Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wang demonstrated this once again the momentum ace pitcher

Wang demonstrated this once again the momentum ace pitcher, at home against the Tampa Bay Rays, he voted four Board no-hitter, and soared out of 6 strikeouts, complete blockade of living light of the attacks, together with Hideki Matsui's home run and closing the Yankees to 2-0 win on the suspend the two-game losing streak.

Wang ball game although the higher the number, starting with 96 6 Board on the ball, but a little light on the way he is not, in his five-Ju Shangban hit in the Aiba (Willy Aybar) first hits before the construction of light can only rely on balls, Aberdeen, 2 walks, on base, he resolved once 11 consecutive light batter, beginning seven Jushang Ban was floating Lloyd (Cliff Floyd) and JI (Eric Hinske) and win two points for a safety and scoring, third base, the Yankees immediately put Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) rescue, he was very fast heat, can push out 101 miles of the fireball, with only three balls to strike out the Aiba, then a double play to play quickly in resolving the crisis, Wang did not lose points safe dismount.