Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Romantic Swordsman (Cliff Lee) really is the idiom

Romantic Swordsman (Cliff Lee) really is the idiom, the fifth light the face of war, to pay the 9 Board no Sisi Qiu, surged out of 11K, was knocked out six hits and only lost 1 point, successfully led the Rangers 5-1 victory over the light , the series of wars 3:2 light out, the Army Rangers for 50 years, finally won the first playoff series victory in war is the first time broke into the American League Championship.

Lee really is life-saving Ranger Dan, the first battle surged 7 Board 10K, does not cast any walks, but will their performance today up overweight, out in complete soared 9 Board 11K, or no walks, two games were a total of 16 Board knock out 11 hits, lost 2 points, soared out of 21K, powerful performance, the playoffs are still unbeaten.

The first postseason start, the Price (David Price), two games down, 12.2 was knocked 17 hits Bureau, lost 8 points, surged out of 14K, the performance of a worse than Lee, ace pitcher could not win, the light and therefore qualify for the American League Championship Broken Dreams.