Tuesday, October 13, 2009

While living in China's time is not long


The summer of 2006 after graduating from university in the United States Fellow Matt joined wholesale jerseys the United States Government a teaching plan to volunteer the identity came to China as a foreign teacher in Chongqing Jiaotong University. From the very day to Chongqing, the fanatical football fans began to look for groups and venues to play football, but has no results. Until last year, Matt will only know a rugby friend, the two began planning to form an amateur football team. Having overcome a small team, no fixed training sites, lack of partners, etc. After the tough year in September, Chongqing's first rugby team --- "Conqueror" was finally established.

Both the composition of the team

Rugby is not an Olympic sport, many of our countrymen be misinterpreted as a "campaign of violence," so popularized nfl jersey in this country was very slow. In Chongqing, rugby is a blank. The first two years, Matt very, very disappointed because he could not find even a football club or football training field, had not even met a person who will be playing football.

Last year, early in September, in the Jiao Tong University campus dog-walking when Matt saw one wearing a rugby clothing people. For Matt, it is like seeing an oasis in the desert. He excitedly ran to go, and the other conversation. Originally, this person was wearing a suit is called the ball into the kit, Kunming, who studied at Beijing University, he played two years of amateur rugby league. After that Matt also like rugby, Cheng-jie also happy exception, he poured out their grievances to the Malaysian King, said: "I went to Chongqing, have for months been looking for someone to play, but hit no one."

In the conversation, Matt suddenly thought, why not build a football team then? In this way, not only to their own have a place to play, but also make more fans to the ball making friends. Cheng Jie is also very much agree with the idea of Matt, but the two soon discovered a problem: Rugby is a team sport, the regular playing nfl jerseys rugby in the number of 15 people, two teams adds up to 30 people; even if 7 rugby games also need 14 individuals to start. But now only two people Matt and Cheng-jie, how to play the ball? However, in such difficult conditions, the team is still built up a name called "Conqueror" players on the two people --- Matt and Cheng-jie.

Matt, Chinese name Ma Zhiyong, 23-year-old, from the United States. He has studied in New Zealand a year, came to Chongqing in 2006 as a college English teachers. While living in China's time is not long, but Matt has become a Chinese son, his wife is also his colleagues, is a beautiful girl in Shandong.

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