Thursday, August 26, 2010

And the Kansas City Royals end 4-Lien Chan

And the Kansas City Royals end 4-Lien Chan, the New York Yankees today (27) to Cleveland to start another one 4 Lien Chan. Overall, it's only the Yankees beat lines knocked four hits, but four batters eventually came back scoring, with Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) first sent 7 game only lost two points, the performance of exciting and closing 3 to 2 win over Indy Native-Americans, won the first series win and the recent two game winning streak, top of the AL East leading position.

2 under the Indian Council Haffner (Travis Hafner) hit the solo shot, helping the team get points Cenci, 4 Bureau of Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu (Nick Swisher) would like to tell a hair spring shells, the two sides tied. 6 Board 2 outs, Choo hit the key two-base hits, leading the Indians to return again.

8 Council on the war situation to change, first name hitter Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) hit the base, the Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) wave a big stick, the little white ball carry out the right field home run wall, so that Wa Zikui hereby vote defeat into a victory from the pitching candidates. Finally, under 9 "patron saint" Rivera (Mariano Rivera) was knocked out a security while still successfully defend the team to help the victory.