Sunday, October 11, 2009

The depth of bag is also worth exploring

Let us talk about design details, so they took several bags of spring and summer this year, for example. Last Friday, Xiao Xue to our showroom. Wolia sitting on the sofa, holding coffee table arrayed with the ELLE look. Xiao Xue watched boasted, "You see, my house editors to do pretty pictures, how to look how love!" Turn to this page, Coach of the Bonnie blue canvas bag, Xiao Xue praise, "the mosaic of small clutch bag The design really cute! "I agree," Yes, Yes, Coach House has not seen it so many original designs. "showroom to buy bags of Vivianne being heard remark, cheeky wondering," Hey, this bag how , and Marc Jacobs are a so like that? "by Vivianne say this, I would like to up. It was Marc Jacobs last year's bag on bag design, this year, continue to introduce canvas models. Or should be encouraged to look at Coach, while drawing on the old thrown away, but the draw was very successful - small Qiaoqiao bags bags, and bags on the cartoon girl exist side by side, more than Mark - Jacobs (Marc Jacobs) of the original low-key, but more taste.

Coach 2009 Spring-Summer Bonnie canvas bag

As another example of a design detail, this time to flights of fancy Katherine Kwei. Kathy's unique Chinese knot design (different from the traditional Chinese knot), showing the style, both Chinese style, more international style. Kayla Boston at the bottom of four feet nails, is a Chinese-style woven leather buttons, and Chinese knots perfectly echoed stunning designer's ingenuity. Reflects the quality and luxury in a sense a sense of the details, Kathy have done the same. For example, her family's dust bags, fabric Sleek, Chi Fu spacious, you can get into the bag smooth out; bag there are a hard dark brown leather, engraved above the low-key way to write the brand logo; and, for each were neatly folded bags are only to reveal velvet tie.

Kayla Boston's Chinese button foot nails

The design details of the bag is important, but for consumers, the use of all the details - the soft and hard leather, strap length, Kai He's convenience, the design inside the bag and so on, decide whether you would choose to This purse. When you are anxious to go out smoothly grabbed the bag, often is your favorite bag (if you do not take into account the contents of the trouble Daoteng bags). Here a few of my personal experience that.

Patterns determine the details of the requirements of the bag. I am driving in the United States, prefer to use the bottom of the large stable of bags - the ability to sit firmly on the co-pilot seat, take a cell phone what more convenient when the brakes will not roll out of things, such as Rebecca Minkoff's MAB. I take the subway in Beijing, the need to bag outside a loop with a zipper or a button of the pouch, by putting up a bus card, use the time out can be quickly and accurately, such as the fall of last year my love, Rocco e Dante's Dr. Dr. Phil coach handbags.

Rebecca - Ming may be Eph Green MAB

Rocco e Dante Dr.Phil doctors bag

The zipper bag is a very difficult Insincere thing. We all like metal zipper, but under the cortex and style restrictions, if the cortex is too hard, or the opening is too narrow, coarse zipper would be hand-blown, painful and long the pain will make you to establish the conditions for reflection. A few years ago, I bought one at the eluxury on Louis Vuitton's Vernis a small satchel, the opening is too Jin Zhai, so that only used half a day, back of the hand is even scratched, had retired completely. Plastic zipper is actually very gentle, but often can not afford the leather stays thick sense of luxury and style sense - it is quite a task for a designer.

The depth of bag is also worth exploring. I did not like the deep of the bag, because things are too laborious to find. But I used a Stella McCartney, been pilfering in a restaurant and stole a wallet inside. Later, I learn his lesson, soul-searching, finally found the problem lies in the purse was so shallow, vertical head exposed on the inside of the purse has attracted the attention of thieves replica handbags wholesale.

Guide language: As the saying goes, the details of the success or failure determined. English Village has a similar saying, The devil is in the details. The modern sense, women handbags, developed 100 years, the style has been much open space does not exist. Colors are subject to optics and the human eye sensitivity limitations, very limited and can only be recycled. Fabric innovations, R & D process is lengthy and was accepted as a more lengthy process of bag material. Therefore, the right handbag designers, design details and practical details of the pros and cons, are often crucial to victory.

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