Monday, April 26, 2010

Badia While the first three struck out eight batters Council

"Guti three playing tonight I have a very good job," coach Eric said, "He did a good job. I have such a hit - so much so that pitcher ball - ultimately command became a hit, the pitcher can make a lot of embarrassment. "I hit the ball 13 end of the pitch Houbadiya complete chaos, and the Board that he once walked on balls, body touch the ball two, the Indians crowded back to a point . Badia While the first three struck out eight batters Council, but in the fifth or lower in the 1:3 situation in backward was taken off.

"We have several very good play I played a role," Draskovic said, "This is a different place." mlb jerseys

And the different Rangers, Indians make bullpen was well rested. Indians bullpen in the previous five games pitching 16 1 / 3 Board. Therefore, Antonio ‧ Rui Yasi when first due to fatigue can not continue to pitch, Rafael Perez and the Terminator can not play Jane Senluyishi rescue. Fortunately Ruiya Si adhere to the eighth. He pitched Qi Ju, it was his longest this season, a record, pitching 107. "I just stand on the mound, pitching, know that they will change my fate," Rui Yasi said, "I do not see pitches." Qi Ju, and that he was four hits, walked four, won four strikeouts , lost a point. His ERA dropped to 2.22 from 2.60. Draskovic said that he was drawing to a close look at the time of the strength has returned, and Rui Yasi agree with this statement. "I think so," Rui Yasi said, "At first I felt some tough pitching. I tried to pitch, and later entered the state of feeling."