Friday, October 8, 2010

Rangers in the first 3 innings on the first scored 1 point

End in the last (7) days of grams of light out of the playoffs the Rangers 9-game losing streak dilemma The campaign to take advantage of its success, not only the team swept the 9 security, more Gensler (Ian Kinsler) solo shot and Yang Yan (Michael Young) 3 points to take 6 hours Howard cheer bomb, also made light of the earlier wire Wilson (CJ Wilson) and rescue veteran Oliver (Darren Oliver) suppression, the audience only hit 2 hits, did not score miserable bleak Rangers 6 to 0 clinch.

Rangers in the first 3 innings on the first scored 1 point, 4 Board then hit a solo homer Tim Gensler 2 points, but the gap between these two points are not the biggest clouds obscured the light, but then This crucial first 5 games. Light starting Xue Fields (James Shields) 5 Board, 1 out left after the exit of 1,3 barrier ERA, but take over the Quinns (Chad Qualls) were only playing with 3 points Yonge gun demonstrations, Hopkins Le followed strike hits rush hours, the Rangers came to the widening gap between the 6 to 0 lead.