Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kicked off the World Series opener on the 25th

Continuation of the ALCS fiery touch, the length of cannons made the Red Sox, Rockies playoffs seven straight abruptly shouted "card"!

Kicked off the World Series opener on the 25th, the Indians host the Red Sox, buttressed by the strong momentum reversed out in the "Euler connection" strong leadership, taking the audience 17 hits high 13 points, ace pitcher Becket (Josh Beckett) start Qiju only lost 1 minute, reported the regular season in the off season by Rocky 9 game winning streak of hatred and closing 13:1 victory over rival Red Sox, World Series Nance.

The playoffs as long as Becket a race, it means a victory for the Red Sox bought "insurance", this war has soared Beckham struck out nine times, playoff game so far out of 4 games, won four straight never missed, total investment of 30 Board only hit in the 19 hits, defense was only 1.20, Becket attributed to teammates to help: "When you have a very hungry to fight for victory even behind the lines, the vote was not all worried."

Recalling the historical record, in the past 10 years World Series game, grabbed victory in the first battle champion team up to 9 percent probability, only the 2002 Angels had "escaped" No wonder Rocky veteran Kheitan (Todd Helton) will say: "We are really lost the first battle of the injury, but Rocky will not easily be knocked down, the second war wait and see!"