Monday, June 28, 2010

Although the Dodgers have emerged today, base running

Although the Dodgers have emerged today, base running, but still rely on the fourth game storm 5 to 10:6 Lectra Angels, from the fate of this season is 6-game sweep. Kuo is the "advance work" in Qiju exit after solving two batters, threw a total of 1 1 strikeouts and four walks bad. mlb jerseys

Dodgers game at 1 minute behind, the fourth game by 1 touch body balls, 1 four-balls and four hits, one breath scored 5 points, will reverse the situation. Yesterday, base running error by Dodgers lose, this Board Kelo (Jamey Carroll) has also been contacting the third base before, but fortunately did not cause much impact.

Four teams, each of five scoring revenue, Qiju Dodgers scored two points, the ratio of the number opened as 8:4. Dodge order to turn around, Qi Ju Kuo took the next pushed out the front, Kuo struck out before Abreu (Bobby Abreu), then to the Hunter (Torii Hunter) to cast four bad, Hideki Matsui hit 2 next roll in the direction of a strong base, the Dodgers shut runner Hunter, the successful conclusion of Angels Qiju offensive.