Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Santana in early September with the Atlanta Braves in the tournament

Strong deep sexual assault earlier investments Supremacy Santana (Johan Santana), early capsule rupture caused sudden left shoulder earlier this season for reimbursement, last weekend (Taiwan time) through the famous doctor Andrews (Dr. James Andrews) in the diagnosis, the New York City will be formally announced today, Santana will be repaired left shoulder injury to the operating room tomorrow. And Shanda Wang rehabilitation after spending time, almost certainly the opening of the direct impact of next year.

Santana in early September with the Atlanta Braves in the tournament, suddenly felt chest discomfort around, and then immediately change city coaches end, doctors initially diagnosed as chest muscle strain, but after the hospital's MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test is the left shoulder joint capsule after tear, and Monday (U.S. time) in the famous doctor diagnosed Andrews, to determine future knife. While lying on the operating table when Santana, may take a few months after the time of rehabilitation, or even directly affect the opening quarter of next year, is expected to be from May to June at least was able to return to the mound.