Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yesterday, the national team "officially" declared Wang quarter reimbursement

Yesterday, the national team "officially" declared Wang quarter reimbursement, and hope that next year and his contract.

Shoulders are not strong enough to give up late comeback

Nationals general manager Rui Zuo said that as Wang insufficient to restore shoulder strength had abandoned him in the big leagues late comeback, but he is prepared to guide the Union in the fall by the end of September a race, Rui Zuo said: "We're trying to Wang a few people vote in guiding the Union Council, to help his shoulders spread out. "

Jian Tsai knows will actively guide the Union to prepare

Jian Chai yesterday ending a holiday has returned to court to continue training overseas brokers yesterday quoted Zhang Jia Yuan Jian Tsai's response: "The idea has been to understand baseball, is now actively preparing for the end of the game."

Chia-yuan said the construction of Aberdeen's right shoulder surgery more complicated, although the process of rehabilitation experienced a small setback, but ball has returned to speak out 80 miles (130 km), that really improved a lot, people also believe that rehabilitation should be placed first One does not need to go to major league games with high intensity.