Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wang U.S. work visa has been obtained in a recent number

Wang brokerage firm CSMG has called Wang, informed the decision requested salary arbitration, Wang heard the news, sentiment is very calm, like the issue to the brokerage firm hand in dealing with.

According to CSMG baseball in Taiwan and Asian marketing director Rie quoted rock element, said Wang heard the news and did not say anything, the mood was calm, with the brokerage firm's decision. February 14 is the day the Yankees Toubu report, but Chien-Ming Wang is scheduled for next week's first training in the United States to expand autonomy.

Wang new contract by the broker to negotiate with the Yankees, but the price tag is not resolved, the brokerage firm has conveyed to Wang that the results and decide tomorrow on the proposed salary arbitration. However, Rie rock element that in fact the two sides do not drop big idea, the current salary arbitration hearing date has not been determined.

Wang U.S. work visa has been obtained in a recent number, next week will fly to Arizona, training center to start self-training, it is understood, Wang returned to Taiwan, the training is not interrupted, he found one through the relationship secluded place, 4,5 hours every day practicing, Wang with 19 wins two years, seems a bit not luck.

Wang once again challenge this year a record 20 wins the year, if at that time to have good "paid love" use the service, this will be the year for him to display his glory.