Friday, July 9, 2010

Curtis Granderson homered in 10 inning solo shot

Curtis Granderson homered in 10 inning solo shot, with Mariano Rivera 2 Board Shuaidui power grab wins vote, and closing the Yankees to 6 to 5 on gas to go rattlesnake, in the series with 2 wins and 1 defeat to win.

Series before the two battle each took a win Yankees and Diamondbacks, do not want to lose the last 3 of the war, and both sides have to battle was to be extended until the 10th Council winner. Arizona Council on the introduction of the 10 registration plate Carlos Rosa, did not expect the right-hander to face the first beaten with clubs by the Board Granderson, was knocked solo shot to right field, making the Yankees were 1 point ahead.

Rivera 9 Board had registered under the board, since the Board on the team scored 10 points ahead, the masters of course continue to play Terminator win results hold, but Rivera on the 10 Council following an unprecedented crisis, Stephen Drew and Justin Upton each win their first base and second base hits, with Miguel Montero was intentionally walked four balls, so that no one out rattlesnakes in the case of the captured bases loaded.