Monday, March 8, 2010

Manning acknowledged mistakes pass an apology to the fans

Although they have been in this before the game many experts and fans optimistic, although Miami is that they do not choose not withhold the blessed, but in the 44th Super Bowl, the Indianapolis Colts still could not win the third Super Bowl in franchise history trophy, for the 34-year-old Peyton Manning for the future, such opportunities may be limited, and after the game Manning, the game results are very disappointing.

Many media have said Terlay at the last moment steal a complete end to the match, but the colt coach Caldwell said: "I think that the node is not a race." But at the same time, he also said the team did in the match some mistakes, such as opening the second half of that gamble when the Saints play: "That Gambling kick to give them the opportunity."

Peyton Manning said of his game-the only time it was steals, said: "It is indeed a mistake, Porter made a great defense, that is what I want to say." Although he finished with a 31 sub-pass success, but still can not win for the team: "(the final result) This is really disappointing," Manning said again and again, "This is very disappointing. I am very sorry that our fans, we did not win. "talking about the Saints win, Manning said:" We have a very good performance in the first playoff two weeks ago we played quite good, but today our performance is also not enough to beat the Saints. Now they can celebrate, and they are now the overall champion. "