Thursday, July 1, 2010

According to reports the New York Yankees official website

According to reports the New York Yankees official website, due to personal factors to the team from early June to take leave of pitching coach Dave Eiland, upcoming Wednesday (30) home game the team back on the pitching staff is a good morale boost news, especially in a serious downturn in AJ Burnett.

Head coach Joe Girardi today (28), said he expected Eiland would Wednesday against the Seattle Mariners home opener 3 Lien Chan returned to lounge in, that will he left the team on June 5 after the first game. "During this time, some things must be done," Girardi said, "Dave went through some personal business, he was ready to come back."

Girardi did not mention the reasons for leave of absence Eiland, but that Eiland left the team again this year will not, despite the absence of a period of time Eiland, but Girardi that he can keep up with the status of the team.

Eiland return to the Yankees after a pressing task, which is buttoned in June off the hook for Burnett. Although the responsibility Burnett impressive comeback, but he also acknowledged the help of less Eiland is a reason. Burnett threw in the June Major League career, the worst single-month results, 0 wins 5 lost, earned run average of 11.35 is scary.