Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Through this series of exquisite luxury glasses

This is a Cartier elaborate and specifically dedicated to your sincerity in the making, through the skillful exquisite exclusive jewelry skills, giving this series of boutique-style glasses outstanding Qiyun.

Classic cheetah decorations

Colored colorful corundum, rubies, dazzling diamonds or irregular diamonds Cartier Eyeglasses , changes for the Cartier signature cheetah pattern, competing on both sides of the frame on the shine. Cartier case of precious stones, is a beautiful secret.

Three kinds of perfect interpretation: pink or blue corundum corundum (total weight of 1.25 karats) and 42 diamonds (total weight of 1.05 karats) interactive mirrors. 128 pure white diamonds (total weight of 2.10 karats) and non-formal diamonds (total weight of 1 carat), creating a unique elegance.
Stimulate creative Huadu Paris

Cartier Paris is the most favorite city, but also the supply of nutrients in the brand creative source of inspiration. Technician to create gods in jewelry under the famous bricks in Paris, turned into many hearts bright gorgeous diamond and sapphire with each other than the paved section of sub-scales into an optical path between intermittent around interesting, inscribed exquisiteness.

Huang K gold inlaid with section 36 sapphire (total weight of 2.6 karats), for the frame to add the full extravagance; White K gold is inlaid with 36 diamonds (total weight of 1.87 karats).
Elegant decorative extravagance letters

Unique two-letter abbreviation for C adorned with diamond or diamond-K white gold, rose gold or yellow K Jinhua your frame, with trapezoidal, rectangular, or frame lenses, flaunt superior temperament and elegant style. Black lacquer decoration, inlaid single stars Princess cut ruby, diamond, or the whole of the different styles, reflecting the classic style of Cartier style of million species. Unique jewelry ideas and creativity combine to ever-changing, endless geometric lines. Outstanding, unique, has always been the spirit of the Cartier brand insistence.

Crystal drilling pebbles inlaid puzzle

Seemingly insignificant details, but it contains stunning exquisite workmanship. K yellow gold and white gold frame K, the inlay puzzle precious diamonds, so that each of your gaze is sparkling full of extravagance. Cartier jewelry technician with superb skills, as well as the insistence of the arts, so that a diamond-studded glasses reborn vice can be compared with the jewelry Cartier Eyeglasses .

White K gold inlaid sections are 68 diamonds (total weight of 1 carat), with Marquise lenses; Huang K gold inlaid sections are 68 diamonds (total weight of 1 carat), with grenade-shaped lenses.

Founder of renewing our lines

Founder very contemporary style, first appeared in the Louis? Cartier watch in the sketch of the design. Since then, this from the Tank (Tank) watch shape design has become synonymous with the art of living. Today, Cartier will be most vividly in this classic style of play in this series of introverted, luxurious glasses. K Wong K gold and white gold to create a picture frame with a crystal diamond or princess-style cut sapphire, so that brightened Yanmou charming style.
In order for your Les Yeux stare Health-chi, Cartier jewelry workshop produced a series of high-level rare, gorgeous great accessories for you to create a mysterious feminine charming style.

Meticulous design, exquisite elegant, it is love at first sight ... ...

Through this series of exquisite luxury glasses, Cartier jewelry masters successfully brand unique features and classic style of 11 presented, to demonstrate your outstanding qualities essential accessories.

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