Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cannone annual salary of the previous quarter to only 49 million

Cannone (Robinson Cano) superb offensive and defensive talent, the Yankees have pulled out more than twice the price tag of arbitration to retain the 25-year-old Rising Star!

Intent on working hard to stay in the Yankees second baseman Cannone, in the previous quarter, "star" of the offensive and defensive performance in exchange for their long finally some recognition, according to the Associated Press reported on the 25th, the Yankees signed a four-year plan and Cannone 3000 million U.S. dollars contract, worth nearly 10 billion NT dollars, the contract details to be released immediately after confirmation.

And Wang, "with the ladder" and Cannone, 2005, promoted to the big leagues rookie season on the play "potential shares" character, the rate of 2 percent against 97, 14 home runs and 62 RBI, won the American League rookie Wang, next year the rate had risen to 3 percent against 42, last season 19 home runs, 97 RBI double record a career high, in particular, to combat Hurricane Star break, the Yankees will move into the playoffs, Cannone deserve credit.

Cannone annual salary of the previous quarter to only 49 million, made after the end of the season of arbitration eligibility requirements had Cannone 4.55 million annual salary, but the Yankees only willing to give 3.2 million, 135 million sides of cognitive gap, running in the active agent Ballard under the deep pockets of the Yankees decided to drop a lot of money to keep people, Cannone expansion of 15 times the annual salary overnight, entry "million man."

Yankees decided to stay heavily Cannone, also brought the arbitration phase of Wang is still infinite, "hope" A quarter of the people on salary and not far from Cannone, brokers offer 4.6 million U.S. dollars, the Yankees cap is 400 million, with two quarter report card of 19 wins, there Cannone precedent "endorsement", are about to build a new class a lot more imagination.