Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The campaign teams have to start rookie pitcher

Major League Baseball MLB Colorado Rockies in the National League Championship Series today, the fourth war, relying on four Board to take the next round of six lay onslaught Hao Sheng-based, end to six to beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, and swept a four-game winning streak , broke into the World Series for the first time in team history.

The campaign teams have to start rookie pitcher, Diamondbacks released Owens, Los Angeles to Molaruisi checks. 3 Bureau of the Diamondbacks took the lead, Owen, Sian marked the first batter pitcher base, two outs, Baines be sent, then knocked an RBI hit Jackson, Diamondbacks to a leading zero.

Three Council of Los Angeles without a point in the next four under attack fire lit, an out Houhuopusi, soil Luweisiji be sent, Tuoruiouba infield ground ball out, but the runners advancing two third base, then knocked Smith pinch hit two RBI doubles, Taforuisi by mistakes on the base, Kazuo Matsui added something RBI hits, followed by heavy artillery blasted Halladay three runs in the direction of center field home run , Los Angeles Council House to take a single win in six lay the foundation.

Although eight innings on rattlesnakes rely on Schneider's one-third of guns recovered fraction, but still unable to advance more than a few, watched Rocky joy to celebrate in their own stadium.