Monday, October 12, 2009

It is her daughter Lourdes in the eyes

She said her daughter hopes her mother in front of their classmates appears to have days posture, it is best sexy sultry, This body line of the first Najie look like much, but they are famous, but it is her daughter Lourdes in the eyes of a "conventional explosive sportswear ed hardy clothing." but privately ed hardy wholesale , she just want to wear normal, comfortable.

Half a century of Najie, has been a pop music is not in the eyes of the old queen, but, in addition to the cover shoot, a concert, or out of fashion parties, love fitness, In fact, she's sportswear that is not common, Ed Hardy T-shirt is frequently more than 200 Singapore dollars for Ed Hardy, the Swiss brand sports shoes "MBT" (Masai Barefoot Technology) shoes of the Fat Burn, each pairs of 200-250 pounds (about 540-670 dollars). she most often wears a T-shirt and shorts with sports shoes ; sometimes wearing a windbreaker like to Bangsheng plastic garbage bag rain cover on the body so that her daughter and her husband Guy Ritchie looked betrayed a shocking ignorance, rolling on the spot.

Najie not wearing this exercise, and sometimes wear to daughter's school to pick her up to go home. She said: "I see my daughter wear such clothes is very angry, direct told me: 'Mom, Can you wear more normal clothes?' Because I make her lose face in front of their classmates very much."

Najie music and costumes that have led the trend, but her 11-year-old daughter, Lourdes thought that she was wearing an old "conventional explosion," the old Chinese ladies sportswear, while the Luo Disi in the eyes of a "conventional explosion sportswear," is popular in many Hollywood stars and the breeze, the tide of soul mate ed hardy shirt,Madonna wearing Ed Hardy T-shirt, too old-fashioned been his daughter. Sun Yun-yun favorite brand "Ed Hardy"!

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