Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Like I told him (Wang), and pay out a good start is important

"Like I told him (Wang), and pay out a good start is important. He really needs to show us their full back, a certain extent, there is a practical contribution is very important , and we told him it would be very critical of the start. "Girardi said so," this is not the development of alliances, they are able to jump out is very important, I have fully admitted the players, we expect him to recover his past. "

For the next start and so was their final exam, Tsai said that the construction can understand why Girardi said so, and he would like to thank once again the opportunity to prove himself. As for what kind of mlb jerseys attitude will use pitched built earners that "I try not to think too much is registration plate pitch, only a very simple matter, on the mound and to pitch well."