Multi-branch lowly looting the former cowboy star cornerback

Volunteers in the NFL training camp, Adam - "eating, Mr. Bean" - Jones has aroused the attention of many scouts, according to NFL's official website reported that a few days ago that he secretly met with the San Francisco 49ers officials, the official Web site also reported that the Friday Jones and Detroit Lions will meet with officials.

NFL official website that the 49 teams, Lions, Jaguars and the Saints hope that the former all-star cornerback to join, but another senior members of the League that the Saints will not be such a strong team feeling Jones interest, ESPN reporter Adam - Schefte get news is that Jones, as early as February 11 went to the Bengals workout since this was his one year before being fired after the Cowboys the first workout.

November 2008 Jones in the Cowboys when the effect of bringing more trouble in big trouble, he and his bodyguards in the hotel that conflict, it attracted a large number of police and media personnel, although the police had not arrested anyone, but the NFL has given Jones 4 Field sets for punishment, because his behavior violates the federal anti-violence provisions, after which he was never the opportunity to represent Cowboys played until February 2009 was fired, ending his two-year Cowboys career embarrassing.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hawks and Daryl - tap 3-year contract

Daryl - tap was looking forward to a new start. Being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles two days later, tap 4 and the team this week signed a 3-year contract. For the effectiveness of four seasons in Seattle after the 25-year-old tap will compete for a starting left defensive end position. "I think changes in the environment would be a good thing," said tap. "I think last year I have a 2.5 sack, but frankly speaking in my eyes, I feel that was my best performance year. I have a 2.5 sack and 18 quarterback hits. Last year, we in the Seattle objective environment is a difficult situation. Therefore, the data often do not reflect the actual situation. It was only the symptoms you see. "

The team of other initiatives, and defensive end Darren - John Howard and Kevin took over the outside - Curtis termination.

Hawks in order to get tap will be defensive end Chris - Clemons, and next month, the fourth-round draft picks sent to Seattle, tap in the 2006 second-round draft pick has been selected Seahawks , in the 64 games he participated in a 18 sack, 2 steals, 8, and forcing the ball out the ball away four times to restore. He and Victor - Abiyami Lane, Juqua Parker competition and the All-Star right side front Trent - Cole partner playing time.

"Frankly speaking, when I first discovered I would be trading when I was shocked, because the people there, from Seattle to listen to all the news is I will be in the coming year remain in the team." Tower S & P said. "I'm looking forward to going there again picked up the rolling ball, and when I discovered that it was bittersweet moment. Which is a bit difficult to accept, because only the end has given me the opportunity to play in the league do not have my team is go to other places. But it is also a sweet thing, because I will be playing a great team, and closer to home. "