Sunday, March 21, 2010

Multi-branch lowly looting the former cowboy star cornerback

Volunteers in the NFL training camp, Adam - "eating, Mr. Bean" - Jones has aroused the attention of many scouts, according to NFL's official website reported that a few days ago that he secretly met with the San Francisco 49ers officials, the official Web site also reported that the Friday Jones and Detroit Lions will meet with officials.

NFL official website that the 49 teams, Lions, Jaguars and the Saints hope that the former all-star cornerback to join, but another senior members of the League that the Saints will not be such a strong team feeling Jones interest, ESPN reporter Adam - Schefte get news is that Jones, as early as February 11 went to the Bengals workout since this was his one year before being fired after the Cowboys the first workout.

November 2008 Jones in the Cowboys when the effect of bringing more trouble in big trouble, he and his bodyguards in the hotel that conflict, it attracted a large number of police and media personnel, although the police had not arrested anyone, but the NFL has given Jones 4 Field sets for punishment, because his behavior violates the federal anti-violence provisions, after which he was never the opportunity to represent Cowboys played until February 2009 was fired, ending his two-year Cowboys career embarrassing.