Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some analysts believe that China Telecom

October 16, according to the report, China Telecom and Canada on the introduction of RIM's BlackBerry near the end of negotiations, specific forms of cooperation are expected before the end of the public.

As early as August of this year, China Telecom clearly indicated that the introduction of BlackBerry and Palm Treo, also alleged that the company should negotiate with the RIM. The recent news that the negotiations has been progress, only a thin in some of the details of the finalized, the result may end of the year can be baked by blackberry cases.

RIM company also said its co-operation with China Telecom's eligibility does not exist, just waiting for the two sides reach an agreement. RIM Marketing Director of China Li Tong had said: "RIM in the world in more than 170 countries and more than 500 telecommunications carriers operating in partnership, which means that in China, we are definitely not only with one operators, and Our co-operation with China Mobile is not exclusive. "

As the world's second-largest brand of BlackBerry smart phones in May 2006 with China Mobile signed a cooperation agreement to sights on China's business users groups, especially those multinational companies in China, branch offices, as well as China of efficiency to achieve the highest financial and other industrial users. In June 2008, BlackBerry 8700 officially appear on the China Mobile's business hall, but its main customer is still faced with business users. In addition, RIM co-operation with China Mobile in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, has developed new services for SMEs, their monthly service price of China Mobile earlier than the launch of the three packages (398 yuan / month, 498 yuan / month and 598 yuan / month) is lower, has developed some of the user.

Some analysts believe that China Telecom and BlackBerry cooperation should have had a "concubine Italian Lang Love", the two sides deadlocked negotiations, it should be only in that the interests of the split of blackberry cases.
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