Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Apple said the second paragraph of blog is purely nonsense Tablet PC rumors

According to foreign media report today, the United States by leading technology blog, Apple fans, senior author John Gruber yesterday said the second paragraph of the Apple Tablet PC rumors "pure nonsense."

Apple to launch second paragraph of the Tablet PC rumors first reported by the U.S. science and technology blog TechCrunch writer MG Siegler reports. He said that a reliable second-hand sources, Apple is working to develop a bigger screen, tablet PCs, the product will be more close to the Mac rather than the iPhone. And Gruber in the blog, then replied: "I take the liberty to respond here and tell you that this is purely nonsense."

U.S. tech blog Silicon Alley Insider believes that the rumor is theoretically possible, because some people have said that last Wednesday released iPad both functional and performance terms are not strong enough, the user can not be the product and its application to install for a very good control.

Apple finally it's possible that some touch features and multi-touch gestures into more products, MacBook, and iMac are possible candidates, for example, Apple's latest MagicMouse mouse with multi-touch feature . Apple indeed possible in-house test such a product, but Apple has been testing a lot of projects, but most of them were not disclosed to the public only.

But the Silicon Alley Insider believes that Apple is unlikely to be available in the short second paragraph of Tablet PC. Because it is running Mac OS X Tablet PC is likely to bring about a bad user experience, which is Apple's utmost to avoid. This product like many years ago had the Windows Tablet PC market as difficult to win.

Touch technology requires specially designed for touch input mode the user interface, while the Mac OS X is for the mouse and keyboard input methods optimized. iPad OS is designed for touch input methods, Apple should be very satisfied with this product.

Specific terms, Mac OS X way to control the use of touch when it is very poor, against the so-called modified Mac tablet PC applications also will not be smooth. But also in the second paragraph of the short term introduction of tablet PCs to consumers and developers will be confused. This will allow the speculation that Apple is not ready to focus on the development iPad.

Silicon Alley Insider believes that compared to introducing a new touch platform, Apple is more likely to take the program are: the ultimate platform for the iPad to add more complex features, such as allowing third-party applications run in the background, and introduce a for complex application development tools, to adapt to different screen sizes, and is compatible with more file formats.