Friday, May 28, 2010

Wang season's first four starts

Wang season's first four starts, and Taipei on Thursday 7:05, the New York Yankees Boston Red Sox home game against old enemies, last Saturday at Fenway Park Wang threw a career best on the Red Sox of a game, complete cast nine innings only beaten two hits lost 1 point, the Yankees won 4-1 and closing on the first three wins, Lien Chan.

Wang now record 3 wins 0 lose, ERA 1.23, on a pair of Red Sox with his good sinker, slider and four sutures with straight balls to beat the Red Sox's line of eating turtle, the first four Board perform no-hitter until the five Jushang Ban Cai Bei Drew (JD Drew) and win their first hits, is the spring home run, losing only 1 point, Red Sox second hits in nine innings on After two and a half out from Crisp (Coco Crisp) the formation of the infield bunt bunt hits, building to vote Aberdeen complete nine innings with only 93 balls, very efficient.