Monday, August 16, 2010

The Tigers have a list of 40 active and 15 from Central and South America

Ouduonizi (Magglio Ordonez) hope all brilliant baseball career last left the Tigers, today he announced the establishment of "Ouduonizi Family Scholarship" in the hope to help more people to stay in Detroit, far-reaching impact.

Venezuelan players Ouduonizi, shine his last year of three single-season batting average with 139 homers into 63,28 RBIs, won the American League batting title, he has 11 years of Major League qualification , the first 7 years of dedication to the Chicago White Sox, Tigers, after four years of stay in each of the performance is very stable against, especially in the last year climbed to the peak of life.

Ouduonizi today announced the establishment of a church, "Ouduonizi family scholarship," he offers two thousand five hundred U.S. dollars per year (about 81,171 NT dollars) for the southwest Detroit area high school students to apply, the provisions can apply for up to 4 years. Ouduonizi for this region, mainly due to the region, many Latin Americans, and covering nearby villages in Mexico.

The Tigers have a list of 40 active and 15 from Central and South America, star players, including Ouduonizi, catcher Rodríguez (Ivan Rodriguez), first baseman Gene (Carlos Guillen), second baseman Poland can be ( Placido Polanco) and others.

Ouduonizi that message, the scene attracted fans to a number of small, Ouduonizi amiable attitude, inviting children to his office asking questions, topics include Ouduonizi usual favorite food, this year's Tigers reinforcement situations, Europe and more Martinez Insider, that any refuse anyone.