Monday, October 12, 2009

Patek Philippe Ref.5489 Watch

Unisex Men table with the table shall be male and wearing a different kind temperament

One section of the small men in recent years become a matter of course watch a lot of neutral source of inspiration for styles. Many of the classic masters are male form, be amended to a smaller size, and in shape to maintain exactly the same design with the male models, not only to meet the now popular neutral wind, but also enable more women consumers will be " classic "drag on the wrist, the development of a mighty female consumers, why not replica watches wholesale ?


Collection Longines watches RMB16, 100

In addition to steel, the same style worn with Jia Wei Collection Longines watches. Interestingly, a recent interview to a more female consumers to them altogether Italian cask design, believes this is "neutral" very design. Like only watch, tonneau-type, small three-pin, steel chain, may ... ... were all the traditional point of view is contrary to women's aesthetic element in the real world has become very popular replica watches wholesale .

Chanel J12 watches
Reference Price: RMB43, 500

38mm works, Chanel J12 opening the door for the field, who would have thought that when the change in style of Chanel's J12 to the Unisex, the will usher in this series since 2000, has nine years of hot cakes, so watch industry has become identified J12 one of the highest rates of the table models. It henselae using high-tech ceramic materials, design style, elegance being reckless, whether white or black, are the same as well.

Vacheron Constantin watches Heritage Series
Reference Price: RMB81, 000

Vacheron Constantin pure female table style is so beautiful, and sometimes can not help but could not bear to wear it out to the streets, afraid rubbing, and delineated. Therefore, the classical trumpet tradition series of watches even more women in the modern workplace passion to pass a series of this on the part of the brand's flagship series, the design of a low-key luxury is perfectly content; Secondly, it is very easy to take the workplace to wear clothes, Constantin Leighton's Wal-Mart have made people believe that it is definitely not look so simple.

Rolex Submariner watches
The new table does not pricing

The absolute male and female models with the body of hot tables in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the highest rate of street be out and one of the table models, quintana blue this year's new works. Said the Submariner has an absolute water tight and impeccable performance might not be able enough to attract the eyes of female consumers, but it is strong and resistant to wear, while one head and another belonging to the absolute first-class technology grades, and the classic design is entirely possible to meet you from being loaded into the campaign dressing the environment. This is the true love of a woman's neutral sheet models can be regarded as moving right?

Patek Philippe Ref.5489 Watch
Reference price: RMB172, 600

First of all, hundreds of thousands of tables for the PP is concerned, is definitely an entry price. Second, the only two-pin design is very chic 5489: Rose Gold Case, milky white dial center designed Niusuo Microhyla, very low-key decoration. Irregular shape, then let it escape from a case of non-circular or square design of the watch has become the focus of fashionable wrist.

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