Friday, April 16, 2010

Have stable teams ace to play today

Have stable teams ace to play today, but it has nothing to do with victory or defeat. Cardinals 6, Council voted off Chris Carpenter 3, beaten six hits, the original rate of 0.79 this season defense to rise to 1.23, Josh Johnson was off 3 points 7 Board and also failed to win the win.

Marlins reliever Matt Lindstrom in the ninth inning, although the Council voted a hit two hits, but did not swap points, got the game pitcher (2 wins and 1 loss).

Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols last 15 at bats are not hits, tying his career high 3 hits in consecutive at bats without a record, respectively, in 2001 he had even played a few 17 and 16 at bats with no hits record.