Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fresh stripes if I also have summer Yuwen

Casual T shirt in general and appeal to casual comfort, it is very wearing effect of the natural enjoyment ed hardy shirt of MM are gradually fall into all kinds of colors are starting a long-sleeved T shirt, and today Xiaobian for everyone is to bring popular ed hardy leisure Tshirt!

The white section in the English alphabetical ed hardy LOGO printed maps with a black tie around the neck vest, with a pencil leggings, the same stylish look handsome, red boots Liangpi dazzling fashion, and design the perfect T-shirt Lip shine.

Neutral wind T shirt soft material selected fit the body to make skin feel more comfortable, handsome lapel to add a sense of. With fluffy scarf, immediately have a fashion expression.

8 points sleeve T shirt is particularly suitable for immediate loading when the summer seasonal uniform dressed, cool, without any letters ed hardy LOGO printed map is very eye-catching, red-lipped retro logo adds a bit reminiscent of the mysterious and sexy, wear loose comfortable bat sleeves it.
Slightly thin fabric long-sleeved T shirt and soft, comfortable to wear lightweight, loose version of type, the predecessor of the letter appears to leisure-modified random, with zebra-patterned pantyhose so full of fashion style atmosphere, it is very eye-catching.

Relaxed leisure wear comfortable version of model has not only brought experience ed hardy clothing, low-key nature of the gray is very real wild clothing, and a moderate thickness dress for cooler temperatures for the time, coupled with a big necklace or a scarf, fashion tide people can Bianshen it.

Pale sky blue round neck ed hardy Tshirt brought fresh clean feeling, with star-shaped pattern on the scarf, it will look very stylish, minimalist style can also serve as tie-in to build a Variety LOOK!

Relaxed version of type people have a "like a boyfriend, ed hardy Tshirt" the illusion of a general, simple and casual but handsome, with feminine orange filled with pencil skirts and sexy black stockings, so that your hot Dunxing nowhere.

Fresh stripes if I also have summer Yuwen, she was unwilling to loose a long ed hardy wholesale, ordinary sense of the girls can try on the Shoulder with a dazzling dress or the grounding pants, showed off an elegant collarbone and slender legs modeling will be able to win for a lot of praise for you.

Both are simple ed hardy Tshirt same style, clothing and eye-catching body diagram printed on the face, the color is very eye-catching bright, with the shorts or Piqun and have become simple and stylish modern girl!

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