Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Later in the National League West champion Arizona Diamondbacks

Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs this war, which first staged the Colorado Rockies National League voted strongly Francis and Philadelphia Phillies lefthander Hammels duel play yard, great luck lately Rocky extension, relying on the second game win consecutive hits and scored one-third of laid-based, four more than second grab first playoff win.

Later in the National League West champion Arizona Diamondbacks, will be at home against Central champion Chicago Cubs, the two five three victories to kick off the first round of the playoffs.

Over the past 16 games, lost only one game the Rockies today in the second game with three hits, three walks and a sacrifice revenue Chi was the first third point; Philadelphia, though in the fifth by Lao Ende and Bo Ruier two consecutive home runs to recover as three to two, but the Rockies Heli De eighth inning and a solo home run longer than a few opened, Los Angeles on the second of four straight lead than to whistle.

Two on the 4th will continue to be the second match.