Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seattle Mariners poor recent record at home

Seattle Mariners poor recent record at home, against the Boston Red Sox the first three series.

Fourth inning, Red Sox designated hitter Ortiz (David Ortiz) belted spring home run, the first 12 rounds this season.

The sixth inning, the Mariners one out of two, with runners on third base, left fielder Yibananzi (Raul Ibanez) roll to hit with an RBI sacrifice, more than a few sailors team tied.

Eight innings, the Red Sox two outs with runners on second base, second baseman sent Asian Capital (Dustin Pedroia) hitting with an RBI regulations of the venue doubles, Ortiz was intentionally walked four bad, left fielder Luomanruizi (Manny Ramirez) for a base hit with an RBI, third baseman lol (Mike Lowell) also hit a base hit with an RBI, right fielder Drew (JDDrew) after a base hit Red socks team formed bases loaded, catcher Weiruitike (Jason Varitek) was walked four bad, Red Sox 1 minute and then squeeze back, this semi-Council scored 4 points.

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