Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eagle chip required for initiating the transaction Macnab

Associated Press PHILADELPHIA, those who get Donovan - Macnab interested teams will have to put a high pick in draft picks as part of the deal. A person familiar with the McNabb trade negotiations told The Associated Press, the Philadelphia Eagles only consider a deal this six-time All-Star quarterback of the possibility that if the other party a bargaining chip in the NFL, including one next month's election show the first 42 draft picks. This person is the way Thursday anonymous sources disclosed to The Associated Press, because the team did not comment on potential transactions.

In the past few months people have been saying that McNabb would return to the team playing the year after. Eagles coach Andy - Reid admitted Wednesday that he was listening to some for McNabb, Kevin - Kolb and Michael - Veatch offer. Oakland, Buffalo and St. Louis is considered to be most interested in McNabb's team, they have two teams in each pre-42 draft picks. However, some of them only team willing to give up a first-round draft pick McNabb seems to be unlikely.