Thursday, August 26, 2010

Albert Pujols 4 Bureau of the first appearance

13 Board, the rookie Ian Desmond to overcome the pressure, the first ball on the swing phase, and then sentenced four people waiting for half an hour of victory, 11 to 10 win over the Cardinals.

Albert Pujols 4 Bureau of the first appearance, did not hesitate know their spring gun, career 400-H was released 222 days of 30-year-old has become the youngest major league history 3 Jubang achieve this milestone, behind Alex Rodriguez (29 years of age another 316 days), Ken Griffey Jr. (30-year-old has 141 days), but the home party Desmond has been destroyed.

Several positions in the Cardinals bullpen, 13 7 The launch of any pitcher Blake Hawksworth fight, a registration plate touches the ball body mistakenly hit Nyjer Morgan, declared war situation gradually backward landlord, Alberto Gonzalez hit third base escort ran fast legs.