Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Abstruct of Painting of Kiki’s Bust

3, said: Kiki's bust
Period: 1927
Creator: Moise Keith Lin France
Specification: 100cm × 81cm
Materials: fabric paint
Keep possession Office: Geneva, Petit Palais Museum
Kiessling's works are cubist school of painting, this piece of half-naked portrait of Kiki, looked carefully, can still find the artist's concern is the geometry of the structure and relationships. Kiki exposed by analyzing the upper body for a variety of cone, cylinder and sphere body composition, thus forming a volume of rhythm, form a tight complex visual effects.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Impressionist Painting with Sisley

Artist adept at changing the small pieces and orderly depiction sky, housing reflection, to produce a body of solid sense of both realism skill there Impressionist light color change reflects the transition of the Barbizon School to Impressionism characteristics. Pissarro later spoke highly of view, he said: "I have ever seen in other painters painting flooding works, very few rich and beautiful as it did, that painting is a masterpiece . " Sisley and orderly with a broken brush strokes to show the reflection of water, the sky clouds. This was almost classical style of painting, the brush strokes have a strong taste. His skills are highly realistic. He never correct shape of the stiff, sometimes thick coating, strong blocks of color to the heap to shop, this vibration can cause a sense of natural light. The painting on display, there have been many people at home. Sisley important as the mid-seventies impressionist painters, although the firm will in all activities, but to some extent, to accept his impressionist painting of a less subjective factors.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Demonstrated in Symbolic Characteristics of the Times – Moreau

"Bible" in such a description: "Beautiful as Herod Salome dancing, dancing to her any wish can be realized at the instigation of her mother, she wants prophet St. John's head, as he had prophecy and the King married the mother. "in the" a "painting, St. John's head hanging in the center of the screen, shining aura implies the illusion of Salome, her seductive, pointing to St. John's head, an air of subtle, bone and hair gives a sinister sense of shock and then, but also for showing her beautiful body dancing added some evil. Mother sat impassively in the corner of the ground, giving the impression that vulgar and treacherous. Color from the picture point of view, Morrow will be a very dark tone of pressure, the audience can feel the atmosphere of a dark and cold atmosphere, in addition, the body of Salome people think of clothing as well as some details of the beautiful Indian princess , but also for the entire screen to add a gorgeous feeling.
70 years of the 19th century, Morrow created many myths and "the Bible" the theme of oil paintings, depicting one of the most striking is the "Bible" legendary figure of Salome's image, its biggest feature is the colorful language with symbolic. Also showed high and true and a unspeakable mystery.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Memory of the Machine Age - Leger and "Breathtaking Acrobats and His Partner."

This piece is full of a shocking color, like a spinning wheel on the screen, like flying acrobats turn and spin out of a Road enthusiastic and excited about the rainbow. The actor next to the flying spin, standing with one hand on the ladder of the partner, look at the relationship from the composition of the screen, straight lines and sharp contrast to the swirl of happiness. Although the background of the screen was painted orange flat lost spatial relationships, but acrobats of a Bigfoot was riding in the cat's back, but just right for the organization of this confusion, we have stressed that the intensity of color, but also the line on the screen in unity and concord. Especially the flow lines and rotation of the color, so that the audience have a spatial illusion. As described by Leger as: "Life is the ring, you can go to the circus, to the circle is to show, circus is the weight of people, objects rotation." Leger depicts in his works many metals things, he's such an approach, is to call the audience's excitement machine age and memory. This is Leger's most famous masterpiece "breathtaking acrobats and his partner."
Study of Western art history, we find that, by the early 20th century Western art concepts and the War of the industrial impact, Leger showed the extreme sensitivity of modern machine age. In his early works, the emphasis on line and surface overlap and shape, and then absorb the futuristic expression, composed of mechanical geometry screen image. 1920s, L├ęger by the geometric and abstract doctrine of pure creation of a number of works, to 30-40 years, his style is lively, and, on the screen appeared a gentle curve. After the war, he turned to realism style, theme and artist based largely on workers, their representative works are "construction worker", "big ranks," "who spend two women", "City", "game of cards," and so . In Leger's work, all of his body are outlined with thick black lines, this result is a specific image is simplified, and the color intensity was enhanced, but also to the emergence of a harmonious picture. This is consistent Leger painting style.
Industrial machinery in the scenery of civilization, to the abstract geometry of the combination of elements of collage and Cubism, to advocate the art of mechanical civilization, thought might provide an innovative, resulting in mechanical three-dimensional paintings, and Leger It is the most representative of this artist. Leger later years many of the works is a comprehensive analysis of the use of techniques of Cubism, showing the modern machine age industrial machinery busy world. He tried to arouse the audience in the works before the addition of the mechanical world, unsettled and fantasy, while his interest in the industrial machinery and intended to convey to all audiences like his work.