Friday, July 30, 2010

Four World Series championship ring

Face of the wave of a punitive expedition, Torre (Joe Torre) decision not to accept pay cuts to stay conditions, unrestrained Yankees say goodbye to coach 12 years.

After many days of speculation, discussion, the Yankees and Torre's contract issue 19 was finally finalized, and the club owner (George Steinbrenner) deep about an hour later, the Yankees made Joe Torre decided not to accept the annual salary of 500 million dollars to stay condition, the team officially ended 12 years of relationships that also allow the Yankees to arms succession battle more intense.

Four World Series championship ring, 12 consecutive playoff appearance of the brilliant exploits, still face of the Yankees first round of the playoffs for three consecutive years beyond the fact that, to measure the pressure of public opinion and the team harmony, the Yankees decided to pay 2.5 million high-rise dollars for Torre to stay, but the potential Hall of Fame coach insisted, "persons can be killed, not be humiliated," the Yankees choose to Say Goodbye.