Thursday, August 18, 2011

Demonstrated in Symbolic Characteristics of the Times – Moreau

"Bible" in such a description: "Beautiful as Herod Salome dancing, dancing to her any wish can be realized at the instigation of her mother, she wants prophet St. John's head, as he had prophecy and the King married the mother. "in the" a "painting, St. John's head hanging in the center of the screen, shining aura implies the illusion of Salome, her seductive, pointing to St. John's head, an air of subtle, bone and hair gives a sinister sense of shock and then, but also for showing her beautiful body dancing added some evil. Mother sat impassively in the corner of the ground, giving the impression that vulgar and treacherous. Color from the picture point of view, Morrow will be a very dark tone of pressure, the audience can feel the atmosphere of a dark and cold atmosphere, in addition, the body of Salome people think of clothing as well as some details of the beautiful Indian princess , but also for the entire screen to add a gorgeous feeling.
70 years of the 19th century, Morrow created many myths and "the Bible" the theme of oil paintings, depicting one of the most striking is the "Bible" legendary figure of Salome's image, its biggest feature is the colorful language with symbolic. Also showed high and true and a unspeakable mystery.