Friday, June 11, 2010

Washington Nationals home opener yesterday

National League East last season, the penultimate of the Washington Nationals home opener yesterday, opening the new stadium beat the Atlanta Braves, played today came to Philadelphia Phillies to start game three with the first war.

Two in the eighth inning tied 6 to 6, nine innings, the Nationals displayed strong against fire, first baseman Johnson (Nick Johnson), catcher Lo Duca (Paul Lo Duca), second baseman Beria Germany (Ronnie Belliard), and pinch Young (Dmitri Young) were hit base hit, the National Team, winning in 5 minutes, and closing with 11 to beat the Philadelphia Phillies 6, so that Phillies opening game defeat to swallow the war, which is also the national team since 2003, also known as the Montreal Expos was the first time since the start of the season were two game winning streak.