Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kuo Phillies fan yesterday lost 0.2 Board 1 minute

Kuo Phillies fan yesterday lost 0.2 Board 1 minute, this is the first time this year, Kuo was in the home capture fraction, the Dodgers also lose 1:5.

Phillies 9, Council on 1 out of captured second base, though it was in 1:3 behind, the Dodgers still only use Kuo fan, I hope this year's home was against less than 1 percent of Kuo to freeze more than a few, but Kuo a play on by Rollins hit a base hit with a RBI, while Rollins pass on second base, the first term that a sub-note pitcher body.

Originally played on the left is less than 1 percent of combat Kuo, followed by left-field hit of the Atlee rule-base hit play, Rawlins easily back to home plate, Kuo relay to open season at home for 21 games, 23.2 Board scoreless record interrupt, but fortunately the next bar fly ball Pulan Ke Ping Kuo received a positive forward and pass result back to base second base is less than the Atlee out.

Dodgers starting pitcher g Hsiao Biao Board voted 6 out of 11 strikeouts, 191 strikeouts this season than Philadelphia Halladay (190), became the National League 1, gave up five hits and lost 2 points of content not bad, but the Dodgers until the 7th Bureau, only from the Phillies starting pitcher Oswald shot the hands of No. 1 hits, Oswald exit, the Dodgers scored in the Bureau of only 8 points currently lagging behind in the NL West Padres 9 games behind National League wild card battle Phillies 7.5 games.