Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cubs start to send Lee Lee to pitch

Major League Baseball MLB Team Arizona Diamondbacks, the third of today rely on Yonge Drew home run and two RBIs in the National League playoffs with eight to four first-round victory over the Chicago Cubs, won two straight edge card to listen to just scored again be able to win a National League Championship Series.

Cubs start to send Lee Lee to pitch, but he played only three and one-third of Councils will be crazy lost in six bear lost investment. He reached the contrary, the European contribution to the Diamondbacks two key hits, plus pitcher Davis lost only five and two-thirds Council vote in the performance of a quarter of the victory, the Cubs out of the edge of the horns.

Season to 32 H, Yang En-leading Diamondbacks team, the second game aimed at Li Li's high fastball, get the ball to left field home run wall, helping the team to three to two in advance, Li Li angry and threw the glove to the ground.

Cubs manager Lee Lee decided to continue to stay in the field, but it seems Li Li lost the confidence of all, let Diamondbacks Drew hit a base hit, and then letting Bo Enzi win their third base hits, and then lost a point.

Li Li lost the fourth game and then two points, Bear decided to change my vote, it was too late.

The third fight on the 6th key will move to the Cubs at home.