Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Memory of the Machine Age - Leger and "Breathtaking Acrobats and His Partner."

This piece is full of a shocking color, like a spinning wheel on the screen, like flying acrobats turn and spin out of a Road enthusiastic and excited about the rainbow. The actor next to the flying spin, standing with one hand on the ladder of the partner, look at the relationship from the composition of the screen, straight lines and sharp contrast to the swirl of happiness. Although the background of the screen was painted orange flat lost spatial relationships, but acrobats of a Bigfoot was riding in the cat's back, but just right for the organization of this confusion, we have stressed that the intensity of color, but also the line on the screen in unity and concord. Especially the flow lines and rotation of the color, so that the audience have a spatial illusion. As described by Leger as: "Life is the ring, you can go to the circus, to the circle is to show, circus is the weight of people, objects rotation." Leger depicts in his works many metals things, he's such an approach, is to call the audience's excitement machine age and memory. This is Leger's most famous masterpiece "breathtaking acrobats and his partner."
Study of Western art history, we find that, by the early 20th century Western art concepts and the War of the industrial impact, Leger showed the extreme sensitivity of modern machine age. In his early works, the emphasis on line and surface overlap and shape, and then absorb the futuristic expression, composed of mechanical geometry screen image. 1920s, L├ęger by the geometric and abstract doctrine of pure creation of a number of works, to 30-40 years, his style is lively, and, on the screen appeared a gentle curve. After the war, he turned to realism style, theme and artist based largely on workers, their representative works are "construction worker", "big ranks," "who spend two women", "City", "game of cards," and so . In Leger's work, all of his body are outlined with thick black lines, this result is a specific image is simplified, and the color intensity was enhanced, but also to the emergence of a harmonious picture. This is consistent Leger painting style.
Industrial machinery in the scenery of civilization, to the abstract geometry of the combination of elements of collage and Cubism, to advocate the art of mechanical civilization, thought might provide an innovative, resulting in mechanical three-dimensional paintings, and Leger It is the most representative of this artist. Leger later years many of the works is a comprehensive analysis of the use of techniques of Cubism, showing the modern machine age industrial machinery busy world. He tried to arouse the audience in the works before the addition of the mechanical world, unsettled and fantasy, while his interest in the industrial machinery and intended to convey to all audiences like his work.