Monday, May 10, 2010

In the July 5 game play against Tiger

In the July 5 game play against Tiger, the success of Ichiro Suzuki stolen bases, his 34th this season stolen bases, making him the sailor is expected to break the single-season stolen bases record. But, he only tried once stolen bases. Thus, in 1987 Harold Reynolds hit a record 60 stolen bases, it seems difficult to be broken. Ichiro's stolen bases this season is not over for him, his successful stolen bases in 2001, there are 56 times. Now, he is not trying to steal. "This is because the other pitchers on his guard against more closely." Mariners interim manager Rui Geman said. Rui Geman has been with the stopwatch, measure the other pitcher to contain a base of the movement time. "In the past, they contain is 1.27-1.32 seconds with a time. mlb jerseys