Monday, July 5, 2010

Has participated in the All-Star Game this year

Shang Banji Insight into good performance, that performance can be sure that selected for July 13 at the 2A Southern League All-Star Game. Have participated in this year's Guosheng An and Chen Junxiu-Star Game today (30) also had good results.

5 months later, Herman 8 starts, 51.2 bureaux, cast 11, 38 strikeouts four bad, 1.97 earned run average performance, which also has won 5 consecutive games start winning. Not only to help the team win the Shang Banji North champion, because of their excellent performance All-Star.

Has participated in the All-Star Game this year, including a Guosheng An and Chen Junxiu, Guosheng An-Star Game despite the poor performance for some time, but the Star break, have won a race 2 rescue success, including back-up a Council today voted out a strikeout , was playing a hit scoreless performance, won the season 8th save.