Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dodgers pitcher plagued with injuries

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher said he hoped to leave the injured list Friday. Relief pitcher Scott Poquet are suffering from the torment of an elbow injury. Jason. Schmidt can catch up with this season is hard to say. Saturday night in the recovery team in the 3A competition, Penny said the shoulder six weeks since the tendon recovered. "As to be expected," Penny said, "all right." But Poquet not so lucky. 1A in his Saturday night game there. His condition worse, not now playing the. As far as the elbow injury, or Tang Mi Qiaoen the operation was cause for concern. 14 months ago, he accepted the surgery could affect his career. He withdrew because of injury the past two weeks. He said that he did in Los Angeles this week to relief pitcher. Minor league game will end in four weeks, it seems not keep up with Schmidt is to restore power in the minor league game.