Friday, October 16, 2009

Chanel the big European brands

Compared with LV, Chanel the big European brands, Coach absolutely can not put it worthwhile luxury, several thousand Renminbi yuan can be purchased for a new style of Coach handbags, of course, a frequently than every before more than 10,000 yuan on the LV Handbags are much cheaper. However, online you always see some criticism of Coach of the opinion, saying that Coach is the United States "stall" on the sale of the brand, but also criticized the Coach of consumers to take the so-called "no taste." I definitely do not agree with this viewpoint, this is like buying a car, the Audi only needs a few hundred thousand dollars, compared to those of BMW 7 Series or Mercedes-Benz 600, and even Rolls-Royce, Audi, of course claim to be a very "cheap "goods of the. But you do not should be said that Audi is not a good car, it is not too expensive car, or that it simply "sharing" on the sale of the "broken car." In fact, product quality, strictly speaking, even if only 20 million or more "well this" also be considered as a good car, you can purchase a good car is more expensive, but absolutely no need to criticize the open ", is widely present "who is" no taste. " Also, you certainly have the right to enjoy the luxury of LV brings you "taste", but it also is absolutely no need to criticize those who enjoy the Coach will have no taste the coach handbags.

Any one grade products have different prices of goods, high-end luxury products is no exception. Of course, a difference of high-grade goods double or even several times the price is nothing strange, like the difference between the Audi and Rolls-Royce. If you do not agree with Coach, you can put it as the car of the Audi, while the LV is the Rolls-Royce. But no matter how you look at the differences between the Audi and Rolls-Royce, but you can not get Audi to Kia or Hyundai and Yueda to par.

Obama couple's "civilian fashion" image of the economic crisis to become the world's most trend-setting fashion, it also Baituo the U.S. luxury brand, "civilian fashionable" image. In fact, the U.S. luxury luxury compared to the traditional European culture, is indeed more "people", the price is also more in keeping with middle-class consumers. The Coach is precisely this "People First" culture and an outstanding luxury, this so that more middle-class high-level white-collar workers who get more choice and enjoy the benefits of luxury brands. From design to product quality control, Coach and other luxury brands, like the United States, are no better than the lack of any European luxury goods, or sloppy. In fact, Coach introduced every year, from the design of nearly one hundred kinds of new, from the quality and also for each one engraved with fine detail fine carving, it is already at the luxury details that can claim to absolute luxury fashion goods of. It not only promoted the American-style luxury, cultural and economic, which also gives us such a development in the Third World are being gradually become well off citizens a better cost-effective luxury consumer goods.

In fact, the so-called "civilian fashion" does not civilians, at least its price is not very "civilian" price, but it still is not so simple, it is a commercial culture of the United States under a "democracy", that is, you What is very rich, if not expensive, even if you just can not afford to open a luxury class saloon cars of ordinary people, you also "have the right to" enjoy high-quality brand-name luxury fashion products. LV You do not need to pay such a high price, you can also be a "right" to enjoy almost perfect approximation of the quality of LV fashion handbags.

In fact, if you hand in an authentic Coach handbags, should absolutely be more than holding a fake LV even more taste and identity. Some critics Coach of the people are not going to mention the irony of those who fake LV bag, perhaps they think the so-called "taste" is "LV is true or false regardless of LV, as long as the holding LV is a taste", which is obviously a modern people's concept of a frivolous fashion taste.

Let's enjoy some of the spring and summer this year, the latest styles of Coach handbags bar. Antique Brass Nails, geometric patterns, LOGO, patent leather, each spring have been surrounded by the words of these cosmetic changes, is not some tired? Paris, Milan, London, New York, visual mess of the show, followed the fashion week, T Taiwan, no matter how good replica handbags wholesale, pictures, and then the United States, seems to belong to the legs, thin waist models and star in the spotlight, then what is the appropriate mass Heart water seats? COACH, show your elegant temperament spring.

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